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What is a landing page and why should you be using one? A landing page, also called a lead capture page, is simply a page on your website used for lead generation. Affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs use lead captures as a marketing tactic to increase conversion rates. Learn how to create one with the Sunny Landing Pages builder, a toolkit for small and medium businesses.

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A landing page is a standalone page where a website visitor is taken after clicking any type of ad or promotion. These pages are designed specifically for marketing and advertising purposes. A Call-to-Action or (CTA) is a landing page’s main objective. A CTA is a directive aimed at the reader to perform a specific task, such as, “Click Here,” or “Buy Now.”

On my website, for example, I have a “Free Gift” button on my sidebar. When a visitor clicks on that button, they are taken to my landing page where they have the option to subscribe to my newsletter. After they enter their information, they are asked to “Click here for my free gift.” After clicking the button they are taken to their free gift, which is a marketing pdf they can download.

Another scenario goes something like this: A reader clicks on any designated ad, they are then taken to a landing page where they’ll see a Call-to-Action. Let’s say the CTA is inviting them to sign up for a free tutorial course in exchange for their contact information. After they enter their name and email address, they are taken to a page where they’ll receive instructions on how to access the free tutorial. Are you seeing the importance of a landing page? It’s an intermediary page used for marketing purposes.

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Sunny Landing Pages

All my sites are built on WordPress, and I use specific plugins to design my landing pages. I love using Sunny Landing Pages because you can get a landing page up and running quickly, and at no cost. Continue to the next section for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and publish a free landing page using the Sunny Landing Page plugin.

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How To Create A Landing Page For Free

Sunny landing page pluginSunny landing pages has dozens of mobile responsive templates, making it easy to customize a page and publish it within minutes. Your landing page, although a separate marketing page, will appear as a natural extension of your website.

Here are the steps:

1. Install and activate the Sunny Landing Pages plugin.

Whenever I install a plugin, I make sure it is compatible with my version of WordPress. I also note the date it was last updated, which in this case is two weeks ago. It has a five star review, and 1,000 active installations. I feel good about this plugin.

wordpress dashboard sunny pagesAs a side note, you can download the plugin here and upload it to your plugins’ dashboard. You’ll then see Sunny Pages in your WordPress dashboard.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to and set up a free account to link your website to Sunny Pages. You’ll need this same username and password to use the plugin.

Now go to the “Page Builders” tab and click on “Build A New Page.”

Free Landing Page Templates

Begin by browsing the template library. Choose a template that fits your needs, and start customizing. The drag-and-drop editor is fun to use, and many customization options are available. Here’s a small sampling of what the templates look like:

Sunny landing page templates

Drag And Drop Page Builder

Now for the fun part. After you’ve chosen your template, you’ll be taken to the editor to start customizing. Here’s what one of the many templates looks like. There’s a huge variety, and you can choose one according to what you’re offering as a free gift; eBooks, videos, webinars, classes, downloads, or reports. It all depends what you’re offering as an incentive.

sunny landing pages editor

You can also customize using an empty canvas, and edit from scratch. Adding images brings your page to life. Sunny Landing Pages has a free library of 1 million copyright-free images to choose from.  Experiment with adding elements and sections, while customizing the background. In the elements section, you’ll have the capability to embed third-party codes.

In the custom-fields section, you can add more fields if you need more information than just a name and email. For instance, you can add fields for a phone number or website information.

sunny landing pages image editor

Check out the different elements you can incorporate into your page:

sunny landing pages element editor

You’ll see a little blue editor box on the top, right-hand corner. Press the far-left pencil icon, and you’ll see an editor bar appear with a number of icons to further customize your page. You can also insert an image, video, or table into your page, while playing around with fonts and alignment. It’ll all make sense once you begin customizing.

sunny landing pages top editor

Setting Up A Landing Page

You can preview your page before publishing. Once you’ve saved your page, and before publishing it, you’ll need to visit the Sunny Pages tab on your WordPress dashboard. Fine tune any details, and be sure and check out how your page will look on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Then hit “Publish.” See below:

Wordpress dashboard for editing Sunny pages

Here’s my customized landing page:

Sunny pages landing page

Upgrade Packages

I created a landing page using the free subscription. It’s a free for life plan, allowing for 300 page visits a month, and you can get started with no credit card required. You’ll have access to all the templates, and the drag-and-drop builder.

Landing Page Builder bannerYou’ll be notified each time you capture a lead, and you can integrate your landing page with email marketing platforms, such as, Aweber, Mailchimp, and ConstantContact. With a free package, you’ll also have access to custom HTML, CSS and Javascript if you’re an advanced coder.

Here’s a list of the monthly prices. If you pay annually, the cost per month is less expensive.

sunny landing pages pricingData Driven Analytics

With a free account, you’ll have access to Sunny Landing Pages analytics, giving you a peek into the number of visitors and leads you’re capturing. There’s a place to enter your Google Analytics ID so be sure and do that. Access your analytics by going to the “Page Settings” tab. If you exceed the 300 visitors per-month limit, you’ll receive a warning notification informing you it’s time to upgrade.

Sunny Pages Analytics

sunny landing pages analytics

 Live Chat Support

When I was troubleshooting a minor issue on my landing page, I used the convenient Live Chat available on Sunny Page’s site. I love Live Chat, and was able to resolve my issue quickly. Any company that has a Live Chat feature gets my vote. It’s nice to have support available even at odd hours. If you’re anything like me, you work late into the night not realizing how late it is.

I use landing pages in my affiliate marketing business. Read my REVIEW of my #1 Recommended Resource or click on the banner below if you’d like to learn how to build your own virtual business. It’s an incredible way to invest in your financial future. Get started for FREE today.

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Key Points

Landing pages are powerful marketing tools to capture leads and conversions. if you’re a serious marketer and haven’t created one yet, consider using Sunny Landing Pages. You’ll be surprised how user-friendly it is to create a landing page. Get started today.

Do you use landing pages? Can you offer any tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments:)


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