How To Use Canva For Your Online Business

Have you heard of Canva? If not, you’re in for a treat because this tool is going to make your life so much easier. And the best part – it’s FREE. Most of us aren’t graphic designers, but still want our online graphics to be visually appealing. That’s why we need a graphic design software that’s simple to use. Find out how to use Canva for your online business.

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Canva is extremely versatile. I use it to design logos, banners, flyers, business cards, and graphics for social media. The learning curve is small, and you’ll feel like a pro after you’ve completed your first couple of designs.

How Canva Came To Be

Canva was created In 2012 after Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht set out to create school yearbooks after brainstorming ideas for an online tool. This is how their company, Fusion Books, was formed. Believing their technology had applications beyond the yearbook market, they explored other avenues and the rest is history. Canva is now a bustling business with an army of talented designers, artists, developers and marketers.

This amazing graphic-design platform makes it easy for even a novice to create high-quality, professional graphics. Professional software including, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are prohibitive for many people to use due to cost and the steep learning curve. They’re not practical for the average consumer. Canva, however makes it easy for anyone to create a variety of graphics in a short amount of time.

Use The Desktop Version Or The App

I love Canva’s free online app. It makes creating graphics on the go simple and convenient. I can access, design, and edit any of my projects right from my phone. And don’t think you need to be a coder or have any special skills to create quality graphics.

The variety of tools that are available, along with the drag-and-drop editor, provide limitless design options. In fact, the interface is easy enough for children to use. I wish I had had this tool when my kids were in school. The possibilities for designing posters, banners, and invitations are endless.

The Free Version Has Everything I Need

The free version of Canva includes all the features I need but there is a premium version, as well.  See below for more details.

 Features of Canva’s free version:

  • Drag-and-drop design tool for seamless customization
  • 1 million stock photographs are available or you can upload your own images
  • Hundreds of available fonts. Upload your own custom ones with a premium account
  • 8,000 templates
  • Ability to resize your designs
  • Free icons, illustrations, stickers, and badges
  • Photo frames and vignettes
  • Two organizational design folders
  • 1 GB storage for photos and assets

Plus, you can straighten, crop, enhance, and add text to your images to your heart’s content. Elements that were contributed by artists are protected by a watermark with the option to remove it by buying a one-time-use license for $1.00. Multi-use licenses are $10.00, with extended licenses priced at $100.00.

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Canva’s Platform For Businesses

Canva is a content-creation platform and a great tool to help you grow your business. For $12.95 a month you can enjoy additional features, like unlimited design folders and storage, access to millions of images, the ability to set color palettes for your brand and priority support.

You’ll also be able to show off your work in Team Stream. Whether its social media graphics or marketing tools and proposals, Team Stream makes it convenient to privately share designs and documents with all your team members.

There is a 30-day free trial when you upgrade so give it a try before you buy. You can cancel at anytime.

Here’s a list of what’ll you get with Canva Pro:

  • Unlimited folders for all your designs
  • Team functionality
  • Unlimited storage for all your assets and photos
  • Access to millions of photos at just $1.00 each
  • Exclusive access to 400,00 free photos, templates and illustrations
  • Design resizing and custom dimensions
  • Upload custom brand fonts
  • Set brand color palettes
  • Save team templates
  • Organize images within folders
  • Access all your designs via search
  • Download images with transparent backgrounds
  • Export animated gifs
  • Priority support

How To Use Canva

Canva is great for website design. I use it to create professional looking logos, blog post headers, and business cards. You can whip up designs quickly, which is a big plus because we’re all stretched for time. Last week I designed a great looking label for one of my skincare products that I’m really happy with. I love that Canva automatically saves all my graphics to my profile for easy access.

One feature that I use daily is the social media templates. Each social media platform allows different dimensions and formats to be displayed. Canva takes care of this for you. Templates are available for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram.

canva templates

Would You Like To Get Started Online?

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Key Points

Canva is a robust graphic design tool that is free to use. There are also paid plans if you want to unlock additional features. For me, it’s an indispensable tool that I use every single day to transform my ideas into powerful designs and graphics that make my online business that much better.

Do you use Canva? What are your favorite features? Let me know in the comments:)


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4 thoughts on “How To Use Canva For Your Online Business”

  1. Thank you for this very interesting and useful article about Canva. Although I myself am an affiliate marketer and I use a lot of images, I typically use ready stock photos. I’ll definitely be checking out the images Canva offers. 

    Your article is very helpful and now I better understand how Canva works. 

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Sandy. Canva offers a lot of images. I mostly use the free ones but have bought several of the premium photos. I love Canva’s versatility, vast library of templates, drag-and-drop editor, and how intuitive it is to use. 

      I used to design all my graphics in Photoshop before I knew about Canva. Now I use Canva for graphic design because it’s just so user-friendly and the options are extensive. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi Holly, 

    It is very nice of you to share these platforms that offer free signs up. That will help people with low budget to be able to start an online business and learn about it at first. Canva seems to be a good tool that I need and the price is reasonable. Thank you for the detailed information about how to use it. 

    • You are welcome Mary,

      I love programs that enable people to grow their businesses for free. Canva is a great tool and even the premium version is reasonable priced, considering all the features that are available. Thanks so much for reading!


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