Is Video Marketing The New Blogging?

Video marketing is a fairly new type of marketing that’s becoming increasingly popular. The explosion of YouTube underscores this fact. It’s common knowledge that content creation is critical for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. I like to think of video marketing as an extension of content marketing where specific topics and niche-related information is distributed via video instead of text. Is video marketing the new blogging?

Is Video Marketing The New Blogging - Social Media Film

Video marketing is typically used in conjunction with content marketing, and is a great way to convey information to large groups of people. There are many perks of video marketing – it increases exposure for the marketer, and the viewer is able to absorb information in a shorter amount of time than they would by reading an article with the same information.

You’ll never go wrong incorporating video into your marketing strategy. It has become an integral part of our society, and is a powerful way to build your brand, gain trust with your audience, and promote products and services.

Video Shines When It Comes To Efficiency

Have you ever sat in front of your computer to write an article, and drawn a complete blank? Writing can be frustrating at times, not to mention time-consuming. Video, on the other hand is quite time efficient. Sure, it takes time to become comfortable behind the camera and learn the ropes, but the learning curve isn’t a steep as you think.

Once you get the hang of it, creating videos can be fun and isn’t a huge time drain, especially since most likely your videos will be under 15 minutes if that. Plus, most of us enjoy watching videos on topics that interest us. Reading, often requires too much effort, especially if you’re tired, distracted, or short on time. This is where video marketing shines.

People can listen to videos while driving, doing household chores, walking the dog, or, generally multitasking. Videos are often more engaging and entertaining than text. Your visitors get to know you in a more personal way because video allows your personality to shine through, while also giving you the ability to emotionally connect with people, which is one of the reasons video is such a powerful platform.

Most of us are visual learners. I know I am. We absorb information better by hearing it. Video rocks because it caters to both visual and audio learners, and delivers valuable information in a shorter time span. Keep your videos short – videos under five minutes can be very educational.

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Video Marketing Increases SEO

Search engine optimization is important, and one more reason why leveraging videos in your marketing campaigns should definitely be a priority. You many not know this, but adding a video to your content boosts SEO because the people that watch your video will stay on your site longer. This is a metric Google looks at called “bounce rate,” and is a great reason to add a video to each of your articles.

People are much more likely to comment and share a video than they are a written blog post, which is also good for SEO. And since they’re more interactive, videos encourage engagement. Studies show that more than half of viewers will watch at least 3/4s of a video. This beats content-based text where many readers just skim the headlines or bullet points.

Video marketing increases website traffic. You’ll most likely notice an increase in monthly site visits and click through rates, which of course, translates to more revenue for you.

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Video is the fastest growing online medium, with YouTube being the number one learning and video distribution platform. Since it’s the second largest search engine next to Google, creating videos on YouTube, will almost guarantee your videos generate a good return on investment. Millions of people worldwide visit YouTube daily, and these numbers will only continue to increase.

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Today, mobile is the name of the game. YouTube is mobile friendly and caters to thousands of smartphone users on a daily basis. Here’s a staggering statistic for you. Approximately five billion YouTube videos are viewed daily with 1,000,000,000 YouTube videos viewed by mobile users per day.

Create your own YouTube channel to exponentially increase your reach. Upload videos consistently and watch your subscriber list grow. Placing one of your YouTube videos on each of your articles and sharing on social media will extend your reach even further. Each site has different rules so be sure and familiarize yourself with them.

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Key Points

Video marketing is a powerful platform in which to convey your message. Think of it as a visual blog post with sound. Many people don’t take advantage of video because they’re camera shy. This self-consciousness dissipates pretty quickly after filming a few videos.

Once you’ve overcome this hurdle, you’ll be a pro at cranking out videos, and will be so glad you decided to incorporate this time-efficient tool into your content marketing plan. The time is now to take advantage of video to broadcast your message to those who are waiting to hear from you.

Are you ready to start making videos?  Let me know in the comments:)


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8 thoughts on “Is Video Marketing The New Blogging?”

  1. Hello Holly,

         Thank you for this post.  Video is becoming the new blogging standard.  I’ve done a few but have not gotten into it full bore.  I think it’s time I started adding video to my blogging efforts.  I won’t transition to video only but I will offer my posts in video format as well.

    YouTube will be my video platform of choice for sure.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott,

      Video and blogging together is a powerful combination. Reproducing a blog post into video is super easy once you have the post written. Good luck moving forward on YouTube!

  2. I think video marketing is very efficient because people want to see what you are talking about and it’s much easier to follow when you can see exactly what the person is talking about. In many platforms on social media, videos get more results. 

    So, video marketing is gaining the market. And online business owner and bloggers should take advantage of videos to get more exposure.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Video is a great medium because most of us are visual learners. I think that’s one reason they’re so popular and gaining ground as we speak. I’m happy more people are taking the leap. 

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. This is amazing. I have been searching online for so long trying to find information on how to get started with an online business and I arrived here on your site and WoW!!! I am so excited and I am going to go with your recommendation because I feel your honesty in this post and I also know you are here to help people so thank you so much.

    Many people don’t take advantage of video because they’re camera shy. Video marketing is a powerful platform in which to convey your message. Think of it as a visual blog post with sound. I believe this is a great resource if marketers want to get started with video marketing, too:

    Thank for your information. I have to try this.

    • Thank you. I’m so glad you found my article helpful and I appreciate your comment. Many people that I talk to want to get into video but don’t like the way they look or sound. I get where they’re coming from. 

      What they don’t realize is that creating videos is a skill just like any other skill, and you develop a comfort level with it once you get used to it. It’s so worth doing!


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