Convert MORE Leads With Unbounce Landing Pages & Popups

How’d you like to convert more of your campaigns into sales? All internet marketers know how indispensable landing pages are to high-converting sales funnels. In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of using Unbounce landing pages and popups to take your campaigns to the next level.

Unbounce Landing Pages - Example Of Landing Page

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What Is The Purpose Of A Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that’s created for a specific advertising or marketing campaign. It’s called a landing page because a blog reader or website visitor “lands” on this page after clicking on a link contained in either an ad, email, or social media post.

A call-to-action (CTA) is the primary goal of a landing page. Just as it sounds, a CTA drives action by directing a potential customer or client to perform a specific action, such as “Buy Now,” “Click Here,” “Shop Now,” or “Download Your Free Gift.” If a person completes the directive, they’ll be invited to enter their name and email in exchange for what is being offered.

This particular method is how marketers build an email list. The visitor gets a free gift in exchange for their information, which the marketer can then use to communicate with them on a consistent basis. Examples of free gifts include an Ebook, a webinar, an online course, or a complimentary PDF download.

Consistent communication builds authority and trust, with the goal of turning subscribers into paying customers. Landing pages are also used for other types of campaigns, including ads. Also called destination pages, landing pages are simple in design, have a single purpose, and are free of unnecessary distractions. It’s the distraction-free layout and straightforward call-to-action that makes these campaign-specific pages so highly effective at conversions.

How To Use Unbounce Landing Pages & Popups - Sales Funnel GraphicUnbounce Landing Pages

Whether your goal is to make more sales, increase leads, or capture sign-ups, Unbounce makes it easy and enjoyable to create landing pages for your individual sales funnel.

It’s as uncomplicated as building, customizing, converting, and optimizing. The builder supports Ecommerce, agencies, and SaaS.

Unbounce offers over 100 stunning landing page templates. If you can’t find one that matches your business and brand, don’t worry, because you can customize any of the existing templates to build a page that is more reflective of what your brand represents.

Download the free template guide here

Ready Made Templates

Using the drag-and-drop builder, you can design a landing page using a blank canvas or opt for one of the many ready-to-use templates. Choose your template based on the type of campaign you’re running, whether that be an event, a sales page, a product page, lead generation, or an Ebook.

Make your page even more appealing by adding special features, such as video backgrounds, lightboxes, or a parallax effect. Once you’ve customized your layout to your liking, publish it straight to your WordPress website using the WP landing page plugin. Alternatively, you can publish directly to your business’ custom domain .

Check out the great looking landing page below. Note the single call-to-action in the right-hand corner that says “Order Wholesale Now.” As you can see, there is no navigation bar, side bar, or footer. Landing pages are designed to be simple, focusing on a single intention, or CTA.

Unbounce Landing Pages - Drizzle Landing Page

Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is a feature Unbounce offers that “automagically” looks at your visitors’ attributes in order to send them to the most relevant variant, or version of the page that best applies to them. Landing pages that use Smart Traffic have been found to have a 30% higher conversion rate compared to pages that don’t use it.

Benefits include increasing traffic to your page, creating a better user experience for your visitors, while enhancing your campaigns with AI. Smart Traffic enables you to test, predict, and optimize your campaigns using split-second routing decisions.

Conversion intelligence takes advantage of developments in machine learning to allow you to analyze behavior and gain insight into how your page is performing, and it does it with amazing scale and speed. Fine-tuning the individual elements to optimize your campaigns over time will not only save you time and money, but a lot of headache, as well.

Unbounce Landing Pages - Smart Traffic GraphicIntegrations

Unbounce works with most CRM or marketing automation tools out here, including a wide range of in-app integrations, and thousands more through webhooks and Zapier.

Unbounce’s script manager supports Google Analytics, all you have to do is add your tracking ID to begin monitoring your events and traffic.

Integrate with Zapier to ensure your workflow is unimpeded by sending data and leads right from your landing page to over a thousand supported apps. Or create custom integrations by sending form submissions to any server that uses webhooks.

Real Time Email Notifications

A really cool feature of integrations is the ability to send real-time email notifications to your clients or team each time a new lead comes it.

You can customize the emails to reflect your brand. Unbounce supports custom code, which enables you to add third-party tools, such as Calendly, HotJar, and Drift.

Direct lead integrations automatically send leads to your CRM or marketing automation tools, including Zoho, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Integration is supported right within the builder itself. You can also manage and add tracking, like Facebook Pixels, across all your landing pages using the Script Manager feature.

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Don’t Forget The Popups

Unbounce doesn’t stop at landing pages, you can also design popups and sticky bars to further boost leads and conversions. No coding is required. Using the build, target, and trigger approach, popups and sticky bars let you present even more offers to your visitors. More conversion opportunities, along with more engagement, lead to more sales.

Build and launch a popup in minutes by dragging and dropping elements together in a design you love. It can then be published to your website in a few simple clicks. You can choose who will see your popups, decide where they’ll appear on your site, and utilize keywords based on what your visitors are searching for. This is where Dynamic Text Replacement is invaluable.

Popups are great for testing new promotions, such as lead generation, limited-time deals, product announcements, or coupon codes. The sky’s the limit in how popups can be used. Use them anytime you’re offering something of value to your followers. Unbounce offers over 50 popup and sticky bar templates you can customize to make your own, and you don’t have to be a designer or developer to create eye-catching graphics.

Unbounce Landing Pages - Popup TemplateSticky bars

Sticky bars are a subtle way to prompt your visitors with promotions. “Stick” one to the top or bottom of any page on your site or blog posts.

The beauty of sticky bars is that they stay put as the reader scrolls, increasing the likelihood that they’ll take advantage of the promotion you’re offering.

Sticky bars are mobile and SEO friendly, and are an innovative way to automatically schedule seasonal offers and campaigns, ensuring that your most relevant promotions are front and center.

A/B Testing And Triggers

A/B testing lets you experiment with various messages and offers to see which ones are performing the best. Insights into performance give you the ability to tweak your campaigns to maximize conversions. Additionally, you can choose how often your bar appears.

For instance, do you want the bar to be triggered once per visitor, on a second visit only, or just for return visitors? You can also determine triggers based on the actions of your visitors. Trigger your bar or popup at precisely the most opportune time, including when a visitor first arrives, during scrolling, following a click, or when they exit your site.

Sticky bars and popups can be created using a three-step process: Choose the offer you want to promote, customize a template with brand images and text using the drag-and-drop builder, then go live using a single snippet of code dropped into your website. The code only has to be dropped into your website once in order to publish subsequent popups and sticky bars.


Each plan includes unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars, along with a 14-day free trial:

Unbounce Landing Pages - Unbounce Pricing Plans

Getting Started Online

I use landing pages and popups for all my affiliate marketing campaigns. If you’ve been toying with the idea of building an online business, but have absolutely no clue how to get started, read my REVIEW of my #1 Recommended Resource. Having your own slice of real estate, aka website, on the web is an amazing way to expand your horizons, learn new skills, and YES make money.

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Key Points

You’re definitely going to want Unbounce landing pages on your marketing team if you want to convert your website or social media traffic into paying customers.

It could be a total game changer in upping the ante on your conversions.

A great way to get started is to take advantage of the 14-day trial. There’s absolutely no risk to try it out to see how you like it. What are you waiting for? Click here to get started designing your custom-built landing pages.

Have you used landing pages in your online business? Let me know in the comments:)



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