Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Course – An Insider’s View [Part 1]

Is it possible to make money online? With the explosion of the internet, anyone with the right mindset, a healthy dose of dedication, and a lot of patience, can make a living online. Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that teaches internet marketers how to build a website, optimize it for SEO, and earn revenue with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate’s training course is top-notch. Here’s a peek of their platform from an insider’s view.

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A Breakdown Of The Training

Wealthy Affiliate’s entrepreneur certification course is composed of 5 modules. Each module includes 10 lessons, for a grand total of 50 lessons. That’s a whole lot of learning! Each lesson teaches you a component of how to create and grow a thriving internet business in a niche of your choosing.

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Below I will go into a little detail about each lesson:

1. Getting Your Online Business Up And Running

Lesson 1: Getting Rolling

  • Steps to succeeding online
  • Learn how to choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors, and earn revenue
  • A walk through of how to set up your account
  • Tips for understanding your membership

At the end of each lesson, you’ll want to check off each task you’ve completed. This will, not only help the concepts to sink in, but will keep you accountable.

Wealthy Affiliate lesson 1 check off boxes

Lesson 2: Understanding How To Make Money Online

  • The proven process to earning money online
  • Understanding the money-making process
  • Creating your financial goals

Now that you understand the money-making process, it’s time to choose a niche or target audience for your marketing business.

Lesson 3: Choose A Niche

  • What is a niche?
  • Choose a niche for your affiliate marketing business

Once you’ve chosen a niche, you’ll know who you’ll be marketing to.

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Lesson 4: Building Your OWN Niche Website

  • Learn the 4 steps to building a website on WordPress
  • Set up a website on your own domain or a free website on the siterubix.com platform
  • Choose a domain name for your site
  • Choose a name for your website
  • Select a design
  • Learn about Wealthy Affiliate’s state-of-the-art hosting

Have fun experimenting with domain names using the tool below:

Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Website

  • Getting familiar with the back end of your website
  • Learn the benefits of using plugins and how to install and activate them

WordPress has thousands of plugins to help you customize your site.

Lesson 6: Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines


  • What is search engine optimization?
  • What are website rankings?
  • Fill in the general settings for your site

SEO is essential for generating traffic to your site.

Lesson 7: Creating Your Initial Website Content

  • Get familiar with Site Content, Wealthy Affiliate’s exceptional writing platform
  • Create an “About Me” page
  • Add a “Privacy Policy” to your website

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Lesson 8: Creating Custom Menus On Your Website

  • Learn how to add menus to your navigation bar
  • Create menus

Your site is starting to look like a real website.

Lesson 9: Understanding Keywords, The Start Of Your Content

  • The importance of keywords
  • Target 1 keyword for each post your write
  • What is a quality keyword?
  • Perform 5 keyword searches using Jaaxy

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Watch this video: “Keywords Are The Foundation Of Your Success” for more information.

Lesson 10: Congratulations And Your Next Steps

  • Learn the advantages of upgrading to Premium
  • Consider upgrading your account

You don’t have to upgrade to a Premium account, but you will receive additional benefits if you decide to.

Completion of this first course means you have:

Set up your account profile, interacted with members of the community, learned the process of making money online, set short and long-term financial goals, chosen a niche and a domain name, built your own website on WordPress, activated 2 plugins, optimized your site for SEO, and learned the process of keyword research.

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Now it’s time for Level 2!

2. How To Get Your Website Up And Running

Lesson 1: Your Own Domain, Your Brand

  • How to get your website indexed and ranked
  • Begin designing your website
  • Facts about domains

Once your site is indexed and ranked, you can begin making money.

Lesson 2: Move On Over, My Brand Has Arrived

  • Your domain is your brand
  • Transfer existing websites to your own domain

If you already have a website, you can transfer it to Wealthy Affiliate, and take advantage of their lightning-fast hosting

Lesson 3: Creating Keyword Rich Content

  • Why choose the right keywords?
  • The importance of consistency and authority
  • Rankings lead to traffic, which leads to revenue opportunities
  • Choose a target keyword for your first post
  • Create an article outline
  • Write and publish your first post

This lesson is exciting because you’ll be writing and publishing your first post.

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Lesson 4: Setting Up A domain Specific Email Account

  • About professional domains
  • Creating and forwarding email accounts
  • Incorporate your email into your website
  • Receive website feedback from the community

Receiving feedback from the community is a great way to improve how your website functions.

Lesson 5: The Traffic Breakdown

  • Why content marketing techniques are important
  • How does content relate to traffic?
  • How content creation promotes connection
  • Create a keyword-rich post
  • Become familiar with the Customer Purchasing Lifecycle

Your content is what will bring people to your website. Creating consistent content will be your main affiliate marketing task.

Lesson 6: Making Use Of Visuals

  • Why imagery is important for your pages and posts
  • Adding relevant images to your posts
  • Adding images to your pages

Watch the video “How To Find And Add Images To Your Website” for more information.

Lesson 7: Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit

  • The reason low-competition or low-hanging keywords are important
  • More information about keywords and ranking in Google
  • Find 5 keywords with a QSR under 100
  • Create a post using your low-hanging keyword
  • Share your content on the “Give & Take” thread

Keywords are critical elements that need to be incorporated into all of your content.

Lesson 8: Making Face As A Real Person

  • The importance of trust
  • Creating a new user on your website
  • Update the author on all your posts and pages

Before your audience will buy from you, they’ll first need to trust you.

Lesson 9: Amplifying Your Productivity

  • Why productivity is a crucial component of success
  • The importance of setting goals
  • Why setting time limits can help you succeed
  • Multi-tasking can set you back

Goal-setting and productivity are 2 components that will determine your success.

Lesson 10: Boosting Your WA Ranks

  • How to gain seniority within Wealthy Affiliate
  • The Ambassador program and how to check your rankings
  • Comment on 2 members’ goal posts
  • Help 1 person that needs help

Gaining seniority in Wealthy Affiliate has many advantages, and can help grow your business and brand.

Completion of this second course means you:

Learned the importance of website traffic for generating income, how to capture relevant traffic in any niche, how creating content relates to traffic, why low-competition keywords are essential, how to find quality keywords, the importance of trust, productivity, and goal setting, facts about the Ambassador program, how to transfer an existing website to Wealthy Affiliate, and how to get your site indexed and ranked in Google.

Now onto the training in Level 3 which is all about MAKING MONEY!

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3. Let’s Make Some Money

Lesson 1: Understanding The MONEY In Online Business

  • Helping is more important than making money
  • Creating keywords out of customers
  • The importance of building relationships

Building relationship will be a key component to your success.

Lesson 2: Understanding Affiliate Programs And Networks

  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • The earning potential of affiliate marketing
  • Join at least 1 affiliate network
  • Ask for feedback on 1 page of your website

Joining affiliate programs is exciting because it’s how you’ll make money from your content.

Lesson 3: Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere

  • What are independent affiliate programs?
  • Find affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche
  • Join 2 affiliate programs

Make sure to only join affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche.

Lesson 4: Adding Affiliate Links To Your Pages

  • What exactly are affiliate links?
  • Where to find affiliate links
  • How to add affiliate links to your content
  • Add one affiliate link to your post

Learning how to add affiliate links to your posts is central to your success.

Lesson 5: Instant Access To A Million Products

  • How to add Amazon affiliate links to your website
  • Adding Amazon widgets
  • Add one link from Amazon to your site

By joining Amazon’s affiliate program, you’ll have access to millions of products.

Lesson 6: Leveraging Product Reviews

  • Help first, then sell
  • Why product reviews?
  • Create a single-product review and add it to your site
  • Stay informed with Google Alerts
  • Set up 2 Google Alerts

Google Alerts is easy to sign up for, and is a great way to learn about current trends, which you can then use to write your product reviews.

Lesson 7: Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site

  • How does Google AdSense work?
  • Create a Google AdSense account
  • Write a post using a targeted keyword
  • Research 10 new quality keywords

Google AdSense is a way to monetize your website in addition to affiliate marketing.

Lesson 8: Earning Pennies Or Dollars

  • Ads or affiliates?
  • Test different combinations of ads and affiliate links on a page or post
  • Add AdSense to a page or post
  • Write a product review and publish it to your website

Writing product reviews is easier than it sounds, and is a great way to bring in revenue.

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Lesson 9: A Brilliant Way To Track And Understand Your Traffic


  • What is traffic data and what does it mean?
  • Create a Google Analytics Account
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Add Google Analytics to your website

Adding Google Analytics to your website will help you determine where your traffic is coming from, the amount of visitors visiting your site, and the keywords they used to find your site.

Lesson 10: With Help Comes Financial Success

  • Why education is so vital
  • 4 steps to creating an online business
  • The many ways to monetize your site
  • Add a keyword-rich post to your website

Posting niche-related, keyword-rich content, will be fundamental to your success.

Completion of this third course means you:

Learned about affiliate programs and networks, where to find relevant programs for your niche, how to add affiliate links to your content, why product reviews are important and how to leverage them, how Google Analytics can help track your traffic, and why a serve-first mentality is vital to your success.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll be outlining Level 4 and Level 5 of Wealthy Affiliate’s certification course.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, with no cost to you, if you make a purchase through one of my links.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Course

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate’s training is very comprehensive. It’s also easy to follow and implement. I can say without a doubt that joining this fabulous community is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Read my review and click the banner below to learn more.

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Create your free account here to get started learning all the skills you’ll need to become a successful internet marketer. The perks of having an online business are amazing, including the ability to work from anywhere, set your own hours, be your own boss, and live a life that you design.

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Key Points

This amazing certification course that I’ve outlined above, powers affiliate marketers from all walks of life, and with all levels of experience.

I hope you realize the remarkable potential you’ll have as an online business owner. Learn the skills you’ll need to make your dream of becoming financially free a reality.

Have you been looking for ways to make money online? Let me know in the comments:)

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4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Course – An Insider’s View [Part 1]”

  1. Dear Holly,

    This is one of the most excellent and well-detailed inside view I’ve read lately on the WA training.

    I have been a WA member for the last 2 years so when I read your post I was excited because this is the training which helped me to quit my day job and helped me to become a full-time blogger working from home.

    Based on my experience I can say that WA training works! In order to succeed and make money online the secret is to follow the WA training to the core and letter by letter without reinventing the wheel. WA training changed and helped 1000’s of people to become their own boss. I am proud to say I am a WA member and WA fan.

    The video you embedded is very helpful.

    All the Very Best,


    • Thanks for you comment Paul. I’m not surprised you were able to quit your day job and become a full time blogger thanks to the incredible training at WA. 

      When people follow the training step-by-step, are dedicated to writing, and just keep at, they can succeed online. We are blessed to have found this wonderful, supportive, amazing community!

  2. Hi Holly, You have set this out so clearly and it is so easy to follow. I have bookmarked it as I am helping a new Wealthy Affiliate Member to really get up and running. I think this will help her immensely.

    Wealthy Affiliate has become so very important to me and I am sure there are so many more people who need this wonderful training and opportunity to make their life more fulfilling.

    The training has been superb, it has taken me from “Know-nothing to Getting There”. Love it. 


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