How To Create Infographics That Stand Out

An infographic is a chart or diagram that is used to convey information, data, or knowledge. Infographics educate and inform so are useful for anyone who is trying to get a point across.  Education encompasses many modalities. Did you know that people are 30 times more likely to read an infographic over a written article? Let’s learn how to create infographics that stand out.

How To Create Infographics - Infographic

If you’re a blogger, internet marketer, or online entrepreneur, infographics are a great way to build brand awareness, simplify complicated concepts, and detail comparisons. And the best part? They’re fun and easy to make, and they’re cost-effective. And the good news is there are some awesome online tools to help you create infographics. Infographics are like show and tell!

Benefits Of Infographics

There are many benefits to using infographics. It’s been proven that visual communication is an effective teaching method. Here’s why:

  • Breaks steps down in a visually pleasing way – most of us are visual learners. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” aptly applies to infographics.
  • Retention increases – Information is retained better when a learner is shown how to do something rather than just told.
  • Summarizes complicated concepts – with infographics information is easily summarized, and the main points emphasized.
  • Infographics are versatile – images can be used in a variety of ways. Charts, graphics, icons, symbols, and maps are all examples.
  • Sharing is easy – infographics on blogs and websites typically provide a code for embedding, making sharing easy.
  • Promotes engagement – because infographics are fun and visually appealing, they are a great tool to promote engagement.
  • Boosts SEO – since images are eye catching, they are more likely to be shared, potentially driving more traffic to your site.
  • Great for those with short-attention spans – infographics simplifies information making concepts easier to understand.
  • Infographics are an effective data-analysis tool – they are the perfect mix of text and design and are great for comparison, fact listing, and storytelling.

Create Infographics Online

How To Create Infographics For Your Business

Below are some online tools that make creating professional infographics a breeze. Check out each one to see what they offer:

1. Infogram – this company offers a Basic plan that is free to use indefinitely. Choose from the many options available.

2. Piktochart – great for beginners with many customizable features, free templates, and the ability to build your graphics from scratch.

3. Canva – you’ll never exhaust the many features and functionality included in this online creation platform.

4. Easelly – enjoy the vast array of layouts, templates, fonts, and graphics to design the perfect marketing infographic. Download their free eBook to learn more.

5. BeFunky – also a photo editor and collage maker, easily design an appealing graphic using various elements, such as, themes, colors, icons, and layouts.

6. Visme – grab and keep your audience’s attention by building presentations that are stimulating and colorful.

7. Snappa – if you need an infographic now, this is the tool for you.

Here’s a tutorial on how to visually communicate through infographics:

#affiliate links

How To Use An Infographic For Affiliate Marketing

canva inforgraphic

As an affiliate marketer, I know firsthand the frustration of trying to comprehend new and complicated concepts. Anything that helps outline what I’m learning into layman’s terms is something I want.

A chart listing the benefits of affiliate marketing or a poster with the steps detailing how to get started as a marketer is an easy way for me to remember basic concepts. Shake up your marketing tactics and content with infographics.

For instance, repurpose an old blog post by changing it into an infographic. Grab your audience’s attention by utilizing easy-to-understand graphics in your presentations, power points, reports, and posters. Underscore your key points and concepts with infographics.

Here’s another example of an good way to use infographics. Statistics are typically boring – graphing them on a colorful infographic, however, makes them interesting, and easier to understand by using colorful elements, shapes, lists, columns, symbols, and icons.

Now your statistics are dynamic and memorable rather than a random display of numbers that don’t make sense. Plus, you can show documentation and proof through the use of infographics.

More Innovative Ideas

Include client testimonials in a colorful chart as a way to market your services. Promote your brand at the same time by using signature colors, logos, taglines, and fonts. You can also print your infographics for distribution.

Or use infographics in your marketing pitch to show why what you have to offer is superior to your competitors? It could be a product you are marketing to sell or a project you’re launching.

Get the key points across to your audience by visually showing comparison data and statistics. This would be applicable for a product review. Add rating stars, along with boxes listing the pros and cons of a product.

Other Applications

And then there’s the “About Me” page on your website. I really struggle with this one. Keep it fun and engaging with an infographic that highlights who you are. Include images of yourself with a caption describing each picture. Make it as simple or detailed as you like. In a short amount of time you’ll have a beautiful graphic you’ll be proud to showcase on your website.

Design an infographic for your newsletters or landing page. Capture and keep your readers’ attention longer by creating a visually-appealing graphic sure to engage and inspire.

I designed the graphic on this page using Canva. Note the various colors. This gives you an idea of what you can do. Use your creativity and imagination to design the perfect marketing graphic.

Check out Canva here

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Key Points

It’s a fact that kids love picture books. Well, we adults are just the same. We love pictures that are easy to understand and that get a point across. Infographics are fun to design, and a great way to succinctly instruct and educate. If you’re new to the infographics world, get started today with the online tools I’ve shared in this post.

Do you use infographics to market your business? What software do you use? Let me know in the comments:)


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  1. Infographics are particularly useful because they help to convey a specific message in a visual way. I like them a lot and find them very helpful. 

    What you shared here is interesting to see and I learned something new. Thank you so much for sharing this informative guide to actually making a worthwhile infographic without having to use complicated software or spend inordinate amounts of time. Thank you:)

    • Hello, and thanks for reading my article on infographics. I agree that they are a great avenue in which to convey concepts. Most of us learn well – and retain information – by viewing visual graphics, such as infographics. They have the ability to clarify concepts that may otherwise be hard to communicate. I appreciate your comment:)


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