Save TONS of Time With Articoolo [A Magical Writing Tool]

Don’t you just adore online tools that save time? Since time is money, anything that saves time, also saves money.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many a harrowing moment in front of your computer, trying to formulate a catchy title, a captivating phrase, or just a general topic that is worth writing about. In the hustle and bustle of our harried lives, catch a break and save time with Articoolo, a computer-generated content writing tool whose tagline says it best: “Stop wasting your time, let us do the writing for you.”

Articoolo: A Magical Writing Tool That Will Save You Time - Pen With Scribbles

What Is Articoolo?

Articoolo is an innovative technology that helps writers create content more efficiently and in a time-effective manner. It does this by producing unique content, simulating a human writer. Begin by choosing a topic and the desired article length. The algorithm then creates your content. A natural-language generator, Articoolo uses artificial intelligence algorithms.

When asked to write an article, their content creator works like the human brain. It begins by analyzing the context of your topic. Once it understands the context, it works to find the best resources and keywords. The goal of the software is to find related content based on your topic and keywords. You will then be presented with rewritten text that is completely unique and relevant. You now have a starting point for your post or article. And the best part – it takes only a minute!

Save Time With ArticooloCreate Unique Content From Scratch

Being a content creator is a title every bloggers, website owner, and student must take on because creating content is essential for any marketing strategy. Coming up with valuable, consistent content is a daily task that takes time, effort, and a boatload of brainpower and discipline. It can be daunting at times!

As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I know firsthand how difficult it can be sometimes to come up with ideas, topics, and titles to generate interesting and unique content. Some days are easier than others.

On those days when inspiration just won’t come, and motivation is low, a tool like Articoolo can be a lifesaver.  Don’t worry about duplicates or plagiarizing. The content will be completely unique, accurate, and articulate. Sometimes all it takes is a beginning paragraph, and you’re off to the races. Gone are the days of waiting for someone else to write and proofread content for you.

Choose A Topic

All you have to do is come up with a topic containing two to five words, and in no time flat, you’ll be presented with a one-of-a-kind, high-quality article. Even I can conjure up five words on my worst days. Articoolo’s algorithm will change the way you write content.

Keep in mind, the content you receive will not be 100 percent to your liking. The word count may be too low or the sentences in need of restructuring. Think of it more like a rough draft. You’ll need to tweak, revise, proofread, and possibly even reorganize the text, to fit your standards.

Add additional content, images, and links before hitting “publish.” In a matter of minutes you’ll have a polished piece that will make you proud. Proofreading is easier than writing – at least sometimes!

Articoolo For Content Creation

Available Services

Save Time With Articoolo

You can see from the chart above that Articoolo offers many services that include, not only, creating articles, but rewriting and summarizing them as well. Generate titles, find images, and use the writer’s helper to plug in a two to five word topic to generate a starting point for your article. Here are the steps to creating your first unique article:

1. Type in two to five word keyword phrase into the writer’s helper. You’ll end up with better content if you use five words instead of two.

2. The software will then search the web for information on your particular topic. It will also come up with alternatives or suggestions to your initial five words. You can then use this new information if you prefer.

3. Set the word count to 500, which is the maximum amount of words. Frequently, you’ll receive articles with fewer words than 500.  Leave the default button to “readability.”

4. Click the “Create” button.

5. Wait for three minutes and then view the articles in your account. You’ll be able to see the articles you’ve already purchased, in their entirety, by clicking on the orange button. The blue button is a buy-in preview. These are articles that have been generated, but that you have not yet bought.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, with no cost to you, if you make a purchase through one of my links.

Article Generation

You can generate as many articles as you want at no cost – you only pay for them if you decide to buy. Be aware that the text in the articles, you have not yet paid for, is blurred, and only certain portions of the text can be viewed. You’ll have to make your decision to buy the article based on the few sentences you can see. The bottom line is that you don’t get to see the article before you buy it. Most of the time, however, you’ll be presented with a reasonable working draft that you’re satisfied with.

6. Decide whether to purchase or not in one easy click. You’ll receive a “thank you” notification as proof that you purchased the article. That’s it! You’re all done and are now the proud recipient of a new article.

articoolo unique article bannerPricing Structure

Depending on the amount of writing you do, select a plan based on your needs. Choose a pay-per-use plan or subscribe with a monthly paid package.

I think Articoolo’s slogan should be: “Content in under three minutes for just $2 or less.”

Save Time With Articoolo

Receive one month for free when you subscribe to any of Articoolo’s subscription plans. This gives you the opportunity to try it out, and see if it suits your needs.

Save Time With Articoolo

A WordPress Plugin

Those of us who use the WordPress platform are crazy over plugins. They make our lives easier, and this plugin from Articoolo is no exception. Simply download, install and activate to start using it. The functionality of the plugin is a little different than what you get on the Articoolo website itself.

For instance, after your content has been created, you don’t have the option to preview or buy the article, it just automatically shows up in your library – meaning you’ve already purchased it.

On the website, you’ll at least get to partially view the article before buying it. On Articoolo’s website under your account settings, you’ll be able to view all your articles, with the option to partially preview them before purchasing. The is an important distinction to be aware of before using the WordPress plugin. You’ll receive three free credits just for trying out the plugin. You can learn more by watching the video above.

I use tools like Articoolo in my affiliate marketing business. Read my REVIEW or click the banner below to learn how I got started online. Having your own business is an incredible way to build an amazing future for you and your family.  Get started for FREE today.

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Key Points

Articoolo is an innovative and intuitive software that will help your streamline your writing efforts, increase your productivity, save time and free up the space in your head.

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