How To Install A Facebook Pixel In 10 EASY Steps

What in the world is a Facebook pixel? Well, it’s a handy little analytics tool that provides insights into how your social media marketing campaigns are performing. All you have to do is place a snippet of code on your website to get the most out of your advertising strategies, specifically Facebook Ads. The pixel does this by tracking the actions people take on your website. Let’s learn how to install a Facebook pixel.

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What Is A Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is code you install on your website to collect data from your visitors. The pixel will enable you to optimize your ads, build audiences in your target market, while tracking conversions. It’s also invaluable for remarketing to people who have taken previous actions on your website.

The pixel is able to garner information by using and triggering cookies to track the actions of people on your website and those interacting with your ads on Facebook. It’s easy to install a pixel so there’s really no reason not to use one if you’re looking to create high-quality, and more targeted, ads.

Information is power. The information the pixel provides will give you a peek into who you should spend your time targeting on Facebook. This will greatly increase your return on investment, which is the end goal of advertising. One feature of the pixel I really like is the ability to track people according to devices. 

For instance, what percentage of users are viewing your ads on smartphones, and what percentage see them on a desktop? And where are they making sales from the most? It’s all about growing your customer-base by optimizing your ads.

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Reasons To Install A Facebook Pixel

Once you have your pixel installed, it will let you know anytime a website visitor performs an action, whether that be purchasing something, adding an item to their shopping cart, or signing up for your newsletter. You can view the details of these actions or events on your Facebook pixel page by visiting the “Events Manager” tab – an event being a particular action someone takes on your site.

Why is knowing these actions advantageous to you? Because you can then target and reach out to those people in your future marketing efforts. A pixel can help you:

  •  Find new customers
  • Assure that your advertising campaigns are shown to your ideal audience
  • Measure how your ads are performing by measuring their impact on your customers
  • Drive more leads and sales by optimizing your ads to reach the people who are most likely to purchase
  • Set up events to determine specific actions
  • Retarget existing or potential customers
  • Track users according to devices
  • Get a better ROI on ads placed
  • Gain insights into cost-per-lead and cost-per-conversion 
  • View who visits your website after seeing your ad on Facebook

Once the pixel is installed – and you only need one for your website – you can set up events using the “Event Setup Tool.” You’ll need a website and the ability to add code in order to set up your pixel. Now that you know the importance of Facebook Pixels, let’s get yours installed on your website.

Placing The Code

1. Begin by going to the “Events Manager” tab. To do this, sign into your Facebook Business Account. Click on your inbox to be taken to your Facebook Business Suite. Click on “More Tools” and then “Events Manager:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Events Manager Tab

2. Click the green + circle to “Connect Data Sources:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Connecting Data Source3. Select “Web,” then “Get Started:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Web Selection

4. Click “Facebook Pixel” and “Connect:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Pixel

5. Now name your pixel and put in the URL of your website. Examples of names for your event could include, “Signups,” “Leads,” “Checkout,” or “Sales.” The event is what you’ll be tracking. Then press “Continue:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Details

6. Choose how to install the pixel code. Installing it manually is the easiest, but you can also use a partner integration.


How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Manual Installation

See the partner integrations below.

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Integration Partners7. For this tutorial, we’ll be installing the code manually. Copy the base code by clicking the green “copy code” button and press “Continue:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Copying The Code

8. Connect your website activity using the pixel. Turn on “Automated Advanced Matching” to use information people have previously provided to your business, such as their names, email addresses, gender, phone numbers, location, and birthdays. Press “Continue:”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Connecting Website To Pixel9. You can now either add the code to the bottom of the “head” section on the headers page of your website or use the “Event Setup Tool.” I’ll be installing the code to my website. Click “Install events using code.”

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Event Setup Tool

10. In the backend of your WordPress site, go to “Appearance,” “Theme Editor,” then “header.php.” Make sure you place the code right above the last “head” tag:

How To Install A Facebook Pixel Code - Adding Code

 Installing The Facebook Pixel Helper Extension

You’re now going to want to install the Facebook Pixel Helper Extension on your Chrome browser. Simply google “Facebook Pixel Helper Extension for Chrome.”

Once you have the code on your site, you can start setting up events to track pertinent actions, and every time you want to check your analytics, you just need to click on the icon in your browser to view the specific data for your website. A little box will pop up with insights that will help you streamline your marketing. Pretty slick, right?!

How To Install A Facebook Pixel - Extension

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Key Points

Using the Facebook pixel is a powerful way to optimize your campaigns, track conversions and events, target audiences, and gain insight into what visitors are doing on your website after viewing your ads on social media.

It’s easy to install and the information it provides will be extremely useful in helping you streamline and troubleshoot your marketing ads to get the best possible return on investment. What are you waiting for? Get your website pixel installed today…

Did you know Facebook had a pixel? Let me know in the comments:)

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2 thoughts on “How To Install A Facebook Pixel In 10 EASY Steps”

  1. Very interesting article. I’m just beginning my adventure into digital marketing and all the information I’m learning is much appreciated. To be fair, I have not heard about installing a Facebook Pixel on a website, but it seems an extremely useful tool. Looking forward to tesing it on my website, very curious what results it will show me and how I will be able to us them.

    • Thank you. Welcome to the world of digital marketing. You’re not alone, many people have no idea what a Facebook pixel is, what it does, and how to install one. 

      Pixels are very useful and can provide you with some applicable information. Do install one once you’re ready for it, and then you can track the results right from your Chrome browser. This is why you want to install the pixel extension. 

      Thanks so much for reading my tutorial and for taking the time to comment. 


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