3 Tools To Catapult Your Affiliate Sales THIS Year

What is affiliate marketing? In a nutshell here it is; you recommend a product or service to your niche market, some of these people make a purchase based on your recommendations, and you make a commission. Here are 3 tools to catapult your affiliate sales this year.

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First, let me pose a few simple questions to every potential affiliate marketer:

1. Can you make money as an affiliate marketer?

2. What are the components to success?

3. Do shortcuts work?

Many programs falsely purport that affiliate marketing is an easy way to get rich in a short amount of time. It’s true that many people are making money, and lots of it with this form of marketing, so it definitely does work. What they don’t tell you is the amount of dedication, patience, and hard work it will take before you are compensated for your efforts.

There are no shortcuts in this business. Building a successful business takes time and you can’t circumvent the process. The good news is there are strategies you can put in place that will increase your chances of success.

How To Catapult Your Affiliate Sales

#1: Create Your Own Niche Website

Operating your own niche website is the first step in creating a profitable affiliate marketing business. Having a professional-looking website will be the foundational vehicle you’ll use to launch, promote, and monetize your business. Think of your website as the jumping off point, or hub for all  your marketing efforts.

Design a website that is easy to navigate and is appealing. Build trust with your audience by writing useful content that will improve their lives. This promotes trust form your prospective buyers who will be more likely to buy the products and services you are offering. More clicks on your affiliate links translates to more revenue.

First and foremost, your efforts should be focused on catering to the needs of those in your niche. What information will they deem helpful? What products will best meet those needs. These are important questions. The internet is the information highway. Millions of people use it everyday searching for answers to whatever question they have at the moment. These people are reading, browsing, and seeking information, but not necessarily with the intent to buy, at least in the beginning.

By far, your most valuable asset, will be your original content. Who doesn’t love an article that is full of handy tips and tricks to make life easier or solves a specific problem. Content is critical in the online marketing world. It will not only build your credibility, but will also lead to better search engine rankings.

More on that below. Content will also establish you as an expert in your field. This expert status will endorse the products and services you promote. Building a trustworthy reputation is a tremendous step in the right direction to building a loyal customer base.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, with no cost to you, if you make a purchase through one of my links.

#2: Give Your Readers A Reason To Visit Your Site

Competition will always be inherent in the online world. Strive to be just one step ahead of your competitors by being generous. Your readers will sense your willingness to give, which will work in your favor. Generosity builds trust and will encourage more people to visit your site where they will benefit from your educational content and free gifts, rewarding you with more affiliate sales in return.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Place a subscribe box in a prominent place on your website to invite people to subscribe to your list. Readers who sign up will automatically receive your weekly newsletter in their inbox keeping you front of mind.
  • Offer a free gift to your visitors in return for their name and email address. This could be a complimentary PDF, an eBook, a link to view a recently-recorded podcast, access to an online course, or a coupon code for a product or service you’re selling. The point is to offer a complimentary gift in return for the privilege of marketing to your subscribers in the future.
  • Try to answer all comments you receive on your site. This sends a message to your readers that you’re invested in your site, your content, and them. The same goes for comments on your social media platforms. Interact, engage, and respond to anyone who reaches out to you. This conveys a powerful message that you care. It’s hard to build a brand without interaction.
  • Have guest bloggers write articles for your site, then broadcast the link on all your social media networks. Hopefully, the blogger will return the favor and have you write a post for their blog in return. This mutual reciprocity increases exposure for both of you.

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#3: Get Good At SEO

The goal of search engine optimization is to get your content and your website found in Google. It’s all about traffic. The more people that visit your website, the more potential for conversions and sales. It’s also a great way to build your brand. No traffic basically means no business. You need people for your monetization techniques to work. Consistent traffic, on the other hand, is what leads to a steady income stream. Here are four ways you can optimize SEO for your website:

  1. Write long-form content of at least a 1,000 words. Google recognizes this and will reward you.
  2. Using long-tail keywords in each of your posts. Keywords are vital for SEO because they match what people are searching for with the content your write.
  3. Add images with alt tags to your content. An alt tag is used to describe an image for people who are visually impaired.
  4. Add a relevant video to augment your content. Not only does it add an additional element of interest to your article, it also reduces your bounce rate, which is a measure of how long people stay on your site. Google will reward you as well for lower bounce rates.
  5. Add internal and external links to your posts. Links are important SEO metrics because they also decrease bounce rate by keeping people on your website longer. An internal link is a link within an article that links to another article you’ve written. An external link directs a reader to an authority site like Wikipedia, for instance.
  6. As stated above, always reply to the comments posted on your content. This isn’t just good for engagement but is great for SEO because it show the search engines that your readers are engaging with your content. Encourage comments because they add to your word count, which is also great for SEO.

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Learning Affiliate Marketing Is Fun

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Key Points

There you have it, 3 ways to catapult your affiliate marketing sales to maximize your earning potential, and build a profitable online business that will serve you for years to come.

Adapt your strategies as needed and explore new ideas and ways of doing things, then implement the ones that convert best.

Are you an affiliate marketer? What strategies have helped you? Let me know in the comments:)

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6 thoughts on “3 Tools To Catapult Your Affiliate Sales THIS Year”

  1. Coming from the other side of the world, I have no idea what Affiliate marketing is all about, nor terms like niche, SEO or even WordPress. I never imagined that I could build my own website because I thought that was only for computer geeks. 

    Everything changed when I joined WA. I was suddenly learned all these skills. Even my old colleagues would be amazed when they hear about what I’m doing. You can laugh, but affiliate marketing is not a thing in my country.

    My status right now as an affiliate marketer is still in the process of learning from the training. I’m balancing my time between, family life, work schedule and WA. I feel good about all the help I’m getting at WA Community.  Thanks for sharing your tips. Its helpful especially to newbies out there! Have a nice day!

    • There’s a lot to learn, isn’t there? Wealthy Affiliate breaks down all the terms and steps in a way that is easy to understand and implement. I loved building my websites. Anyone can do it with a little know-how. 

      Good for you for joining WA and getting involved in the process. It’s such a great investment in your future. The community makes the whole process user-friendly because you can get your questions answered, and I had a lot in the beginning. 

      I think all us marketers struggle to find balance in juggling all areas of our lives. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. 

  2. Thank you for your post. I have been thinking about bounce rate and how it affects my website and you mentioned something I had failed to even consider. Internal links are not even present on my site but they should be.

    All of the information I am sharing about teaching English online is related and I have plenty of external links but no internal links. I will be fixing that as soon as I finish book marking your post.

    • Hi Lee,

      Yes, bounce rate is an SEO metric that affects rankings so it’s something to be aware of and troubleshoot. Internal links are another metric, add one or two to every post you write and see if your bounce rate doesn’t start to decrease. It would be interesting to measure to see if there are any notable changes. 

      That’s awesome you have a site about teaching English online. Much success to you!

  3. Hey Holly!

    I really enjoyed reading this article on affiliate marketing. You break the process down well and answered a lot of the questions I have heard asked about the topic. Enjoyed the video, as well. Who can have a bad day after watching the ever-energetic Nathan Lucas?!

    Thank you for the inspiration! I needed the encouragement today 🙂 Will be back for more shots in the arm!

    • Hi Joyce,

      Thanks so much for reading my article and watching the video. I’m glad you found encouragement. You’re right, Nathan Lucas is awesome. Please do come back for “more shots in the arm.” Love it!


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