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In the world of internet marketing, an easy-to-use autoresponder is no longer optional. Email responders are absolutely vital for list-building and earning money online. No matter what niche you’re operating in, email marketing is one of those non-negotiables if you want to succeed in the online sphere. Read my AWeber email marketing review to find out the pros and cons of one of the most used email autoresponders.

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What Is AWeber?

AWeber is an autoresponder that allows you to collect emails via a subscription form on your website, which then allows you to stay in touch with those on your list to drive real results. Autoresponders are a fantastic way to build relationships, build trust, and build your brand. And there’s no better way to engage and connect with your audience, while keeping them in the know.

Send your subscribers weekly newsletters, updates about products or services, or any other informative tidbit you think they’d find helpful. The point is to stay in touch with your readers, which is one of the best ways to garner conversions and sales.

It’s easy to integrate your website with AWeber, simply place a subscription form on your site, and AWeber will store all information that is entered. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up AWeber:

AWeber offers hundreds of form templates with a variety of styles, including pop-up, inline, pop-over or lightbox forms.  All designs are responsive and will work on all screen sizes and devices. You can even place a sign-up form on your Facebook business page to take advantage of social media traffic.

Campaigns can be staggered to be delivered at specific time intervals. Once you’ve set your parameters, AWeber will automatically take over from there, saving you time and effort. The drag-and-drop editor, along with hundreds of templates and images, make creating and customizing your broadcasts time-effective and user-friendly.

I like that you can split test your campaigns using different criteria, such as subject lines, titles, and images, to test and troubleshoot how they’re performing.

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AWeber Features

AWeber is an industry standard when it comes to email automation. Check out the features that are offered:

  • Convenient drag-and-drop email builder for great looking, branded emails
  • Automate and send unlimited email campaigns
  • A vast library of customizable, mobile-responsive templates
  • Robust automation tools that are simple to use
  • Split testing tools for experimenting with subject lines, headers, images, and buttons
  • Track email performance and sales by visiting the analytics dashboard and reports
  • Automatically create email newsletters from your recent articles
  • Use tags to trigger automatic email campaigns according to clicks and opens
  • Integrates with a wide range of apps, such as social media, lead generation, and landing pages
  • Text and HTML editors
  • Complimentary 24/7 live chat, phone, and email customer support
  • A 30-day free trial is offered

Click here for more features and app integration.

AWeber Pricing

For only $19 a month you can send unlimited emails, automate your campaigns, have full access to your analytics dashboard, and take advantage of the awesome customer support. The monthly plan is ideal for new or small businesses with less than 500 subscribers.

You can choose to be billed quarterly or annually if you’d prefer that over monthly billing. Plans increase in price as your subscriber list grows, making the annual plan a great choice for businesses with a larger subscriber base. Sign up for the free trial to get a feel for how the platform works before purchasing a plan.

 AWeber Email Marketing Review - Pricing Table


Click here to sign up for your free 30-day trial.

FAQ Section

Q: Can I connect AWeber to a landing page, my social media accounts, or a shopping cart?

A: Yes, it’s easy to connect AWeber to your social media networks, any existing landing pages, and a shopping cart.

Q: How much is a monthly membership?

A: The first month is free, with each month after that costing $19.00.

Q: Can I create other campaigns besides email marketing ones?

A: Absolutely, in addition to creating personalized email campaigns, you can also create educational courses, and lead nurturing campaigns.

Q: Does AWeber have a plugin?

A: Yes, and the WordPress plugin makes creating campaigns easier and quicker than ever.

Q: Are pre-built email campaigns available?

A: Yes, four pre-built automated series are available to be imported directly into your account.

 AWeber Email Marketing Review - AWeber Email Templates BannerAWeber Email Marketing Review Pros and Cons

AWeber Pros:

✅   Affordable: $19 a month is all you’ll pay for up to 500 email subscribers

✅  Hundreds of customizable templates and email designs

✅  A/B split testing

✅  Third-party app integration

✅  Access to AWeber’s extensive image library

✅  RSS functionality

✅  Intuitive navigation

✅  Ability to send follow-up emails

✅  Access to video tutorials, live webinars, email marketing guides, and AWeber’s blog

AWeber Cons

✔️ No extended free option is offered for new or small businesses

✔️ Monthly fee applies even if you’re not actively sending email campaigns

✔️ A credit card is required for the 30-day free trial

As you can see, the pros of using AWeber far outweigh any potential cons. Set up is intuitive and once you’ve set up your broadcasts and campaigns, they’ll be automated, enabling you to spend your valuable time on other marketing endeavors. Check out the free trial and decide for yourself if AWeber is a good fit for your business.

One of my favorite features of AWeber is the ability to integrate third-party apps, including apps for content management, E-Commerce, landing pages, productivity tools, lead generation, social media, video, webinars, and surveys. App integration is not only convenient, but will streamline and optimize your campaigns.

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Learn Email Marketing The Easy Way

Are you new to the world of internet and email marketing? Getting started can be overwhelming at times, making it pretty difficult to create momentum. Choosing a niche, building a website, content creation, and learning the ins and outs of SEO can certainly be daunting.

If you’re interested in learning how to create and operate a thriving online business, including email marketing, read my review for more information or click the banner below to create your free account. There’s isn’t a better way to invest in yourself and your future. You can check out one of the trainings here. 

AWeber Email Marketing Review - Online Banner

Key Points

Email marketing is an indispensable marketing tool for building an online business and client base. Create unlimited email lists, newsletters, and campaigns, all completely automated, allowing you to spend your time elsewhere.

It goes without saying, that in order to create financial freedom doing what you love, you’ll need loyal followers and customers. AWeber comes in mighty handy because they’ll partner with you to build an impressive client base.

Have you taken the dive into email marketing? Let me know in the comments:)

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AWeber Autoresponder

$19 A Month

Overall Quality


Ease of Use





  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Hundreds of Templates and Images are Available
  • Integration with Over 100 Third-Party Apps


  • No Extended Free Option for New or Small Businesses
  • Credit Card is Required for Free Trial

6 thoughts on “AWeber Email Marketing Review”

  1. I have been looking for an email auto responder to use for a while and I can’t seem to settle on one. I do want to give Aweber a shot but the only thing holding me back from it is the fact that there isn’t an extended free offer with it. Thanks for this review.

    • That would be great if there was an extended free offer, but at least there’s a 30-day free trial and an affordable package of just $19.00 a month. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Getting myself sorted with an autoresponder is something I keep saying I must do but I’ve never actually gotten around to it.  I did, however, use Aweber in the past and found it very user-friendly. The only reason I stopped is that I felt I didn’t have enough people opening my emails so my money was being wasted. I told myself I would come back when I had more writing experience.

    I have started again with Sumo, but am very bad about actually sending out the emails. I seem to not have enough hours in the day.

    I will definitely have another look at Aweber when I feel my website is getting enough traffic again.

    • Hi Michel,

      I understand about not wanting to pay for an autoresponder when you don’t have many subscribers on your list. As you list grows, you can always start using AWeber again. 

      Yes, it is user-friendly which is a big deal considering there are so many tasks for us websites owners to keep track of. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. I guess most of us feel that way. 

      Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Thanks for the AWeber autoresponder tool review. I am using MailChimp now but the prices are rising and I am looking for a cheaper alternative. Of the big names out there, I knew that this is one that I needed to check out first. It comes recommended from an online marketing friend.

    It looks fairly easy to work with for setting up and I can switch my websites over easily it appears. My list is at about 4000 members now, so I am wondering which plan might be best with AWeber? Is it possible to transfer into AWeber my current list from MailChimp?

    You are right that every online marketer needs such a tool. It also pays to seek one out that will grow with you and not cost too much. The AWeber autoresponder seems like it will do the job. Thanks for the detailed review, I am convinced this is what I will go with.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review. AWeber is one of the most popular autoresponders out there. Many people use it for email marketing, which all website owners should be doing.

      Yes, you can transfer your current list from MailChimp to AWeber. It will certainly grow with you as your list grows and it’s affordable, which is always nice. Here’s a link with a instructions how to do it.  Be sure and check them out!


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