How To Write A Product Review In 5 Steps

How To Write a Product Review - Finger on Star

It’s important to have reviews on your affiliate website. Not only do consumers depend on reviews to help inform their buying choices, it’s also a great way to generate sales. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, …

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FlexClip Video Maker Review & Tutorial

FlexClip Video Maker Review - Graphic With Video Icon

It’s been proven time and again that video is an AMAZING way to market your business. In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing FlexClip video maker, an intuitive and powerful platform for creating video masterpieces that you can …

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How To Create A Logo In Canva [Tutorial]

How To Create A Logo In Canva - Logo

Having a well-designed logo for your business will serve you time and again. Logos are branding elements that you’ll use on your website, social media networks, newsletters, and marketing materials. Many people hire graphic designers to create …

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How To Create Infographics That Stand Out

colorful infographic

An infographic is a chart or diagram that is used to convey information, data, or knowledge. Infographics educate and inform so are useful for anyone who is trying to get a point across.  Education encompasses many modalities. …

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How To Get More Traffic By Running A PPC Campaign

How To Get More Traffic By Running A PPC Campaign - Pay Per Click Blocks

Many online marketing options are available to business owners. PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising is a marketing strategy that can be an incredibly effective way to generate traffic. This form of internet marketing increases a website’s visibility in …

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How To Start Your Own Podcast In 5 Steps

microphone with sound waves

If you’re considering starting your own podcast, you’re in the right spot. Podcasting is a great way to build your brand, connect with your audience, and branch out into new ventures. It’s also much less competitive than …

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How To Write An Ebook Step By Step

How To Write An Ebook Step By Step - The Words Download Now

I love the convenience of eBooks. They’re easy to save as a PDF and read at your discretion on your smartphone. You can also download them to your desktop for easy reference. Have you ever thought of …

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ShareASale Affiliate Program Review & Tutorial

ShareASale graphic

Finding great merchants to partner with is a foundational component of any affiliate marketing business because it’s how revenue is generated. I like joining affiliate networks because I can work with a lot of different merchants under …

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