How To Create Content For Your Blog Your Readers Will LOVE [5 Ideas]

Are you all out of blog topic ideas? Every blogger I know experiences this frustrating phenomenon from time to time. I know I do and it’s disconcerting. An integral aspect of blogging is writing quality content, so it’s not a small issue when you can’t think of anything to write about. Learn how to create content for your blog your readers will love and will keep them coming back for more.

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We’ve all been in that drunken-stupor like state where every idea that comes to mind seems either boring, dull, or just not worth our time. Or even worse, not one single idea comes to mind. When you have those catatonic moments of staring at a blank page with no idea where to begin, consider these five strategies to clear away the cobwebs, and come up with an awesome idea for another terrific blog post.

How To Create Content That Will Engage Your Readers

1. Start With The News

Begin by browsing through your favorite news feeds. Does anything catch your eye? Identify any interesting stories involving political leaders, either in this country, or worldwide. Or controversial laws that are pending, especially ones that worry or scare you if they pass. If it’s of interest to you, it will, likely, be to others as well. Did somebody famous get married or die? News is happening all the time so cash in on it for newsworthy blog posts.

Or consider an interesting historical event that happened on this, particular, date in years gone by. Interesting history facts can be intriguing. If it’s a holiday, find some interesting facts to expound upon, regarding its significance. And for all the sports lovers out there, news in this area is never lacking. Post about a recent sporting event, or popular athlete.

articoolo bannerAny current event that is controversial in nature is worth writing about. Ask your readers to share their opinions on a recent national or global occurrence that has caused heated debate. If it’s a hot topic, be prepared for an interesting discussion. And don’t forget to state your own opinion on the matter. Clearly detail the opinions of both the supporters and protesters. Give your take on the opposing points of views. People love debate. Use this to your advantage.

Blog about a recent crisis, and ask your readers what their thoughts are concerning the matter.  People love to voice their opinions. Ask them to state, in their view, the pros and cons of a certain situation. There are tons of ideas out there worth blogging about. They just need to be found. Look to the news for some thought-provoking ideas.

2. Blog About Your Latest Read

If you’re immersed in a book you can’t put down, share it with your readers. Relate it to something to do with your niche that will spark your readers’ interest. Books that are on the New York Times Best Seller list will always be blog-topic worthy. Who doesn’t love a good book recommendation?! Or do a review on the book you just finished. Detail what you loved about it – the characters, the setting, the writing style of the author – or how it changed your point of view, or enabled you to see a different way of looking at an issue. Get creative.

3. Write About An Experience That Changed You Life

We all love learning from the experiences of others. I know I do. Be transparent about an experience that changed your life, and made you see the world differently. Be upfront and personal. You’ll build trust with your followers, and paint yourself as a real person with all the feelings and foibles as the rest of us. We all like keeping it real. Be vulnerable and share your feelings and experiences, and their effect, on your life.

Are you going through a personal crisis, and it’s taking all the strength you have to cope? If the timing is right, consider sharing your experience and musings. You’ll have a captivated audience. I love it when people share their struggles and coping mechanisms. What got you through? How did you survive? These are awesome blog post topics. You have within you a wealth of interesting topics, and real-life experiences to draw upon.

Blog about a scene that bothered you in a TV series you’re watching. If it triggered an emotion in you, it may have done the same in other viewers. This is sure to generate an interesting discussion. Be the vehicle to get the conversation started. If you’ve seen a new-release movie that you love – or hate – blog about that. This falls in the category of current affairs, and that’s blog worthy.

4. Write About Your Latest Vacation

Who doesn’t love learning about new places and cultures? Those who are unable to travel will enjoy traveling vicariously through you. Document your travels, large and small, complete with pictures and videos. Share fun facts about the country, culture, customs, and people of the place you visited.

Take pictures of the food you ate to share later with your readers. Or consider sharing a recipe from another culture. I love new recipes! Talk about the different ingredients that are used, and their significance to that, particular, culture. And don’t paint it all roses and sunshine. Document your mishaps while traveling: your flight delays, the language barrier, the weather, your fatigue – you get the picture.

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5. Blog About Your Life

Are you learning a new skill, or do you have a new passion that you’re fired up about? Your readers would love hearing about it. Here are some ideas:

  • A new recipe that you love
  • A new skill that you’re learning
  • An experience that motivated you
  • An event that happened that made you question yourself
  • A recent trip
  • A pivotal event that happened in your family
  • A funny situation that took place
  • Tips on DIY projects or home improvements
  • Funny pet anecdotes
  • Tricks for organizing your home and office
  • Beauty secrets and favorite skincare products
  • A favorite photograph you took and why you love it
  • Your latest project or favorite online venture and why you’re proud of it
  • How-to videos and tutorials

The ideas really are endless, it’s just a matter of bringing them to mind! If you’d like to learn more about blogging and how to create content your readers will love, read my review or click on the banner below to learn how I got started online. With all that’s going on in the world and economy, there’s never been a better time to leverage the power of the internet to build a virtual business.

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Key Points

There are many topics of interest out there to blog about. It’s just a matter of getting creative and finding them. Use these tips to come up with some inspiring content that you’ll enjoy writing about and your visitors will love reading.

How do you find topics to blog about? Let me know in the comments:)


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4 thoughts on “How To Create Content For Your Blog Your Readers Will LOVE [5 Ideas]”

  1. I like what you said about starting with the news. One of my blogs has more of a political ring to it, so I’m looking at both mainstream and alternative news sites on a constant basis. 

    Another blog I have is in the self-help field, so it’s another topic I enjoy writing about on that particular niche site. And writing about my latest read is a great idea. For sure would be fantastic for book blogs, but there’s also a way to incorporate it into any niche. All in all, good ideas. 

    • Hi Todd,

      The news is a hot topic so is something to consider writing about, especially when you can’t think of anything else. You can incorporate it into any niche, and that includes both mainstream and alternative news. People like being informed.

      Topics in the self-help field are also very popular as is illustrated by the many self-help books on the NY Times bestseller list. You could easily talk about the latest book you’ve read in a blog post. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  2. Thank you so much Holly. I have just started my journey on blogging and nobody has really ever spoken about getting blocked when it comes to writing content. Well, I think it’s really good to note that writing about your life and events that happened to you is important.

    I feel one of the points I can relate to is writing about a vacation since that’s a niche I would like to venture into. Overall, thanks for educating me, I’m glad I read through your post.

    • Hi, and thanks for reading! I think all writers get blocked at some point. I think most of us, I know I do, like hearing about other people’s lives and experiences. That’s why sites like Quora and Reddit are so popular. We can learn a lot of from what other people are going through. Whenever you get stuck, blog about something hard or wonderful you’ve gone through, and what you learned from it. Your readers will be riveted. 

      Travel is a great niche. I love reading travel blogs and seeing beautiful pictures of places I’ve never been. It helps me live vicariously through people that have been there. Thanks so much for reading!


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