8 thoughts on “How To Create An Instagram Business Account”

  1. This is a great article and there really is no excuse for procrastinating any longer. I’m thinking this article might just be the shove I need.

    I read through the article and now I book marked it so I can come back to it and focus on getting my account set up. 

    Thank you for this great article!


  2. Awesome write-up on the importance of Instagram for any business. The Instagram market is growing so rapidly that it would be foolish to ignore this free marketing platform. Especially if you have a visually appealing product or can make great visuals. 

    So, I totally agree with you in encouraging people to leverage this medium. And as you mentioned for those who do not yet have businesses WA is an awesome platform to begin learning and applying the skills necessary to be successful in affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for this excellent step-by-step process on setting up and maintaining your IG business account. This will surely help many people. I wish I would have had this resource when setting up my accounts.



    • Thanks for reading David. Instagram is growing so quickly that it would be a shame not to tap into it for free marketing. They’re really no reason not to. 

      You’re so right. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform out there for learning affiliate marketing, and applying it to your business. I’m so glad I’m a member!

  3. I will look into using Instagram for my online business. Before now I just used it the conventional way, I never thought I could use it to generate traffic / leads.

    Thanks for sharing this article. It’s well-detailed on the steps to follow to build an Instagram business account, so if I get confused along the way, I can always refer back to your post. This is really beneficial.

    • I think that’s how we all start, using Instagram in the conventional way, but it’s amazing for growing your online business. Create your free business account today!

  4. Hey, I really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  I do engage in social media to try and promote my site, but I haven’t used Instagram as much as all the others.  

    I have been using my personal Instagram to promote my business, but it doesn’t have too many followers.  

    I really need to make a separate Instagram account so I can just focus on my brand, whatever that may be.

    • Thanks for commenting Justin. Give Instagram a try for your marketing. It’s easier than you think, and it’s free to set up a business account. 

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