My 5 Favorite Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

Who doesn’t love free?! That’s why I want to share my 5 favorite free affiliate marketing tools with you. The tools I’ll be discussing in this post have helped me grow my internet business, and they can help you grow your business too. Let’s get started.

My 5 Favorite Free Affiliate Marketing Tools - Typewriter Typing "Marketing"

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

Below are 5 online tools I use every single day in my affiliate marketing business. They’ve taught me about internet marketing, how to optimize my content for targeted keywords, ways to let the search engines know about my website, and how to automate my social media marketing. Each has been indispensable to the growth of my business.

1. Get Familiar With Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an online analytical tool that helps website owners monitor and manage their sites. I like this free tool because it provides me with valuable information about my website, who is visiting it, and how they’re finding it. After each blog post I write, I head on over to Search Console to add my URL and sitemap.

Before you can do this, however, you’ll first need to verify your site. This can be done by adding a piece of code to your website. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how it’s done. It’s fairly simple and doesn’t take much time. After your site is verified, you can start using Search Console to:

  • Submit your blog posts via the URL inspection tool
  • Submit a sitemap for your website
  • Determine who is linking to your site
  • Alert you to any potential website issues
  • Show what keywords your site is ranking for
  • And the position of each of these keywords
  • See how many clicks each keyword is getting
  • Determine how your site is performing in Google

By submitting my URLs, I am letting Google know about my posts so they can be indexed. Indexing is the process of adding pages and posts from your website into Google so people can find them. I can also check the status of my site and its visibility in Google. This is vital information because it helps me troubleshoot any issues that may be problematic.

URL inspection search console

Sitemaps are files that list your website content, along with useful information about that content. Submitting your sitemap on Search Console expedites the crawling and indexing process, and gives you pertinent information about your website visitors.

submit sitemap in google search console

Watch the video below to learn how to verify your site in Search Console:

Affiliate Links ✔️

2. Optimize Your Articles With Keywords

There are many keyword research tools you can use.  The one I use is Jaaxy. It’s a great tool to help me find keywords for each of my articles. Targeted keywords are essential. They help your posts rank in the search engines because they reflect what people are searching for.

The higher you rank in Google – meaning the closer you are to being found on page one – the more traffic your website will get. A steady stream of traffic is the goal of any online business because more website visitors equate to more conversions, and eventually more sales.

Think about this; if you write two posts every week and every post is optimized for one keyword, that’s 96 keywords you can potentially rank for in Google in one year. This is the magic of keywords, and why it’s so essential to do keyword research for each and every post you write.

You’ll need a good keyword research tool to find great keywords. Take a look at Jaaxy’s dashboard in the screenshot below. I just found a brilliant keyword I can use to write my next blog post: “What is the best keyword research tool for SEO.”

jaaxy keyword research dashboard

The two most important numbers to look at are the AVG and the QSR. AVG represents the average number of searches this particular keyword receives each month. The QSR represents the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

Ideally, the AVG searches should be above 50, and the QSR under 100. My keyword met this criteria, meaning my keyword is popular enough that people are searching for it, yet it’s not too competitive.

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3. Automate Your Social Media Networks With Tailwind

Tailwind is an Instagram and Pinterest automation tool. I’m been using the free version to share and automate my pinning schedule. Bloggers, small business owners, and internet marketers rely on Tailwind to grow their following on social media.

Creating an online presence is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and authority. It’s also an exceptional avenue to share your content, and engage with your readers. Interaction lets people get to know you, making them more likely to buy what you’re selling, whether that’s through affiliate marketing or your own products and services.

You can schedule posts, videos and stories, and find the best hashtags all at the same time. Tailwind’s analytics enables you to track your results, and monitor the comments you’re receiving. I use Tailwind to schedule every post I write, and I receive weekly emails letting me know how many of my pins were reshared, and the number of new followers I have.

Tailwind home page

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Tailwind has a bunch of automation features you can take advantage of, such as Smart Scheduling, Tailwind Tribes, Analytics, Content Marketing, and SmartLoop. If you’re looking to save time, while growing your social media following, you want Tailwind on your team. Advantages of using Tailwind include:

1. Save time by not having to pin manually

2. Build your online presence and following

3. Expose your content to millions of viewers

4. Schedule your pins and posts ahead of time

5. Choose how many times a day you want to pin

6. Gain access to all of Tailwind’s automation tools

Set up your free account here.

4. Use Canva To Design Graphics

Canva is an amazing online graphics tool that makes it possible to design a wide array of stunning graphics. Its convenient drag-and-drop feature, user-friendly dashboard, and plethora of layouts, make creating graphics an exercise in creativity. And what’s really great is the ability to publish your graphics and documents right from the download feature on the Canva dashboard.

The majority of the time, I use Canva on my desktop, but you can download the smartphone app to make graphics your phone. All you need is an internet connection to share your designs.  Canva’s library includes over 65,000 customizable templates with millions of stock images, icons, fonts, and illustrations. Be careful, though, Canva can be addicting!

I use Canva’s free version, but depending on your needs, you can also pay for a Premium subscription ($12.95 a month) to take advantage of additional features. Another really awesome feature that I love about Canva is the ability to store and organize all my graphics right from my free account.

canva dashboard

Canva is the perfect tool for small business owners, large companies, students and teachers, or individuals who want to work on their design skills. I use Canva to create social media graphics to share on all my networks. I’ve also designed power point presentations and even my personal resume.

You can also design wedding and birthday invitations on this impressive platform or brand your business by creating business cards, logos, and flyers. Try your hand at designing photo books, which would be a meaningful gift for friends and family. I’ve even used Canva to make product labels and gift tags for my homemade crafts.

5. Wealthy Affiliate University

I saved the best for last. Wealthy Affiliate university is where I learned my affiliate marketing skills. It’s the platform that propelled me into the world of internet marketing. The certification course taught me the ins and outs of how to:

  • Choose a niche for my affiliate marketing site
  • Build a blog on WordPress
  • Create engaging content for my blog
  • Optimize my posts with targeted keywords
  • Use Jaaxy to find keywords for my posts
  • The importance of SEO
  • Use email marketing to grow my list
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Market on social media

Read my review or click on the banner below to learn more.

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Free Affiliate Marketing Tools - Wealthy Affiliate Banner

Key Points

I love tools that help me grow my business. Each of the tools above have helped me build and run an online business that continues to grow every day. Wealthy Affiliate taught me my affiliate marketing skills, Google Search Console provides me with relevant website information, Jaaxy helps me find targeted keywords for my posts, and Tailwind is an exceptional social media automation tool that saves me time and hassle.

If you’re not using these tools or similar ones, check them out today, and see if they don’t change the trajectory of your business.

Do you have an online business? What are your favorite online tools? Let me know in the comments:)


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