Tap2Earn Review [Here We Go Again]

Who wouldn’t love to make a quick 500 bucks, especially considering the state of today’s economy. Is Tap2Earn just another internet scam or is it possible to make money completing tasks? Well, I did a little digging, and it was extremely eye-opening. Join me in my Tap2Earn review as I shed some light on the discrepancies between what you see on the surface of companies like this and what they don’t tell you. You can then decide for yourself if this company is worth investigating further.

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Tap2Earn Quick Look

Website: Tap2Earn.co

Owners: Apparently Davis O’Brien and Henry Chaplin

Company inception date: September 10, 2019

How money is made: Task completion and referrals

Cost to join: Free

Is It Legit?

I have confirmed, as you’ll read below, what I initially suspected, Tap2Earn is definitely a scam. The internet is teeming with similar websites that have nearly identical customer testimonials, landing pages, and members’ areas. Their claims are also very similar. It’s amazing to me how these scam websites have no originality. They all seem to follow the same blueprint.

It’s no wonder these companies vanish into thin air when enough consumers sniff out the truth, which eventually they do. Then, true to form, they reappear sporting another name, spouting off the same claims, and having many of the exact same testimonials. These scams score absolutely no points for innovation, ingenuity, or imagination. It’s fairly obvious they’re thrown together without much thought other than to scam people.

On first glance,Tap2Earn appears legitimate because the entrance fee is free. How can they scam people if they don’t require payment for joining? They further entice by offering $25.00 for signing up.

Low-risk can be appealing, but is it really low-risk? Not exactly. For starters, you have to fork over your contact information, including your email, to join. CAUTION: think twice about entering your payment information on these sites. It’s possible that scammers will find ways to sell your information.Tap2Earn Review

Source: all screenshots taken from Tap2Earn Website

The #1 Influencer Network?

Tap2Earn presents themselves as an influencer network. That’s rather curious since they’ve only been around less than seven months. As anyone who works online will readily attest, it takes time to gain the authority and trust needed to become an influencer. It’s not an overnight process. A quick internet search does not glean any information about Tap2Earn being an influencer network. They haven’t been around long enough to achieve that status.

You’d think it would be possible to obtain a substantial amount of information on a company who is a #1 influencer network. By the way, this is typical of many counterfeit websites, which all have similar tactics and claims. I can’t find any pertinent information online about Tap2Earn because there is no information to be found. No company = no information.

The website states that as the #1 influencer network worldwide, they have paid out $68 million dollars in member payouts. I’m confused as to what they’re selling. If people that sign up are designated as affiliates, what are these affiliate’s selling? Essentially, they’re selling ad revenue and sponsorship products, the very same model other duplicitous sites are using.

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Referral Links and Tasks

People who sign up complete simple tasks and generate referrals by posting a link on social media. This is how the company and their members supposedly make money. Tap2Earn’s site boldly states you can make $500.00 in one day, in addition to the $25.00 credit you’ll get for registering as an affiliate.

That right there my friends is red flag number one. C’mon, everyone who signs up is going to make $500.00 the first day as an amateur affiliate?! The company would have people joining in droves if those claims were true.

Upon joining, you’ll receive your own referral link to post on your social networks. You’ll make a whopping $2.00 every time someone clicks on your link, plus 10 bucks for every referral you bring in. Supposedly, you can earn $30.00 by completing individual tasks, but it’s highly doubtful these tasks are even real.

Here’s the tip off: once you select a task to complete, you will immediately find yourself on a 3rd-party website, which will ask you for your personal information, including your phone number. Once they have your phone number, don’t be surprised if you begin receiving text messages.

The most outrageous aspect of this whole deal is they’ll charge you for the texts. The main objective of these sites is to collect information under the guise of helping their members make money. And since money talks, this can be a very effective tactic.

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You Won’t Get Paid

If that weren’t enough, here’s where it gets really scammy, and it has to do with getting paid, or rather NOT getting paid. You have to meet certain criteria in order to receive payment. It should be a simple process, you complete tasks, get referrals, and get paid. Not so!

What REALLY happens is you’ll be put on a waiting list once you request a cashout. You could end up waiting weeks just for a response, only to find out your request was rejected. I have yet to see any proof that anyone has been paid, yet there’s never a shortage of testimonials.

It’s the same scenario, member after member complains, the company goes belly up only to resurface as another scam, but not before they’ve obtained an impressive amount of personal information from people who have high hopes of making money.

And not before those who have joined provide free advertising for the company before they come to their senses. It’s also quite frightening to think of what they’re doing with the information they obtain during the sign-up process.

Pros (They Like To Make You Think Anyway)

✅  Free to join: This is the number one ploy companies use to get people to join. It’s seems friendly enough and low-risk.

  Complete simple tasks and make referrals: Seems straightforward – complete tasks, place a referral link, generate referrals, get paid. The members’ area includes features, such as 24/7 uptime, analytic tracking tools, and a responsive dashboard.

✅  Get paid for placing your link on social media: Sounds reasonable if you can get enough clicks.

✅  Receive payment instantly in the method of your choice: This is definitely an advantage if payment really is instant.

Note these comments that were left underneath the video:

Red Flags

? You won’t get paid: And what’s more, you won’t receive a response following your request. If you’re lucky enough to hear back from them, your request will be denied.

?  They likely sell your information: No one can be sure, but your information is likely being sold, and if you give them your phone number, you could be charged for text messages.

? There’s no information about the company online: So much for being an “influencer” site. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t find any information about Tap2Earn.

? The owners are nowhere to be found: I googled the owners name and there is no information concerning them.

? Fake claims and testimonials: The claims are similar to other scam websites, and the testimonials come from paid actors who have no experience with the company.Tap2Earn Review - Testimonials

Tap2Earn Review / Final Verdict

Scam Alert: Tap2Earn is another scam that isn’t worth one minute of your time and energy. Don’t be drawn in by fake promises of making $500.00 and getting paid for completing tasks. All they want is your information. Spend your valuable time and effort building something worthwhile that will pay dividends for years to come.

If you want to make money leveraging the internet, join a reputable company that will teach you the skills you’ll need to build a thriving business. Check out my #1 recommended platform for building an online business. This is one-stop shopping folks: you’ll learn how to build a website with state-of-the-art hosting, learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, have access to 24/7 technical support, and enjoy the camaraderie of a supportive community. It doesn’t get better than this…

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Read my review or click on the banner to get started for free. REALLY – no credit card required!

What’s your take? Is Tap2Earn a scam? Let me know in the comments:)








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  • Website is not an influencer network

2 thoughts on “Tap2Earn Review [Here We Go Again]”

  1. The first red flag was the ‘apparently’ before the names of the owners/founders of this website. As someone who’s been in the spaces of affiliate and influencer marketing for over two years now, I think it’s telling that I’ve never even heard about Tap2Earn. If it really is the “#1 Influencer Network in the World,” I’m not sure how it’s evaded my attention for so long…

    • Hi Tucker,

      Exactly. That’s what I thought too. If a site is indeed “the #1 influencer site,” people are obviously going to know about it or at least have heard the name. The false claims these companies make no longer surprise me. Thanks for reading my review and for leaving your opinion:)


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