Tasty Pins: A POWERFUL Plugin For Driving Traffic On Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite social media platform. Since it’s a visual platform and all about images, it makes sense to optimize your pins to get the biggest bang for your buck. Tasty pins is a powerful, yet simple-to-use WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your images for SEO, and capture organic traffic from the hugely popular, and massive search engine, Pinterest.

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Tasty Pins is great for SEO because the plugin adds an additional description box on your images without messing with the alt tag.  You can see the detailed description below in the “Pinterest Text” box. This box is where you’ll also place your hashtags. Optimizing this description with targeted keywords will further enhance SEO.

Alt tags – or alternative text – are descriptions used within HTML code to describe what appears in an image. This not only helps the visually-impaired who are using screen readers to understand what the image is depicting, alt tags are also elements of SEO and web accessibility.

Pinterest and Google are the top search engines driving traffic to blogs so optimizing your posts for both these platforms is something worth doing. Google focuses on text, and although Pinterest is visual in nature, it too relies on original text that is keyword-rich.

Websites using alt tags strategically perform better in Google in terms of SEO, while the Tasty Pins Pinterest description box, provides additional information to optimize your pins for SEO.

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tasty pins pinterest text boxHow To Optimize Images Using The Tasty Pins Plugin

 Benefits of using Tasty Pins:

  • Add a description, within the Pinterest text box, for each image that is used.
  • Add keywords and hashtags to the Pinterest text box to boost SEO.
  • Pins can be hidden so they aren’t seen within a blog post.
  • The alt text box is still used to describe the image for the visually-impaired who are using screen readers.
  • There is an option within the plugin to disable images if you don’t want people to share them for whatever reason. For instance, Pinterest likes vertical images so if your image is square or horizontal, you’ll have the option to disable it. Or if you have advertisements, that appear as images, that you don’t want pinned.
  • Utilize hover buttons to remind your readers to pin your images. These buttons can be disabled, as well.
  • WordPress plugins are generally easy to use – Tasty pins is no exception. It’s also lightweight and won’t slow down your site.
  • The cost for a yearly subscription is $29.00 with a 15-day, money-back guarantee and unlimited support.
  • If you choose not to continue with the yearly plan, the plugin will still work, but no updates will be available.

Watch the video below for a visual tutorial of how the plugin works:

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Hidden Images

To use the plugin to hide images, scroll down in your WordPress editor until you see a box entitled “Pinterest hidden image.” You can add images to this box that you don’t want to show up on your blog post, yet they will still be pinnable.

Tasty pins pinterest hidden image boxWhy would you want to hide an image? One reason is maybe you don’t want multiple images appearing on your blog post. These images, will however, show up in your Pinterest browser where people can pin them.

To hide an image, click “Select Image” – then fill in the “Pinterest Text” box under the “Caption” field. Include what the post is about, along with your chosen hashtags. Now provide a description of the image in the “Alt Text.”

Press “Select.”  When you scroll up to your post, you’ll see that the image you just selected isn’t there. That’s because it’s hidden, but don’t worry it will still be pinnable, with all the SEO criteria filled in. That’s how the WP Tasty Pins plugin works.

That’s it! Tasty pins is super easy to use…

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Key Points

You get double the fun with Tasty Pins, improving both your Google and Pinterest SEO. It’s simple to use and only takes a couple of extra minutes to optimize your images.

Check out Tasty Pins today

Do you use Tasty Pins? Have you noticed an upswing in your analytics? Let me know in the comments:)


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4 thoughts on “Tasty Pins: A POWERFUL Plugin For Driving Traffic On Pinterest”

  1. Holly, thank you for opening my eyes to Tasty Pins. I found the video helpful. I agree that many people enjoy visual additions to their websites. I’m looking forward to trying the trial to see how I like it.

    I enjoyed the break down of your post with the how to tutorial, and how you explained the purpose behind hidden images. Attention to detail that is important.

    • Thank you Jane.

      Tasty pins is a great little plugin to boost your Pinterest SEO. I thought the video did a good job of explaining how it works. Do check out the free trial! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. Thanks! I will definitely have to check this one out. I am still learning the ins and outs of how to optimize images so this was a great read for me. 

    Pinterest is also relatively foreign to me. I’ve always tried to get involved on Pinterest, but then I get distracted by DIY’s and cute ideas, and never really end up trying to build my board (is that even the right term? Haha)

    Just out of curiosity, do you find more success connecting with people by focusing your attention on just one social media platform or do you do better if you spread your attention throughout several social media avenues? I struggle with keeping everything updated. 

    • Hi Krystyn.

      Tasty pins is awesome for optimizing your pins. It keeps you on task in that regard. I hear you about getting distracted. That happens to me sometimes as well. I have to be pretty laser focused when I get on Pinterest. Yes, profiles have boards that images and posts are pinned to. You were right!

      I typically focus on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I do have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts too, but I’m not as active on them. It can be a challenge to have an active social media presence on each platform. Pick the one or ones that most resonate with you and put your focus there.

      Thanks so much for reading!


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