How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page And Profile

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform with millions of active users. If you’re looking to build your brand, gain exposure, and get your name in front of recruiters, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn business page and profile. Don’t miss out on potential opportunities to land your dream job because your profile doesn’t make the grade.

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How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page To Get More Leads

How To Rock Your LinkedIn Profile1. Begin by going to your LinkedIn home page. To the right of your profile picture, you’ll see the “Work” icon with a drop down menu. Scroll to the bottom and click “Create a Company Page.’

Fill in your company name and email address in the appropriate fields. Click the box saying that you verify that you are the official representative of your company. Press “Continue.”

2. Click on the confirmation email you received by clicking “Confirm.” You’ll then be taken to the LinkedIn login page. Enter your password, and you’ll see your new page.

3. Make sure your company name is correct, and add the “Company Description.” You can also add an additional admin if you want.

4. Next Add a “Company Type” by choosing from the drop down menu provided. Add “Company Size,” “Company Website URL,” “Main Company Industry,” “Company Operating Status,” and the “Year Founded.” You can add “Company Locations” if you wish. Now hit “Publish.”

5. Share an update in the box provided. Congratulations, you have officially created a company page!

6. If you are selling physical products you can click the “Products” tab at the top to showcase what your business has to offer. Press “Get Started.” Fill out the following fields using the drop down menus.

Add an icon or image and your contact information under “Contact us.” Add a great description about your business, and consider including a video by adding a URL in the space provided. Hit “Publish” to complete your product page.

7. Add additional services or products as needed. Track “Page Insights” and “Employee Insights.” This is where a business profile shines as a personal profile page does not have these useful analytics and metrics.

8. You can add a job listing on your company page by going to “Tools,” and selecting the appropriate box.

That’s basically it, although you will want to fine tune the details. Be sure and keep your page current by keeping up on industry trends and posting weekly.

The Benefits Of LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn is a great tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to market their products and services, build relationships, and share valuable updates. Whether you’re a large corporation, a small company or a private individual, you’re going to want to create a company page on LinkedIn. It’s free to set up, and won’t take more than a few minutes.

There are millions of people online, and social media makes connecting with these people a reality. LinkedIn is the leading social networking site for professionals so don’t miss out on this effective marketing tool, and the networking opportunities it provides.

A business page maximizes search engine optimization, extends your reach, highlights the nature of your company, and enables you to showcase your products and services on your very own company page. You can even connect your company page to your blog to automatically post your most current articles. This keeps your profile up-to-date and interesting.

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Business Page

The driving factor behind LinkedIn is to establish connection between recruiters and qualified candidates who are looking for career opportunities. The first thing recruiters see is your profile so make it good.

Be sure you’ve updated your account to a business page. Here are some strategies to make your business profile the best it can be:

  • Get a professional headshot to display on your business profile page. You want an image of you, not your logo, or your kids, or your pet. There’s nothing more important than a first impression, and your picture will make an impression, one way or another, so make it great.
  • Your photo should reflect your personality, and portray you as the professional and dependable person that you are. The money you spend on a professional headshot will be well worth the effort it takes as you’ll use this photo over and over again.
  • Your summary should be at least 2,000 characters. This increases your chances of being found by future employers. Use this field to list the accomplishments you are most proud of.

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  • Use bullets to summarize how your products or services can improve your customers’ lives. This is an  appropriate place to use your elevator speech, and broadcast in a nutshell, what you do.
  • Use compelling and unique keywords to your advantage, not only, to catch viewers’ attention, but because LinkedIn is also a search engine. Adding an infographic or other images to your summary will only make it that more engaging.
  • Your summary can follow various formats: it could be a repeat of your resume’s summary section, be more biographical in nature, or highlight the top skills you will bring to the table.
  • End your summary with a concise call-to-action. It could be as simple as “Please contact me to discuss our options further.”
  • Make your headline catchy. Rather than having your job title in your headline, which is the default in LinkedIn, consider listing your specialty in about ten words. Include keywords throughout your profile to improve SEO.
  • Consider adding an introduction video to your profile for added interest. Let networkers and employers get to know you better by creating a video, and letting them see you in action.  This will give them a feel for who you are.
  • Make the video informative and answer questions you anticipate them asking.  Keep your profile professional, but interesting and fun at the same time.

Additional Details And Information

  • Make your profile visual by adding images and documents, along with your resume. “A picture is worth a thousand words ” applies here, and documents provide added interest and information.
  • Include your resume, along with links to your website, blog or YouTube channel – whatever is applicable to your particular industry.
  • Add an industry to your profile. This increases the chances you’ll be found.
  • Be an active participant in groups. This shows you’re community minded and work well with others. It also shows you want to do your part to make this world a better place by collaborating with others who share the same vision.
  • Include your educational history and all your academic achievements.
  • Share how versatile you are by highlighting your skills and accomplishments, especially ones that aren’t included on your resume.
  • Highlight your volunteer experience. This helps portray you as a well-rounded individual, and should be included alongside your work experience, particularly if your volunteer work relates to your job search. It makes your volunteering experience that much more relevant.
  • Include recommendations from past employers and colleagues. Recommendations are a form of social proof, and lets others know why those you’ve worked for and with are happy to recommend you. This is the same idea as Amazon reviews, and we all know how helpful those are.
  • Consistently share content that is relevant to your industry. This shows potential employers that you’re knowledgeable and up on current trends.
  • Remember you don’t need to include every single job you’ve ever had. Share your most recent work experience that corresponds to your current job search.

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Key Points

Expand your network, foster relationships, collaborate, and engage with people who share your interests and industry by creating a business page on LinkedIn. Make your profile page awesome by following the tips above.

LinkedIn may just be a game changer for your business – it will increase your chances of gathering leads or securing a job. Up to 90% of recruiters are using it to hire candidates so take advantage of all this platform has to offer.

Are you happy with how your LinkedIn profile looks? Let me know in the comments:)



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  1. I have been on LInkedin forever but never considered creating a page like this. Is it useful for affiliate marketing to create a page even though I won’t be hiring anyone? Have you done that?
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    I do consistently post content on LinkedIn so I need to think about this.
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