15 Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block For GOOD

“What should I write about?” is a common question all bloggers or other content creators will eventually ask. It can be frustrating coming up with an interesting topic for a blog post or article. Since content is king in the world of blogging, it’s important to write about topics that will interest your readers. Here are 15 tips for overcoming writer’s block for good.

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Content Creation

When writing posts for your blog, it’s good to keep the tone conversational, provide relevant information and useful tips, and always invite your readers to interact by leaving a comment. Comments are a great way to engage with your readers, and they’re also a vital SEO strategy. Google likes interaction, and commenting is a form of interaction that will factor into your rankings.

The first order of business when writing a post is to come up with a compelling topic. Creating an outline is step number two. Use titles and subtitles to form your outline. With your titles in place, you can then begin creating paragraphs underneath each headline. I find that my writing goes pretty smoothly once I have my outline in place.

Of course, keyword research plays an essential role, as do SEO strategies. I’ve written about these topics in previous posts, and you can click on the links below for more information. The purpose of this post is to share blog post ideas you may not have thought of before.

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Fun Blog Post Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block

Here are 15 blog post ideas to help you write dynamic posts.  I hope they spur your imagination, and breathe new life into your content creation. Let’s get started…

1. Create A List Post

List posts will always be popular because they’re a fantastic way to learn quickly. Pick one of your posts that received a lot of views and comments. Then break it down into actionable steps, in a list, highlighting the main points. Examples include: “10 ways to get in shape for summer” or “how to design a wedding invitation.”

Let’s say you wrote a long, detailed post on how to grow vegetables. Repurpose that post by making a list of the most important concepts.  After each item in the list, write one or two sentences by way of explanation, then hit “Publish.”

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You now have a brand new post, without putting in a lot of time, and your readers get to learn in an easy-to-digest format. Incidentally, this post that you’re reading is a list post.

2. DIY Posts And Videos

Just this morning, I googled “how to unclog a sink” on YouTube. So many helpful videos came up, and I found one that solved my problem. DIY hacks are much appreciated because they help people save time and money, and give them a sense of fulfillment by troubleshooting their problems themselves.

Ideas for DIY posts are virtually limitless. “How to apply makeup to look 10 years younger,” “how to crochet a beanie in under two hours,” or “how to grow tomatoes step-by-step.” “How to” posts are great for SEO because so many people are searching for “how to” do something.

3. Keep It Real Posts

Do a brain dump where you share what’s bugging you at the moment, your whirlwind of emotions, and how you’re dealing with them.  You could take it one step further, and ask your readers what they’re experiencing in their own lives, that are making their emotions run wild.

tips for overcoming writer's block with writing your own story

We all appreciate authenticity and vulnerability. In a chaotic world, replete with superficiality, it’s nice to  hear about how others are dealing with life’s heartaches and difficulties.

Keep it real by sharing your struggles, coping strategies, and silver linings.

Your insights and experiences will be a source of strength for your readers.  And don’t forget to invite them to share their insights in the comments section.

4. Create A Series Post

I love creating series for my blogs. It’s a great way to break down in-depth topics into bite-sized pieces. For my affiliate marketing blog, (this one that you’re reading, I have created an Instagram series where I’ve written about “how to create an interesting Instagram profile”, “how to post more than one link on your Instagram profile”, and “how to create a round profile picture.

If I had written one lengthy blog post, encompassing all these topics, it may have overwhelmed my readers. Why not get three posts out of one overarching topic, making the concepts easier to understand?

Pet bloggers could create a series on “best methods for bathing dogs,” including “best shampoos for dogs,” “how to get your pet to remain calm in the tub” and “best detanglers for dog hair.” There are countless ideas for creating series within each niche, and it makes your job of creating posts a lot simpler because you already have your ideas laid out.

5. Conduct An Interview

Introduce your website visitors to new personalities within your industry. A good way to do this is to conduct interviews, either written or in a video format, with someone in your niche that you admire, and would like to get to know better. Ask this person questions you know will interest your readers.

Interviews are a great way to get new followers to your blog, while generating exposure for the person being interviewed. They may even return the favor, which is an invitation for you to promote your brand. Interviews are an amazing way to bounce ideas off people in your niche that you respect and admire.

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6. Invite A Guest Blogger

Consider inviting a guest blogger to write a post for your blog. You could request that they write about a specific topic or leave it to their discretion. It’s a win/win situation for both of you because they gain exposure, and you get additional content for your blog.

New perspectives are always nice, and guest bloggers can be a breath of fresh air.  You could even have them write an article to be included in a series you’re creating. They may invite you to contribute to their blog in the future, which will help direct people back to your site, and position you as an authority in your niche.

7. Create A Checklist Post

Checklist posts are fun to read and concepts are easy to remember when they’re in a checklist format. If you’re in the skincare niche, for example, you could create a skincare checklist of “steps women should follow on a daily basis to age gracefully.” You could then briefly explain the benefits of daily cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Fitness bloggers could share checklists of things we should all be doing to “stay healthy during the winter month,”  such as monitoring our carbohydrate intake, exercising consistently, finding ways to reduce stress, and getting enough sleep.

Following each item, discuss the reasons why that particular step is important. The great thing about list posts is that you only need to write one paragraph after each checklist point.

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8. Product And Service Reviews

Consumers depend on reviews before purchasing products and services. I know I do. This fact is illustrated by the popularity of Amazon reviews.

I don’t buy anything off Amazon unless I have first read the reviews. Other peoples’ experiences with the product are indispensable to me.

You can leverage the popularity of reviews to your advantage by reviewing niche-specific products.

Provide an honest assessment of the product’s features, along with its pros and cons.  This not only helps your readers, but you get a commission if they choose to buy the product you’re reviewing.

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9. Create Video Tutorials

We all love to learn. Most of us are visual learners so creating video tutorials is a great way to teach and break down concepts. For instance, if you have a photography blog, teach a series of Photoshop tutorials, such as “how to change the background of an image,” “how to seamlessly swap a head, or “how to smooth skin.”

Food bloggers could make videos including, “the quickest way to make quiche”, “how to chop an onion in under a minute”, or “the best spices to use for curry.” Affiliate marketing blogs could share social media hacks, such as “creating an Instagram or Facebook business page”, “how to add a widget on Pinterest, or “the importance of hashtags.”

10. Question And Answer Articles

Write a blog post in a question and answer format, where you ask your readers questions, and they answer. Q and A posts could be about controversial topics in the news that are creating a lot of stir in social media.

Or talk about a post you recently wrote that generated quite a buzz in the comment section. People comment on topics that interest them. Most of us like sharing our opinions and personal slant on specific topics so don’t hesitate to invite your readers to share their take on compelling topics. Q and As are a great way to interact with your followers, and get to know them better.

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11. Create An FAQ Post

Pick a recent blog post that your readers were confused about. You’ll know this by the questions and comments they left after reading the post. Pull apart the main topics in the article, and provide additional information, while clarifying concepts that may not have been clear.

FAQs are a good way for your readers to grasp concepts they were originally confused about. You’re basically explaining concepts in a format that is easier to understand.

If you’re in the sewing niche, for example, and created a post about “how to insert a zipper into a skirt”, and you got a lot of questions from confused people, use this as an opportunity to create an FAQ post. You already have the basic information so it shouldn’t take much time to write another post on the topic.

12. Create A Resource Post

Create a resource post where you share your favorite tools, books, courses, or products. For bloggers in the nutrition space this might mean sharing” the most affordable, yet high-quality supplements”, “tips and tricks for eating on a budget,” or”fitness hacks for getting and staying in shape.”hand writing "my resources"

Mommy bloggers could share resources for maternity clothing, breast-feeding pumps, or books on infertility.

Whatever your niche, share resources with your readers that you’ve found helpful.

13. Inspirational Photos With Quotes

We all have days when we just want to be inspired.  Create an inspirational post with beautiful images and thought-provoking quotes.

People can easily absorb information that is visually stirring and motivational. Sometimes you need to keep it light and airy. This type of post is a welcome break from heavy concepts and detailed topics. Stunning photos coupled with corresponding quotes is a refreshing way to communicate with your readers.

14. Holiday And Seasonal

As a blogger, it’s tempting to let my writing slide during the holidays. Instead of doing this, why not keep it fun by blogging about “my favorite Christmas traditions”, “how to baste a turkey,” “fun Easter crafts for kids”, or “romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.”

I love my niche, but occasionally, it’s refreshing to blog about other topics. Use the change of seasons as blog topics as well. Write about “summer solstice facts” or “tips on how to use fall leaves as mulch.” There are four seasons in the year, at least where I live, so right there you have four potential blog topics.

15. Write A Survey Post

Creating survey posts is a great way to find out what your readers are thinking, along with their likes and dislikes. Having access to their opinions and feedback, provides you with valuable information.

Conduct a survey asking your followers what topics most interest them, if they’d prefer more videos, or more tutorials, and what style of posts they most enjoy. Surveys provoke discussion, and provide a peek into the minds of your readers.

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Key Points

Writer’s block is real. “Mind freeze” can be disconcerting. It happens to the best of us. Follow these tips for overcoming writer’s block for good. Video tutorials, interviews, and Q and As are great alternatives to your regular blog content, as are resource posts and product reviews.

Keep your readers in a state of anticipation by creating a series of posts to explain a broad topic. Give them a glimpse into your personal world by sharing your struggles. Be vulnerable and you’ll become a real person to them.

On days when your motivation wanes, create a post with soul-stirring quotes and breathtaking images. There are many ways to create content so don’t be confined by what you’re used to doing.

Which ideas in this post resonated with you? Let me know in the comments:)


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  1. Thank you for this great post. I find it really interesting and informative .You have really put a lot of energy into writing this and I really appreciate that. You have provided great insights into how to write good blog posts for beginners, and I am very sure that newbies will find it really helpful.

    I do encourage new bloggers to try as much as possible to enhance their writing skills. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this very educational post. I am new to blogging and my major problem is how to create good and compelling content for my blog. I know that the best way to make your blog rank in Google search is to continuously create good content. Most times, while creating content, I get stuck in the middle not knowing what to write any more. The ideas just stop flowing..

    These tips you mentioned will be of great help for me. Thank you so much. 

    • You are welcome. Yes, the bread and butter of online marketing is creating compelling and engaging content. Some days are easier than others for sure. Just keep writing.

      Thanks for commenting. 

  3. Thank you for this great post. I find it really interesting and easy to comprehend. I do experience writer’s block and it always stops me from creating nice content. Your post has provided some really great insights into how to overcome this. I have bookmark this post and will read it over again for a better understanding. 

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think we all experience writer’s block from time to time. Sometimes we just need to shake things up by creating content that is different from what we’re used to. 


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