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Sales funnels are the backbone to making money online using the affiliate marketing model. If you haven’t yet learned the ins and outs of sales funnels, you’ll definitely want to read my review of the Home Business Academy, a lead-generation and teaching platform that offers a drag-and-drop funnel builder tool that will help you market your products and services in a way that feels authentic to your ideal customer.

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What Is The Home Business Academy?

HBA is a membership and educational training website that offers extensive tutorials and training, including over-the-shoulder trainings and Masterminds, on the skills you’ll need to succeed online. The owners, Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings, are more than mere business owners, who incidently, have each made millions of dollars in the home-business arena. And let me clarify – this is not an MLM.

The owners sincerely care about their members, which is clearly demonstrated by their consistency and availability in answering members’ questions and concerns. I’m telling you – these guys are patient. I’ve witnessed personally their diligence in generously offering their knowledge and expertise to people who are just getting started or for troubleshooting issues with more-experienced members.

These guys desire to make a significant impact in the world by teaching others what they’ve learned the hard way. You’ll learn what TO do, and what NOT to do. Both are equally important. Basically, you’ll save yourself a ton of heartache and time by following the advice of people who have been in the trenches and come out on top.

I like this analogy I first heard upon joining HBA: Success is likened to a bicycle, with one pedal representing mindset and the other pedal representing skillset. The use of both pedals is imperative in keeping the bike upright, steady, and traveling in the right direction.

The training and tools in HBA personify this mindset/skillset concept – if you follow AND implement the strategies and techniques that are taught – you can transform your struggling business into one that is flourishing.

Success Formula: Mindset + Skillset x Performance = Results

HBA Vision

HBA’s mission statement is “Freedom Through Principle Centered Leadership.” This vision is apparent by the facts I’ve outlined above. The company is a heart-centered group of home business entrepreneurs who want to help others build thriving home-based businesses so they can have the resources and freedom to spend time doing what they truly love. To underscore their generosity, HBA has provided over 28,000 meals to kids worldwide.

The Importance Of Sales Funnels

In simple terms, a sales funnel incorporates each step a person needs to take to eventually become a paying customer. Funnels are like the path a potential client follows on the journey from initially subscribing to your list, becoming a lead, and ultimately becoming a person who pays for your products or services because they’ve come to know, like, and trust you.

Understanding the mechanics behind how the sales process works is fundamental to the success of your business because it allows you to determine at what point in the process you’re losing leads. Once you know what isn’t working, you can troubleshoot the issue in order to better convert your leads into sales. The euphemism “Knowledge is power” applies to sales funnels.

The great thing about the Home Business Academy is, not only do you have the capability to design your funnels using the tool, coupled with an understanding of HOW it works, you’ll also learn WHY the process works. Which means you’ll also gain insights into why your conversions aren’t higher than they are.

The Home Business Academy - Conversion Funnel Graphic

Sales Funnel Summary

Here’s a quick summary of how a simple sales funnel works from start to finish:

1. Someone visits your blog or website and checks out your products and free content

2. They get to know you overtime, and decide to sign up to your email list (hello autoresponder)

3. As promised, they receive your free gift in exchange for their name and email address (thank you capture page)

A free gift is referred to as a lead magnet because it serves to draw people in. Lead magnets can be plugged into any niche

4. They are now on your list, which enables you to develop an ongoing relationship with them (bridge page)

5. You continue to provide valuable content and resources to them

6. As the relationship continues, they come to trust you and your recommendations (sales page)

7. They buy what you recommend and the relationship continues

Can you see how a sales funnel is a step-by-step process where each piece needs to fall into place for it to work?!

The Home Business Academy Funnel Builder Tool

Now that you know how invaluable sales funnel are to the success of your business, let’s talk about HBA’s funnel builder tool. This incredible, intuitive tool lets you create and customize your own funnel pages, including lead-capture pages, bridge pages, sales pages, thank you pages, landing pages, and popups.

The funnel interface is easy to use and the learning curve small. In fact, you’ll feel confident in your funnel-creation prowess after creating a few pages. The training provides information on the importance of the various pages used in the funnel, features to include on each one and why, how to connect the pages, along with how to connect the entire funnel to your autoresponder list. The power of automation doesn’t get better than this.

Once you learn these skills, you’ll be able to design and market funnels using any product or service of your choice. The training stresses the importance of learning time-tested principles that have been proven to work. HBA is NOT a Biz-Op where you blindly do what you’re told without understanding the process.

Once you know what you’d like to promote, you can literally create sales funnels in an afternoon. Then if you want to design additional funnels, simply follow the principles and strategies to repeat the process. The tool also enables you to organize contacts, book appointments, and set up a store complete with payment methods, shipping options, and tax information. I guarantee you WILL absolutely love it.

All this for just $25.00 a month – it’s the deal of the century.

Premium Benefits of The Home Business Academy

How would you like all the bells and whistles AND the funnel builder tool? That…my friends is what you get when you sign up for HBA Premium. The cost is $125.00 a month – remember that one sale pays 80% commissions, and would pay for the bulk of your monthly payment.

Here’s a lineup of what you’ll learn via the audio and video trainings, weekly mindset and marketing trainings, over-the-shoulder trainings, and live weekly Masterminds:

  • How to create effective sales funnels
  • Marketing strategies that work
  • The importance of list-building and how to do it
  • The power of automation
  • Email marketing
  • How to write good copy
  • Product promotion
  • Content creation
  • Marketing on social media
  • Facebook ads
  • How to create and promote YouTube videos
  • Traffic-generating strategies
  • The necessity of having a target market
  • How to choose an audience
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website design
  • Effective blogging tactics
  • Access to over 1,000 audio and video trainings
  • Access to the affiliate program
  • Access to daily Telegram alerts and chats (this is HUGE by the way)
Create sales funnelsHow to write copy that convertsContent creation
Marketing strategies that workProduct promotionPromoting videos on YouTube
List-buildingSocial media marketingTraffic generating techniques
Email marketingFacebook adsChoosing a target market
Search engine optimizationWebsite designBlogging for profit
Access to over 1,000 trainingsAccess to affiliate programAccess to Telegram alert & chats

The RIGHT Way To Approach Learning

All these skills will teach you a systematic approach to setting up sales funnels, directing people on your list to these funnels, and providing ongoing value to your customers. Building and maintaining relationships is key. Can you see where the mindset piece comes into play?

I want to further emphasize that learning the sales process is essential, but understanding the reasons why it works is absolutely vital to the long-term success of your business. Why? Because principles precede success. The system provided by the Home Business Academy is so much more than making money. It’s about providing value to the people you serve so they in turn can do the same for others.

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Home Business Academy Affiliate Program

If HBA weren’t awesome enough already, get this – they offer a whopping 80% commissions on all of their products, including the funnel builder tool, which is $25.00 a month, and HBA Premium, which is $125.00 a month.

What do 80% commissions look like? Well, in order to earn, you must own the products yourself, which of course, is a no-brainer.

Let’s say someone purchases HBA Premium for $125.00 using your affiiiate link. You earn $100.00 for that sale, as long as the person continues in the program. If they buy the funnel builder tool for $25.00, you earn $20.00. So essentially, all it takes is two sales to be in profit. That’s pretty much unheard of in the affiliate marketing world.

[Read More: 10 Reasons You Need To Join The 30 Minute Workday] 

Most companies offer either low-paying commissions or one-time commissions, or sadly, both. This means you have to make a lot of sales, and keep making a lot of sales, to be in profit. Another perk of HBA’s affiliate program is you don’t have to be dialed into a certain niche or audience, you can create multiple sales funnels for a variety of niches. Oh, and the cookies last 1,000 days or until someone else’s affiliate link is clicked.

And keep in mind, this is residual income folks, meaning commissions on both products are recurring monthly. Do you realize that if you had just 70 people that used your link to join Premium, you would make close to $85,000 a year SOLELY from this affiliate program? The money-making potential is astounding once you do the math…

Key Points

We all want financial freedom. With The Home Business Academy on your team, you can now stop chasing that dream, and get busy making it a reality. Start using the funnel builder tool, alongside the stellar training, to create high-converting sales funnels to build your list, capture leads, and generate sales.

Then jump on over to the affiliate program and join ASAP to start generating a steady stream of residual income that will transform your hope of total-time freedom into a lifestyle and legacy that your children and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come.

Don’t wait a minute longer – CLICK HERE to get started,

Have you started creating sales funnels for your business? Let me know in the comments:)

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The Home Business Academy

$25.00 - $125.00

Overall Quality







  • Learn the sales funnel process
  • Incredible funnel builder tool
  • Extensive ongoing training
  • 80% affiliate commissions
  • Community support


  • Must be committed to learning & implementing the skills taught

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