The Best FREE Online Mind Mapping Tool For Brainstorming Ideas

Mind mapping tools are just plain fun. If you like organizing information in a visually pleasing way, you’ll definitely want to check out, a free online mind mapping tool. Since so many of us are visual learners, mind mapping is an exceptional educational tool. Let’s learn how to create a mind map…

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What Is Online Mind Mapping?

We all learn differently. Showing versus telling allows many people to learn in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. A mind map is a graphic representation that outlines ideas and concepts. Mind maps are structured in a way that increases understanding, comprehension, and recall.

Essentially, online mind mapping is both a creative and logical way to map out ideas. Think of it as visual note-taking. Mapping out ideas visually is a great way to organize the information that’s already in your head, and get it down in a structured way, which promotes both learning and retention. Mind mapping is a terrific tool for brainstorming new theories and hypotheses.

Would you rather learn complicated concepts reading long, boring text, or stimulate your brain by absorbing information from an engaging, colorful diagram organized in a way that promotes understanding of what is being taught? I’m confident that most of us would choose the latter option.

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How To Create A Mind Map

I think of mind mapping as the visual twin of a written outline. A mind map begins with a central idea that can be written or drawn. This idea is then expanded and developed by adding associated concepts and topics extending outward from the original idea.

There are no lengthy sentences to navigate or wordy phrases when mind mapping, but rather short, concise topic headings effectively conceptualizing ideas.

Use your imagination and creativity by using a variety of word, images, lines, colors, shapes, and symbols. You’re the artist and your mind map is your canvas. Now to our mind mapping tools.

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Benefits of Mind Mapping

Here’s just a few of the benefits of online mind mapping:

  • Generate new ideas in a group setting
  • Use as a collaboration tool for your business
  • Present concepts in a fresh, appealing way
  • Problem solve and troubleshoot
  • Plan, brainstorm, and present information in an easy-to-understand way
  • Break down and consolidate complex topics
  • Take your creativity to a whole new level, while learning at the same time
  • Make memorization more enjoyable

Free Online Mind Mapping Tool is a free online mind mapping tool that also offers a Premium subscription. It requires no bulky  software to download. You can find the mind map below on, which will enable you to practice editing. That way you can get a feel for how mind mapping works. Save your map as an image to share with others.

You can use on both your desktop and smart phone. As of yet, there is no app available so bookmark their page for easy access on your desktop, or save it to your home screen on your phone. makes it easy to design a process, map out ideas for an upcoming project, simplify difficult topics, create an outline for an ebook or article or just troubleshoot concepts you’re trying to make sense of. Mind mapping can take your brainstorming to a whole new level.

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The free version is free forever, and the paid subscription can be canceled at anytime. The Premium plan includes a 30-day free trial. Students and teachers get a 50% off discount, as do nonprofit organizations. You can even try it without signing in. See below:

Free Online Mind Mapping Tool - Paid Plans

You can create up to three mind maps with the free subscription, along with the ability to share your map with others. The Premium plan is just $5.00 a month, in which you can create unlimited mind maps, enjoy real time collaboration, revise and edit as much as you want, while allowing others to edit your map – of course, with your permission.

The branding will be removed, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the free 30-day trial. You’ll also have the option to pay annually for a total of $59.00.

The mind mapping editor tool within is easy to use. Change colors, transparency, fonts, text sizing, or include an attachment if you’re a Premium user. Add new bubbles, change edit bubble sizing, and include arrows – all within the convenient drag-and-drop editing tool. Then save, share, present, or print your map, downloading it as either a PNG or JPG.

Check out here

Below is a mind map I created using Pretty cool, right?

Free Online Mind Mapping Tool - Map

I use mind mapping tools in my affiliate marketing business. If you’d like to learn how I got started working online, READ MY REVIEW or click the banner below to learn more. Building an online business is an incredible way to invest in your financial future.

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Key Points

Now that you have an idea of how works, give online mind mapping a try. If you’re not familiar with this type of diagramming, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you start to dive in. Creating visual mind maps is free, fun, and a great educational tool.

Have you heard of mind mapping? Would you like to give it a try? Let me know in the comments:)


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4 thoughts on “The Best FREE Online Mind Mapping Tool For Brainstorming Ideas”

  1. I tutor high school students on a regular basis as well as those going for their GED.  Many of them struggle incessantly with writing essays because they lack the ability to organize their thoughts effectively.  This mind mapping tool will be extremely helpful as it can be done and edited electronically between my students and myself.

    • Mind mapping is a useful tool for high school students or any student for that matter. I use it for my online business. 

      Writing essays can be extremely difficult for some people for a variety of reasons but specifically because they have a hard time organizing their thoughts. This is where mind mapping comes in mighty handy because you can see in real time how concepts and ideas are related. is user-friendly, fun, and can be edited electronically, making it accessible to anyone. Best of all, you can use it for free, and if you need more functionality, a premium version is available. 

      Thank you for your comment:)

  2. I really need to get back into mind mapping. I didn’t even remember this until my mom told me a few months ago.  She said when I was a senior in High School, I created a giant board with mind mapping on it.  It was detailed and very specific.  

    When I created the project, I just wanted to pass the class, but my mom actually uses the mind mapping thing I created to this day!  It’s amazing the effect you can have on others without even realizing it sometimes.  

    It also reminds me of giving great advice, while at the same time not taking your own. My life would be a lot more organized and fluid if I would stick to mind mapping.  Thanks for re-igniting the memories!

    • That’s awesome you made a mind map in high school, and that your mom still uses it.  I had no idea what mind mapping was when I was in school. It’s so true that we don’t know the effect we can have on others and them on us. Mind mapping is a fantastic was to brainstorm, organize, and teach. 

      Thanks so much for reading!


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