Fun Facts About Fonts

Want to learn some fun facts about fonts? What exactly is a font? Often used interchangeably with the word “typeface,” a font denotes a specific style, weight, and size of text characters. Typeface, on the other hand, is the design of the characters. Now that we’ve distinguished between the two, let’s talk about fonts.


A collection of fonts that are similar in style is referred to as a typeface or type family. The main classification of typefaces include: Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Decorative, Handwritten, Script, and Display. Think of a font as a subclass of a typeface.

To clarify, Serif is a typeface family, with Serif italic being a typeface, and Serif italic 14-point being a font. You see why “typeface” and “font” are used interchangeably? Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s have some fun! Learn more about Canva’s pairing tool by watching the video below. .

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How To Pair Fonts

It’s fun to pair various fonts with each other to achieve an interesting and unique look. There are a few basic principles to take into account when pairing fonts. In the end, though, your eye will tell you what works. In the spirit of adventure consider these tips.

– Take into account the amount of contrast between the fonts you’re considering pairing. The goal is to have just the right amount of contrast – not too much and not too little. It’s amazing the degree of coherency you can get with two completely different fonts.

– The weight of a font is the thickness. A font with a weight of 500 is going to look much bolder than one with a weight of 100. Pairing two different weighted fonts will create an unusual, but appealing, look.

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– Legibility is essential. No matter how good a pairing looks, it won’t work if it’s not legible. Some fonts are just too pretty to read!

– Each font has its own personality and mood. If you’re going for a specific tone or feeling, choose corresponding fonts to convey what you’re after.  The font you choose for a resume is going to be very different from a flyer announcing a craft fair.

More Facts About Fonts

– Did you know fonts have a gender? Fonts with straight, bold, chunky lines lean toward the masculine, while fonts with italicized and curvy lines denote femininity. Try pairing a girl and boy font together, and see what you come up with. It won’t be ordinary.

– When combining fonts, choose only two to showcase together. Any more than that will end up looking messy and confusing to whoever is looking at it.

font examples

– Another consideration is to pick fonts that have the same height. You can determine this by measuring the letter “X” of both fonts, and see if they match. Of course, this is only a guideline. If you fall in love with a certain pairing, and it’s pleasing to your eye, then stick with it.

– Body text should always be easy to read while header fonts can be busier, although, they still need to be legible.

Pairing Fonts

– It’s not alway necessary to choose two completely different fonts. A fun thing to do is make one typeface look like two different fonts by tweaking the weights and sizes. Since they belong to the same family they’ll mesh together well.

– Practice pairing fonts that are completely different. The juxtaposition of two totally unique fonts, sporting completely different moods, can provide a lot of appeal.

For instance, try pairing a serious font with a flirty one, or an elaborate, cursive-style font with one that is basic. See if you like the mood the pair conveys.

– Look at each letter in a potential font to make sure you like every single letter. I know from experience that I’ve fallen in love with a certain font, but didn’t like the way the “S” looked.

– Make use of colors when using fonts to brand your business. If you’re using two fonts, use two coordinating colors to spice it up. Pair the bold with the beautiful for an interesting effect.

do you like this combination?

Font Pairing Chart

If you’re not familiar with Canva, boy are you missing out. Get introduced and fast. I use the free version, and it’s very versatile, but the PRO version offers even more versatility and resources.

You can access their free font-pairing tool at This is only one of their three free tools. Canva also allows you to upload your own fonts.

Together with the free font resources on this page, and Canva’s library of fabulous fonts, the sky is the limit to what you can design. Here’s how it works. You start by entering your desired font in the drop-down menu provided. The tool will, then, come up with a corresponding font to pair it with. You can actually type your own text into the two boxes on the left. For example, you could type in your tag line to see how the two fonts go together.


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Downloading Free Fonts

I know you love free, just like I do, so check out these terrific resources, and download some awesome fonts that won’t cost you a dime. This is only a sampling of what’s available as there are many other sites also offering free fonts:

1. Fontasy

2. Behance

3. 1001 Free Fonts

4. Typedepot

5. FontStruct

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Do You Have A Favorite Font?

Do you have a signature or default font you use in your business? It’s fun to have one, and your followers will come to recognize it as yours. Mine is Vidaloka.

I use it all the time, and like pairing it with new fonts I’m not familiar with to shake things up. Change the feel and flavor of your website header, flyer, or business cards by pairing fonts. Give it a try, it’ll get your creative juices flowing, and it’s fun experimenting with various combinations.

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Key Points

Fonts are an important element of website design and content creation.  There are a plethora of opportunities to use them, and they’ll give whatever you’re designing a fanciful flair.

When pairing your favorite fonts aim for unity and harmony, use your imagination, and have a blast pairing fonts.

What are your favorite fonts? Let me know in the comments:)


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2 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Fonts”

  1. The idea of playing with fonts can be a bit overwhelming for me, mainly because I forget which one I’ve used, so if I want to go back to it like when I’ve been trying a range of them, I have to put it in a word doc to remind me. It is fun playing with how they change the way words can look! 

    I had no idea that there were other programs you can get new fonts from. Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be sure to pop over and have a play with these and see if I can use them in Canva. You make a really good point about individual letters though, which is something I’ll keep in mind to make sure all of the letters look good for the font I choose next. 

    • Hi Kat,

      Fonts are a lot of fun to play with and change the flavor of the text. I’m like you, I jot down fonts I love so I don’t forget. 

      Please do check out the programs I mentioned. You can upload your own fonts to Canva if you have a premium account. Yes, the individual letter thing is certainly something to keep in mind because I’ve noticed with certain fonts that I can’t read some of the letters. 

      Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you taking the time to comment!


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