WPForms Plugin: A Drag-&-Drop Form Builder For WordPress

Is your website built on WordPress? Do you like creating forms? If so, don’t wait another minute to check out the most user-friendly form plugin out there. WPForms plugin is a drag-and-drop form builder that lets you create custom forms in a matter of minutes with a few clicks using pre-built templates. No coding skills required.

WPForms Plugin - List With Checkmarks

WPForms Plugin – An Online Form Builder For WordPress

Drag-and-drop form builders let you customize your forms by simply dragging and dropping desired elements in the order you want them to create a custom form.

With more than a million installations, and a 5-star rating, WPForms is one of the fastest contact form plugins on the market today. SEO friendly and simple to use, yet highly customizable, it is extremely versatile with a variety of different applications. Create a contact form in less than five minutes with the user-friendly drag and drop builder. Add custom fields and rearrange them to your liking.

WPForms Plugin - Screenshot of Editor

WPForms allows you design a variety of forms, not just contact forms. If you’re an email marketer, you can easily create a MailChimp or AWeber sign-up forms to help grow your list, along with drip forms for your newsletters. Let WPForms be team member in helping to grow your email list and following.

You can design PayPal and Stripe forms for easy payment collection on your site, along with online order forms. Survey and poll forms make it easy to analyze data using interactive reports. There are many other applications sure to fit your needs. I use WPForms to allow my readers to sign up for my affiliate marketing newsletter.

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You can even create an event registration form.

WPForms Plugin - Simple Contact Form

WPForms Plugin Features

Here are some of the features WPForms offers:

  • Optimized for web and server performance
  • Developed with speed in mind
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Drag-and-Drop editor
  • SEO friendly and mobile ready
  • 100 percent responsive
  • No coding experience necessary
  • Highly customizable
  • Spam protection with CAPTCHA
  • Create a variety of forms depending on your needs
  • Fully integrated with the new Gutenberg WordPress editor

See details below:WPForms Plugin - Form BenefitsWho Can Benefit?

WPForms is applicable for bloggers, developers, designers, business owners, and anyone with a WordPress site who needs to create forms. Email marketers will appreciate the newsletter forms, and those with eCommerce sites will love the convenient payment forms.

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Price Points

As you can see there are various price points for the plugin if you need to upgrade to a Premium package. I use WPForms Lite, which is the free version, as it meets my needs.

WPForms Plugin - Pricing Structure

There is also a no-risk money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

WPForms Plugin - Money Back Guarantee

Steps To Create A Simple Form

Begin by going to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to plugins. Click “add new” from your plugins dashboard. Search for WPForms, and click “Activate.” The plugin looks like this. As you can see, it is updated regularly, has a 5-star rating, with over a million active installations. Not bad for a plugin.

WPForms Plugin - Logo

In your dashboard you’ll see that WPForms as been installed and activated. When you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see an “Add New” button. Click the button and you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll need to name your form and select a template.

WPForms Plugin - Signup and Template Form

Enter your name and determine what type of form you’d like to create. You’ll see the various options: a suggestion form, newsletter signup form, or simple contact form. You can also choose a blank form, which allows you to create any form you want, customizing with the drag and drop builder. Additional templates are also available.

Click the “Form Templates Pack addon” link to see the different templates and addons that are available or unlock pre-made form templates when you upgrade to a Premium membership.

For this tutorial, I’m going to create a simple contact form so I will click on the “Simple Contact Form” box. I’m now directed to this screen. You can see it has a “Name” field, including first and last names, an “Email” field, and a “Comment or Message” field.

WPForms Plugin - Simple Contact Form Editor

As you can see to the far left, there are different fields you can select. I’ve selected a few. Note the changes:

WPForms Plugin - Contact Form

One of my favorite features is the MailChimp “sign-up to our newsletter?” field. You can see it under the “Paragraph Text” section.

Add a “Dropdown” menu if you want to give your readers various options, or if you’re conducting a survey, add the “Multiple Choice” fields. You can delete any field by going to the far right and clicking on the “x.

The blue boxes on the bottom are for Premium users.

WPForms Plugin - Fancy Fields

When you’re finished customizing your form, press “Save” or “Embed.” You’ll see this box pop up with the embed code, and an instructional video on where to place it on your site.

WPForms Plugin - Embed Code and Video

Now that you have the code, you can embed your form in any of your pages, blog posts, or by using a widget. Simply go to the text editor of any page or post, and embed the code.

WPForms Plugin - Code

See the “Add Form” tab? Click that to add any form you’ve created to any of your pages or posts. This is what you’ll see after clicking the tab. In the dropdown menu you’ll see a list of all the forms you’ve created.

WPForms Plugin - Insert Form Popup

You’ll then see the form you created pop up on the page or post you’ve embedded the code on. You can also embed the code in a widget to use on your sidebar or other location of your choice.

Here’s the form I created. It’s simple, including fields for first and last name, email address, and a comment field. I added a “sign-up to our newsletter” field because I think it’s a really handy feature!

WPForms Plugin - Simple Form

It’s as easy as that to create a custom contact form, a payment form, or a newsletter form. Or start from scratch and design a totally unique form with the “Blank Form” option. Give it a try and see what you come up with!

Online forms are an integral part of my business-building strategy. Read my review or click here or on the banner below to learn more about my #1 recommended resource for building an online business.

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Key Points

Check out this awesome form builder if you’re a WordPress user. It’s simple to use, yet powerful, and you’ll have some awesome looking forms, that are not only visually pleasing, but provide great functionality for your website. Whether it’s a contact, payment, or subscription form, WPForms has got you covered.

What form builder do you use? Let me know in the comments:)

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