WiseStamp Email Signatures [You’re Gonna Want One]

WiseStamp Email Signatures [You’re Gonna Want One]

Have you ever created an email signature? It’s a lot of fun and saves you time whenever you send an email. WiseStamp makes it quick and easy to design professional-looking email signatures you’ll be proud of. Read my written tutorial below, and watch my video tutorial on WiseStamp email signatures; you’re gonna want one for sure. Let’s get started.

the word email in block

Email Signature Definition

An email signature is a block of text that automatically follows an email. It typically includes pertinent information, such as the sender’s name, title, email, and website address. Of course, each signature is different, and may also include social media icons, banners, quotes, and disclaimers. You can include what information is relevant to your business, and WiseStamp’s editor lets you customize to your heart’s content. If you get sick of the signature you created, edit it until you like again.

wealthy affiliate bannerEmail signatures are a great way to interact with clients, promoting your business at the same time. They don’t take much time to create, and they add credibility to your business with each email you send. Signatures are also a handy way to relay important contact and website information, saving you time by not having to manually add your signature each time you send a message.

Your individual photo on your signature adds a personal touch, and over time your face will become familiar to those you correspond with. Consider adding a heart-warming quote to your signature for an additional touch of warmth. I use a custom email signature for my affiliate marketing business. Read my review to learn how I got started online.

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Free Email Signatures

We all love free. With WiseStamp email signature generator, you can create an email signature completely free with plenty of customizations. There is, however, only one template offered for complimentary users, and you can only create one signature without upgrading to Pro. You know what I love about email signatures? They’re kind of like fingerprints, unique to each person. That’s what makes it so fun designing a custom signature all your own. See how cool they are?

Wisestamp email signature examples

WiseStamp Editor

I found the WiseStamp editor easy to use. It’s straightforward, allowing you to customize your signature in real time.

Begin by logging into WiseStamp with your Facebook or Google account. You’ll now see this window:

Wisestamp email signature details

Upload a photo and fill in the information you want shown on your signature. I personally don’t like adding my phone number or address, but you can fill in what’s relevant to your business.

Customize With Apps

Now it’s time to start customizing. Look to the right of the editor to see what’s happening as you edit. Look at all your options:

Wisestamp email signature apps

Wisestamp app options

I added buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can add a LinkedIn button as well. See the social buttons below:

Wisestamp social apps

Here are the most popular apps:

Wisestamp most popular apps

Add a YouTube button if you have your own channel. Besides the social media buttons, I also added my latest tweet and Facebook status apps. Those receiving my emails can click on the links to see my latest tweets and Facebook posts.

I uploaded my website banner and really liked how that looked. You can choose if you want it small, medium, or large.  Originally, I experimented with putting a legal disclaimer on my signature, but didn’t love how it looked so I deleted it. Feel free to add a customized disclaimer if you want to add your own.

I uploaded my own quote, but you can choose from a variety of topics, and WiseStamp will choose a quote based on your decision. You can also add more than one quote for variety, and they’ll refresh your signature with a new quote every 12 hours.

Wisestamp quote categories

I used the RSS feed app to feature my latest blog post URL, and the Instagram Photos app to show my latest pictures. Click on the app to connect your Instagram account to WiseStamp.

Email Signature Templates

There are many templates available, unfortunately all of them are for Pro users, except one. That wasn’t an issue for me because I liked how my signature turned out with the Classic template. See below:

Wisestamp template options

What You Get With Pro

There are additional features if you upgrade to Pro, like the ability to change the font and social icon sizes. You can also play around with font colors with a paid subscription. You will, however, have the option to crop your photo. I like the look of a round photo so I opt for that feature.

Wisestamp Pro options


A Pro account is $6.00 a month and is billed annually.

Wisestamp upgrade to Pro

Here’s an overview of what you get when you upgrade. I like that you can create multiple signatures, which would be applicable if you have more than one business.

Wisestamp pro beneifts

Available Providers

Here’s a listing of the available providers that support WiseStamp email signatures:

wisestamp supported email providers

As you can see half of them are available with the free version.

Professional Email Signatures

Here’s an example of a free email signature, and another one customized using the Pro version.

Free and paid Wisestamp email signatures compared

By visiting the signature settings, you can pick and choose which of your email accounts you’d like to apply your signature. You can also choose whether you want your signature to appear when composing and/or when replying and forwarding.

Wisestamp signature settingsBusiness Email Signature

WiseStamp offers many business features; there’s the option to sign documents online using your signature, or turn your signature into a business card.  And take a look at the email stats that are made available with a Pro account.

Wisestamp email stats

Watch my video tutorial below where I walk you through the steps to creating your own email signature.

Key Points

Creating a customized WiseStamp email signature is fun and makes you look like a conscientious business owner. Take the time to design one you love to display on every email you send. It’s a great way to brand your business. Get started here.

Do you have your own email signature? Let me know in the comments:)



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