How To Make An Intro For YouTube With PocketVideo

Are you a blogger that would like to get into vlogging?  Creating videos on YouTube is a great way to boost your brand and following. You’ll want your videos to stand out, though, and what better way than to make a compelling introduction. In this post, I want to introduce you to an awesome app that makes video creation fun. Learn how to make an intro for YouTube with PocketVideo.

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Why Videos?

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so, because there are so many benefits to creating videos. Here are just a few:

  • A great way to deliver your message to more people as some people dislike reading but will watch a video
  • More dynamic and interesting than text
  • More time-effective than blogging
  • Awesome for search engine optimization
  • Many people are visual learners so video in the form of tutorials enhances learning
  • Build brand awareness and trust with your audience because they can both see and hear you
  • Video are a great way to augment your blog posts, increasing the time visitors stay on your site
  • Increase conversions and sales due to all the reasons above

Make Your Videos Look Professional

We’re all hungry for information, and what better way to learn than through the medium of video? PocketVideo makes it easy to ensure your videos look professional because it’s an app you can conveniently download to your phone, and use from there. I don’t know about you, but anything I can do from my phone is a win!

Smartphone technology, along with the variety of available apps, make creating videos easier than ever. Check out my latest post on KineMaster. It’s a video-editing app that can be used in conjunction with PocketVideo. Vlogging is the best of both worlds, blogging via video!

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How To  Create An Intro For YouTube

Here is a visual tutorial of how to make your first intro with Pocket Video:

Begin by downloading the PocketVideo app on your phone. I’m an iPhone user so will be showing how this app works on iOS. It looks like this:

Pocket Video app

You’ll now see this screen. Click the “+”  button to begin a new project.

Pocket Video start a new project screen

This screen will come up. Choose what platform your video will be used on. You can also make a custom video if you’d like.

Pocket Video type of project screen

I’m choosing “YouTube Vlog.”

Pocket Video add media screen

Click the pink “+” button, and you’ll see a pink screen come up giving you the option to access your camera roll or take a photo.

Pocket Video camera roll screen

Choose or take a photo that you’d like to use on your intro. You also be given the option to add a title or a YouTube video. When you click on “Title,” you’ll be taken to this screen where you can choose a template.

Pocket Video Template Screen

This is just one of many templates. There are six templates to choose from with a variety of options within each one. I added a photo of a screenshot I took from PocketVideo just for demonstration purposes.

Pocket Video add photo screen

You’ll see all the options available in the black bar above the timeline where you’ll see your video. Have fun sketching or adding photo or video stickers. The “Text” screen looks like this.

Pocket Video add text editor

There are a ton of customization features you can have fun with.  After you click on any of the icons, you will see a “Add +” button. Click that to be taken to the different options. For instance, if you click on the “Text” icon you’ll be taken to this screen where you can choose between a variety of options. Change fonts and colors to get your title exactly how you want it. I’m particularly impressed with how many fonts are offered, and I love that you can drag and drop your title if you want to change where it’s at on the screen.

PocketVideo "add" button

You can see the many banners offered below:

Banner options in Pocket Video editor

Experiment to see what works for you. Click on the “trashcan” icon any time you need to delete something you’ve added. If you’ like, you can add gifs and stickers to your video:

Pocket Video gif options

Gifs are fun because they move, although, you can’t see that from this screenshot. Look at the fun stickers that are available:

Sticker editor in Pocket Video

Add filters and transitions or resize your intro. Trim and split to make sure there are no distracting clips. You can even change the speed – slow down the clips or speed them up. I really like this option.

Pocket Video editing options

There are many transitions to choose from. Opt for the option “No Trans” if you’d rather not include on.

Pocket Video transistion options

It’s easy to trim your clips. See below:

Pocket Video trim editor

Finally, add audio from your iTunes library, and tweak the volume how you like it. A video isn’t complete without music.

Video Pocket music editor

Now press “Finish.” That’s it! You’ve just created an awesome intro to use on your videos.

Finish button in Pocket Video

I couldn’t show all the great options, PocketVideo offers, in this tutorial so try it out for yourself!

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Key Points

Have I sold you on PocketVideo? Give it a try and see if you like the results. It’s fairly intuitive to use, and you can create some great intros for your YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos.

Use your creativity to see what unique and interesting intros you can come up with. Tap into the power of video today to boost your brand and your business!

Have you used PocketVideo for your video introductions? Do you have any additional tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments:)



2 thoughts on “How To Make An Intro For YouTube With PocketVideo”

  1. Thank you for this article. Yeah, there are some things that I have tried to blog about, but I think that just making a video would help explain it better because many people are visual learners. At the same time, I think or at least I hope, there will always be a place for written content.

    There are times when I actually want to read something instead of listening or watching the information just because it boosts my comprehension.

    This is a good article, I like all the images. I will check this out when I start making more YouTube videos. I think I’m going to build up my blog website, eventually when that’s all done, then I’m going to actually make YouTube videos corresponding to my articles. That way I’ll link my articles with my videos.

    I also like writing articles now because it’s a little less pressure. I don’t have to dress up or anything you know. But thanks great app review and great website.

    • Hi Charles,

      There are times when video will be more applicable than text, but of course that will depend on your subject matter. Many people are visual learners, making video and other visual applications, highly effective for boosting learning and comprehension.

      Not to worry though, there will always be a place for written content. Using the written word, along with video, is a really awesome strategy. There are times when I’m in the mood to read rather than watch a video, however.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, and best of luck to you when you start making YouTube videos. Be sure and link them to your articles and visa versa. And FYI, you don’t have to show your face when creating videos. Just thought you ought to know because it does take some of the pressure off.

      Thanks so much for reading!


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