What Is An Abundant Life?

What is abundance? To me, abundance is creating the life I’ve always dreamed of. This means being in control of my time, my environment, and my energy. I like to call it “Life By Design:” setting my own schedule, spending time with people that resonate with my vision, and living a life that is authentic to my nature. Sounds pretty awesome, right? You can live a life by design too. What is an abundant life, and what does it mean specifically for you?

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A Day In My Life

I begin my morning with meditation and stretching. This sets the tone for my day, and gives me the time and space to access what tasks I need to get done, and in what order. By the time I sit down at my desk, I know exactly what I need to do. Here’s a sequence of what a typical work day looks like for me.

Content Creation

I’m an affiliate marketer and as all internet entrepreneurs know, blogging is foundational to this type of business. Blogging is essential for brand awareness and authority, website traffic, and visitor engagement. I blog at least two times a week. I do this because I know it’s imperative for my business. Content creation is definitely one of my top business priorities.

I have a list of blog post ideas, on my notes app on my phone, so coming up with topics isn’t too much of an issue. I jot down ideas whenever a good one comes to mind. Once I have my idea, I begin by finding relevant images to enhance my posts. I also decide on my headings or subtitles, kind of like creating an outline. Once I have my headings in place, my post is formatted. I aim for at least a 1,000-word article.

This is important for search engine optimization as Google and the other search engines like long-form content. With these parameters in place, I can start researching and writing. I use Site Content to create my posts. It makes writing enjoyable, and I love the spell check and word count.

I usually set the timer on my phone for an hour. It’s amazing how much content I can produce within that time frame. I then take a break, giving both my mind and body a time out for a few minutes. When I come back to my work, I’m focused, refreshed, and mentally clear. Read my post on the Pomodoro Technique to learn why I work in increments of 45-60 minutes with 15 minute breaks in between.

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  Keyword Research

You know those headings I talked about in the previous paragraph? Well, those need to be keyword-rich. Keywords are what people plug into Google when they’re searching for something. A great keyword is one that a lot of people are using, but not too many, which would make it too competitive. Keyword research is a vital part of digital marketing, and is simply the process of finding and selecting phrases that will most likely show up in the search engines.

Writing niche-specific content, rich with related keywords, is the best way I obtain free organic traffic to my website. More traffic means more sales, so spending time finding the best-converting keywords, is a good use of time. Depending on my article, I’ll spend at least 20-30 minutes on finding long-tail keywords with the potential to convert.

Long-tail keywords are not individual words, but phrases specific to what people may be searching for. They are a valuable SEO metric, and a necessary component to increase the chances my posts will appear in Google.

As an example, a single word like “desk,” that is typed into Google is going to generate a ton of different searches. A long-tailed keyword, however, like “walnut desks under $500.00” is going to come up with much more specific results. The goal is to find and use these types of keywords. A keyword research tool is a must for effective research. I use Jaaxy. It’s user-friendly, and I’ve found hundreds of amazing keywords using it.

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jaaxy keyword research bannerEngagement And Interaction

Every single day I answer comments and engage with my readers. Interaction is an important factor for SEO so I make sure to answer every comment I receive. SEO aside, it’s just good practice to reply to comments, and builds trust with my followers.

When I engage, they see me as a real-life human being with a voice and opinions. Commenting on other blogs, within my niche, is also a good way to establish my brand and build authority.

On every post I write, I put a call-to-action at the bottom, inviting people to leave a comment. This not only adds content to my article, but shows Google my readers are interested in what I have written. Comments also provide another dimension that I can’t produce within my content.

I don’t know about you, but when I read an article of interest, I love reading the opinions and views of others who have read the same article. Comments add a unique perspective that can’t be achieved any other way.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an incredible opportunity to promote merchant products and services via affiliate programs. When I market and sell a company’s product, I get a commission and they make a sale. It’s a win/win situation for both of us. That’s why I add two or three affiliate links to my posts.

If someone clicks on one of my links, I make a commission based on what that specific merchant is offering. Providing links to useful products also helps my readers because they can decide to purchase, based on my recommendations, without having to put in the time to research the products they’re looking for.

Each affiliate link I place pertains to my content. People visiting my website do so based on my particular niche or area of interest, so my links are relevant to them. Affiliate marketing is automated technology at its finest. It helps me monetize my website, while providing a great resource for my visitors.

Affiliate Networks

I use Share-A-Sale, one of many affiliate marketing networks, which is a hub for both merchants and affiliates. I like working with affiliate networks, because I can see all the merchants I’m promoting, in one convenient location. ClickBank is another network I use, but is a little more complicated in how merchant services and products are marketed.

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Watch this video on the basics of affiliate marketing by one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

share a sale banner

Google And Bing Webmaster

Once I’ve completed my article, and checked to make sure all my affiliate links are working, I then head over to Google Console and submit my URL so Google will index it, which means it will hopefully show up in the search engines.

I also submit my URL to Bing Webmaster Tools. This increases the likelihood that my article will be indexed, and eventually, ranked, in both Bing and Yahoo. These two search engines are now connected. Submitting your URLs to the search engines is like saying: “Hey, I just wrote an article, can you crawl it so people can read my content?”

Social Media Sharing

Once I’ve submitted my URL to the search engines, I turn my attention to social media sharing. I share my content to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sharing on social media gets my article in front of thousands of eyes, helping to grow my business, along with my social media following.

I’m dedicated to this step because I know how important it is to the success of my business. For Pinterest, I use Canva, to design a pin that’s compatible for pinning. On the other platforms, I just post my link, and the photo from my content magically appears. Pinterest is a little different, in this regard, as a vertical graphic is required.

Canva is a free online graphic-design tool that is great for a variety of applications, such as social media graphics, invitations, infographics, banners, posters, and presentations. I use it every day. Check it out if you’re not familiar with it. You’ll never not use it once you start! The idea behind social media marketing is to get the people reading my content to visit my website, and eventually become converting customers.

Powerful Analytics for Online Marketers banner

Social Sharing Tools

Automation tools make social sharing easier and less time-consuming. I like Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a management system that lets you schedule and manage your pins. I use it every time I post a pin.

A feature of Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes are Pinterest users who are categorized into groups. These groups then promote each others’ content. I post all my pins to Tribes. SmartLoop is a new feature of Tailwind that is amazing for repurposing and recycling (looping) my content. I’m just beginning to use it.

Uber Suggest is a keyword research tool that I use for finding hastags, Hashtags are now allowed on Pinterest, and help people find what they’re looking for. It’s free to use. These automation tools are essentials in my tool kit.

Time For Learning

Every day, I set aside at least an hour for learning related to my business. I like to be up on current trends, and learn new ways of doing things. This learning may have to do with blogging, affiliate marketing, keyword research, email marketing, or social media marketing. Whether it’s a YouTube video, a podcast, or an online course, I make it a priority to learn new ways of working online, or at least enhance the strategies I’m already implementing.

My Ideal Life

Keep in mind, while I’m writing and working, I’m also taking power breaks where I’m able to catch up on housework, prepare meals, and exercise. Working full time did not resonate with me. I was exhausted when I got home, I was constantly tired, and felt like I was ineffectively plowing through the myriad of tasks I didn’t have energy for.

It was like I was in a fog, and operating on autopilot. Now I feel productive, motivated, and rested. I feel blessed to be able to set my own hours at the pace that works for me. If something unexpected comes up, I can take care of it by easily rearranging my schedule.

Wealthy Affiliate BannerKey Points

Abundance may look a little different for all of us, but certainly includes freedom, health, prosperity, and nurturing relationships.

Working from home enables me to work hard at a job I love, enjoy the comfort of my own home, set my own hours, and not be accountable to anyone else but myself.

It’s also amazing for my health because I’m not on a strict 9-5 schedule. I can exercise and make nutritious meals during my breaks, take care of my pets, and catch up on household chores. And the best part? I can work from anywhere. I love traveling whenever I want, without stressing about having to work overtime to make up lost hours. What’s better than that?

What does your ideal day look like? Let me know in the comments:)


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20 thoughts on “What Is An Abundant Life?”

  1. I’ve never thought about an “abundant life” before, but I think it’s a wonderful concept.  My idea of an abundant life is one where I feel fulfilled in the job I’m doing, have time to spend quality time with my children and grandchildren, and come home to my husband every day feeling stress free and grateful for everything we have.  

    I love an article that makes me think–thank you!

    • Perfect description of the abundant life Janelle! Job fulfillment, less stress, and quality time with loved ones is what it’s all about. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi holly!

    This is one of the most uniques ways I have seen someone write about blogging and affiliate marketing. You make it sound so natural, and not just some marketing agenda like most bloggers are pushing. 

    As a fellow blogger I also try to write 1000 – 1500 words per article and at least twice a week. I find getting the right images the hardest part! lol

    I just want to say, well-written and well-done. Keep up the good job!

    • Hi Tarun,

      I sure appreciate your kind words. I’m with you, finding images can be hard sometimes, especially for certain articles. Pixabay and Unsplash do make it a lot easier at least!

  3. Holly,

    People everyday are looking for your Abundant Life, with little success because they are always looking in the wrong places.  I have tried many of those places and been taken to the cleaners for so much money. 

    I was one of the fortunate few like you who landed in a place called Wealthy Affiliate and now I set my own hours and live my life with freedom from hassles that others put up with everyday going to a job.  The fact that my life and work can go anywhere there is an internet connection is the best thing anyone can ask for. 

     Thank you for bringing this to more people’s attention.


    • I appreciate your comment Susan. Yes, we are all seeking the abundant life. Many are looking in the wrong places.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible platform that teaches people how to live a life of freedom and fulfillment. The ability to work from anywhere is one of the biggest perks of internet marketing.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. HI Holly, 

    Love this article and I’m glad you are able to live the life you love, it must be such a blessing.  This life is what I am striving for myself. I too also blog and would like to get to a stage where I am able to give up the day job and concentrate on my blog and other writing full-time.

    At the moment I work in a “JOB” that is physically demanding, with early morning starts, and I find that I’m too tired when I come home to write. I do use this time to research and learn however. On the weekends I up and have the energy and mindset to get my blogs updated.  Sometimes I feel like I live more of a double life, but, for now, it is the only way I have found to work things.

    Is there anything you can suggest for me to speed things up and get me closer to working from home full time? Or do I need to patient and persistent and allow this to happen naturally?

    Many Thanks Michelle 

    • Hi Michelle,

      I can relate how having a full time job is demanding, leaving little energy for anything else. Thank goodness for the weekends. 

      My advice is to keep on writing as much as you can. All you can do is your best. Your persistence and patience will eventually pay off!

  5. Hello Holly

    An abundant life is having enough, not only to make a wonderful life for yourself, but for other people as well. 

    I see abundance as an overflowing state!

    If your strategy accomplishes that, then you have my attention!

    I love the way you have described each step and included links to relevant pages.

    The idea of a timer is a great, otherwise 1 hour can easily become 10.

    I know from experience and I have now started implementing 50 minute work slots.

    I find giving my brain a rest between each 50 minute session really helps.

    Loved the content and great job


    • Thanks for your comment Tim. I totally agree with you. Abundance is creating enough for yourself and those you love. It truly is an overflowing state! I love that description. 

      Using a timer helps me stick to my allocated time frame, keeping me motivated and focused! It really is an amazing technique!

  6. Wow, this is an excellent write-up and glimpse into the life of an online entrepreneur. I too am one and although my day is only slightly different because I run an e-commerce business, it is for the most part very similar.

    I love how you structured your day for success not only for your business but for your health and well-being. I love trying to optimize my life in every area and thus, follow a very similar approach as you. I try to balance exercise, nutrition, meditation, learning, and personal development while building my business. Living life on my own terms has led me to live a successful, happy, and fulfilled life so far. Although I still have a long way to go to fully reach my dreams and capabilities. 

    But nonetheless, owning an online business really can allow you to create a lifestyle of your own design so long as you take the time to be intentional about what you want to accomplish and come up with a strategy to achieve it. There is endless opportunities in the online space to find your own niche and build a business around it. I have no doubt that if you follow the system you laid out in this article anyone can be a success with some persistence and discipline. 

    Thanks again for this awesome article as it also reminded me of some of the little things I need to be doing daily to maximize my success.

    Wish you all the best in your endeavors,


    • Thanks for your heartfelt comment David. It sounds like you are living an abundant life, and I’m so happy for you!

      That’s what I love about working from home, I can optimize my life in all areas, and develop my business at the same time. I like how you articulated that. 

      Intention is indispensable when building an online business. It helps provide a framework for strategies and their implementation. The opportunities are endless online, and the best part, is anyone can take advantage of them. We are so fortunate!

  7. Dear Holly,

    Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it and being a full-time blogger I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. After reading your post, I realized I  am missing a lot of things. The videos you embedded are very helpful. I am also going to allocate 1 hour for reading.

    I read your related post “Does The Pomodoro Technique Work?” and got great insights. I also downloaded the Pomodoro app. I sit and work for 4 hours continuously, which is a big mistake. 

     Thanks for the Pomodoro Technique. I’m going to implement it. 

    Wishing you great Success!


    • Thanks for reading both my articles Paul. I’m glad you found them informative. Allocating one hour for learning each day really adds up. That’s 30 hours of focused learning a month. I love it!

      I’m glad you’re implementing the Pomodoro Technique and have downloaded the app. It helps with focus and motivation. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  8. This is detailed and informative. I found this interesting and enjoyed reading every bit of this post.

    I’m quite a newbie to online business and sometimes I feel a little bit overwhelmed with info, I get confused on the direction to take, but your article made it more practical and realistic. I’m not there yet, but I also long for that life of abundance where I can get to live life fully on my own terms.

    • Thank you. Online marketing can be overwhelming at first. I have felt that many times, along with a healthy dose of confusion. Keep working on your business and you’ll get there! 

  9. Hello, I like your approach on abundance, I also would like to live a life by design. Having started out just recently with affiliate marketing and blogging as a whole, I find your insights very helpful. I will  continue to build my blog with quality content articles.

    I couldn’t agree more that Wealthy affiliate is like no other, it’s a no brainer platform with lots of value put together by Kyle and Carson with the affiliate marketer in mind.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Victor,

      Living a life by design is pretty awesome. Do continue to build your blog, filling it with amazing content. We are so blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate!

  10. There is a lot more to this blogging business than I imagined. I mean, I see stories about bloggers on TV and read about some bloggers from time to time. Even the movies paint bloggers in comedic light, but I really had no idea.

    In my eyes, this article reinforces my idea that this goal of mine does NOT provide a passive income, rather, an income that you have to show much love in order to keep it growing for you.

    I am bookmarking this article to refer to later as I would like to start working at this blogging thing and see if I can grow my life’s experiences into a side gig, if not my only income.

    Thank you for this very informative article!

    • Hi John,

      Blogging does require a lot of hard work and dedication. How awesome to grow your life’s experiences into a side gig. I love it! 

      Thanks for your comment!


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