3 Ways College Students Can Make Money Online TODAY!

Are you a college student looking for a way to make some extra cash, at your convenience and on your own time? There are proven ways this can be done, and in this post I want to show you 3 ways college students can make money online.

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Ways College Students Can Make Money

I remember being in college, and all the busyness that entails, including having an active social life. I didn’t have time for a full-time job, and the part-time jobs I sought didn’t jive with my schedule. Sadly, the opportunities that are available today weren’t options when I was in school.

1. Start Your Own YouTube Channel


Be honest, has starting your own YouTube channel ever crossed your mind? If it hasn’t, listen up because video is where it’s at these days. People love consuming content in video format as it’s easy to listen to while commuting, exercising, or working around the house. I listen to videos when I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s amazing how much you can learn listening to a five-minute video while eating breakfast.

So many people are scared to start their own channel, and I get it. I was too and have just recently jumped on board. Did you know you can create videos without ever showing your face? It’s totally true. There are many YouTubers who have never shown their faces, and are making a killing online, and helping hundreds of people in the process. If shyness or self-consciousness is holding you back, don’t let it, you can make dynamic videos without even being in them. All that’s needed is your voice.

To begin, start thinking about a subject you love or a hobby you’re passionate about, and would love to share with the world. You have something unique and valuable to share. People are waiting for your message. They really are! It’s a bit of a learning curve to get started, but it’s free, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be cranking out videos weekly, and loving it. It will enrich your life and the lives of your viewer.

Consider making video tutorials, power point presentations, reviews, or white board movies. There are a variety of ways to get your message across. All you have to do is browse YouTube to see what I mean. Why is YouTube such an awesome way to get noticed? Because it’s the second largest search engine next to Google.

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Things You Need To Start A YouTube Channel

You really can start a channel by signing up for a free Google account. Choose a name for your channel, decide what content you want to produce, and design a banner. I suggest using Canva to do this. You can record your videos on your smartphone, uploading them directly to YouTube, whether you show your face or are just narrating.

Of course, you’ll need to learn about tags, and how to write a keyword-rich description, but all that knowledge will come with time. If making online tutorials is your thing, invest in a screencasting software like ScreenFlow, but there are free versions you can use that are great. That’s what I do.

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You don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to. Check out Screenflick. You can use the free version and, like all screencasting software, you can choose to show a thumbnail of yourself in the screen if you’d like to, but it’s not necessary. Incidentally, a full license for Screenflick is only $35.00.

If you decide you want to augment your audio when making slideshows or presentations on your computer, invest in a microphone, but you don’t need to do that upfront. Wait until you start making money to buy one as they’re a little pricey. The Blue Yeti is a great microphone and the one I use.

2. Become A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate Online University

Do you know what affiliate marketing is? Wealthy Affiliate is an online certification course that teaches you all the skills you need to be an affiliate marketer. I absolutely loved the course, and finished it quite quickly because it was so fascinating. I learned so much, and now I’m comfortable with this form of marketing. Watch this video to get a feel for the video courses.

You’ll learn how to build your own website, choose a domain name, select a niche, learn keyword research, and how to write engaging content for your website, which is the foundation of affiliate marketing. I know, I know, I can almost hear you saying. “But I’m not a writer.  Do you post on social media?

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Do you journal? Then you are already a writer, and even if you aren’t, you can learn. Like any skill, you’ll improve with time, and writing, on its own, is a great skill to have. Keep in mind, you won’t be writing research papers, but rather informative posts written in a conversational, friendly, and engaging tone.

Writing can be your path to freedom, and the best part? You can write from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. It’s the laptop lifestyle at it’s finest. Wealthy Affiliate makes writing convenient with Site Content, their online writing platform. It’s where I write all my posts, publishing them directly to my website, where I can then fine tune them.

Add images and videos to your posts, along with affiliate links and banners. The spell check is amazing, and you’ll be able to track the number of words and posts you’ve written. In fact, I’m using it now to write this article. Watch this video for more details.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

I know what you’re thinking: “What in the heck is affiliate marketing?” It sounds intimidating to a lot of people, but it really isn’t when you become familiar with the process. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is promoting a merchant’s products or services for them, while earning a small commission for yourself. It’s very possible to create a profitable business by doing this.

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Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find products to promote.  It’s simpler than it sounds. Remember how I said you’ll be writing useful articles to a segmented portion of the population? Well, the goals of those blog posts is to drive traffic to your website. Your posts will also include affiliate links to the products you’re promoting.

When a reader of yours clicks on one of your links, you make a commission. The more traffic you have, potentially the more money you’ll make. Think how profitable your blog could be with a lot of daily visitors merrily clicking on your links and making you a commission in the process?

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Certification Course

The certification course at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you vital SEO strategies to optimize your posts, increasing the chances they’ll be ranked high in Google and the other search engines. This is important because better rankings lead to more traffic. Search engine optimization is an important factor in getting your articles noticed.

Your posts and SEO will generate traffic for your website. That’s why content creation is so essential. You serve your audience by providing them with helpful solutions to problems they may be facing, and they in turn, help you make money by clicking on your links. See how it works? Learn more about it by watching this video.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Not only will you learn the skills you’ll need to run a successful online business, you’ll also be supported along the way. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is incredible. You’ll have many people cheering you on, helping you along the way. Every question I have asked in the community has been answered. This is how we learn. By asking and receiving answers to our questions.

Between the members and the certification course, you’ll have the tools you need to thrive online. Making money from affiliate marketing does take time however. It takes awhile to get your articles ranked and consistent traffic coming to your site. Patience and consistency are key.


The 24/7 support at Wealthy Affiliate is another feature I find indispensable. I’ve built and maintained websites on my own for years, and it was frustrating whenever I encountered a glitch. Which, by the way, is a common occurrence. In those days, I didn’t have anyone to turn to, and had to search for answers online, which was time-consuming and aggravating.

With Site Support, I get my website questions answered within minutes. I can tell you honestly, that in my opinion, this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining in itself. Oh, and the hosting too, which is unbelievable! You’d be hard-pressed to find another free online certification course that offers what Wealthy Affiliate does.

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3. Leverage Social Media

Leverage social media to make it work for you. I know Facebook is a member of my online team. Once you have written your brilliant posts, you’ll want to share them, and there’s no better place to do this than social media.

Social media marketing allows you to quickly get your content in front of thousands of people, which after all, is the fundamental goal of content creation. Drive traffic to your website by sharing and promoting your articles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And of course, don’t forget about YouTube.

These three steps I’ve outlined complement each other. Use your YouTube channel to promote your website, while posting your videos on each post you write. The next step is to share all those videos and articles on social media. This is the best way to generate traffic, and ultimately, sales.

The Benefits Of Using Social Media

The benefits of using social media are many. Increase your brand recognition and authority. If you don’t know what a brand is, it’s what distinguishes you from other entrepreneurs, in terms of what you’re selling, including your logo, your niche, your tagline, your fonts, and even your colors. All of these factors comprise your brand. The ultimate goal is to have your brand be easily identifiable like Apple or Nike.

Social media is the best source of free advertising. Team this up with content marketing, and you’ve got yourself a one/two punch.  Marketing can be expensive, using Instagram and Twitter to market for you, is just plain smart. Social media is also critical for SEO purposes, helping the search engines find you, and capturing relevant traffic for your site. Did you know Pinterest and YouTube are search engines as well. That’s why they’re so powerful for advertising purposes.

Connection and interaction are also perks of using social media to promote your brand. These platforms are a fantastic way for people to get to know, like, and trust you, making them more likely to purchase from you. This familiarity, will not only build your brand, but will generate traffic, increasing conversions and sales.

By using the different social media platforms, you’ll gain insights into what people are talking about, sparking ,ideas for blogging and video creation. You can also see which of your posts and videos are creating the most interest and traffic. Essentially, you can determine by becoming familiar with your analytics, which platform is most deserving of your time. The bottom line: get social media working for you!

Key Points

I get how tricky it can be to manage your college courses, a social life, and a job. There’s never enough time. Give my three tips a try or at least step two.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start out in the online world because it will teach you both video and social media marketing.

1. Start your own YouTube channel. You can work at your own pace, slowly building your following over time, and it’s easier than you think. The best part is it doesn’t take any money to get started, just your smartphone, and a YouTube account that you can set up quickly for free.

2. Join Wealthy Affiliate. There’s absolutely no risk involved so you might as well try it out and see where it takes you. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Many people have done it and are currently doing it.  Sure, it takes time, but anything of value does. READ MY REVIEW or click on the banner below to learn more.

3 Ways College Students Can Make Money Online - Wealthy Affiliate Banner

3. Promote your videos and posts on social media. Build your following, forge connections, and interact with those who have similar interests.

Learn what content of yours is producing the most traffic and engagement, and then reproduce more of that.

We’re fortunate to have the internet right at our fingertips. Get your message across to thousands of viewers. You won’t regret taking advantage of these opportunities!

Are you a college student? Are you looking for a way to make money while you’re in school? Let me know in the comments:)

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6 thoughts on “3 Ways College Students Can Make Money Online TODAY!”

  1. I have thought about starting my own YouTube channel many times. I think the thing that keeps me from doing so the most is all of the trolls and haters out there looking to just make rude comments. I don’t feel like you have to deal with that as much if you just have a good website offering good content. Although, I guess I’ve never really thought about making videos where I wasn’t actually in them. I’ll have to give that some more thought! 

    • Thanks for commenting Ashley! It’s easier than you think to create your own YouTube channel. I get what you’re saying about the trolls and haters. Too bad that even has to be an issue. 

      I think it’s more user-friendly if you don’t have to show your face. Many YouTubers don’t and are very successful!

  2. Great idea for college students. It’s really nice that there are options for students who might be struggling financially in college. All three ways to make money are free to join and learning is also taking place synonymously. 

    You have provided a straight forward overview of each opportunity to make money online. Students going to college would really find this article useful and when they decide to start their online business, they will be happy they did. 


    • Thanks you Brenda!

      I’m glad there are online options for college students. I sure wish these same opportunities were available when I was in college.

  3. Hi Holly – you have done a great job at supporting and helping college students make money online.  I am certainly going to be looking more into the video marketing and You Tube-ing areas of your site as this is something I am a) terrified to do and b) have no clue how to go about starting.

    I hope you dont mind me passing your web details on to my daughters – 1 of which has decided to go back to school full time next year.  This will give her an insight as to how to earn extra money in between classes and such.

    Your site is easy to read and flows beautifully.  Awesome effort


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Paula!

      I would love for you to share this post with your daughters. There are some great online opportunities for college students.

      Hey, I know what you mean about starting a YouTube channel. Take your time getting used to the idea, and then jump in when you’re comfortable. Best of luck to you!


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