How to Write A Good Product Review That ROCKS!

I depend on reviews – that’s why I love Amazon! I want to know others’ experiences before I purchase a particular product or service. That way I can make an educated decision before spending money on something I know will or will not meet my needs. It’s important, as a blog or website owner, to know how to write a good product review so you can provide your readers with the knowledge they’ll need before making a purchase.

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Comprehensive and unbiased reviews detail the pros and cons of a particular product or service that is related to a specific niche. Strive for honesty in every review that your write. Answer all the potential questions you think your readers may have about the subject.

Drive more traffic to your website and earn revenue by writing high-quality reviews that speak to your credibility as someone who is in the know. Be niche specific – don’t write a Vitamix review on your website that caters to dog groomers. Get my point?!

How To Write A Good Product Review You’ll Readers Will Love

Use The Product Yourself Before Forming An Opinion

In order to honestly review a product or service, it’s important that you be personally familiar with it. Basing your opinion, solely, off others’ experiences isn’t the same as showing that you have real-life experience with what you’re reviewing. You’ll be able to provide information, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and your readers will view your opinion as authentic.

Don’t be pushy or aggressive. Your readers will pick up on this immediately – don’t go there. Review your experience with the product objectively and honestly. People are looking for informative information first and foremost – they don’t want to be sold to.

Features Of A Great Review

1. Thoroughly outline the defining features of the product or service.

2. Be comprehensive – anticipate and answer all potential questions you think someone may have.

3. Be honest while covering all the pros and cons.

4. Detail how this product compares to similar products.

5. Answer the question – “What need does this product meet?”

6. Let them know the purchase price.

7. Let your readers know what type of person could benefit from this product.

8. Use images and videos of the product to further enhance their decision.

9. Summarize your final opinion based on the facts you previously presented.

10. Don’t make your review too long. Make it long enough to be convincing without going overboard.

11. At the end of your review, provide a call-to-action letting your readers know where to learn more about the product and where to purchase it via affiliate links.

12. Share your review on social media for others to enjoy!

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Key Points

The desired goal of any comprehensive review should be to supply enough information so that readers can make an informed decision on whether to buy the product or service you have reviewed.

Presenting an unbiased, honest, and factual review will build credibility with your audience, and they’ll come to view you as someone they can trust. Writing quality reviews also encourages engagement, which will not only enhance your readers’ experience, but is also good for SEO.

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2 thoughts on “How to Write A Good Product Review That ROCKS!”

  1. Hey Holly, I loved your article!  I agree with you wholeheartedly that a person should definitely use the products they review.  I think it’s really important to get that first-hand insight.  I also agree that being honest with the pros and cons is really important.  Sometimes when I’m reading a review, I don’t really know if I believe what the person is saying or if they’re just trying to sell me on the product.  When someone is honest about the cons of a product, then I know they are doing a true review.

    • That’s so true. People like reviews that paint an honest description of the product or service. Both pros and cons are necessary to include. 

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. 


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