The BEST Internet Marketing Tools of 2021 [10 Of My Favorite Resources]

Do you like setting goals? This post is for you if one of your goals is to start an online business. There’s no shortage of marketing tools on the internet to help you grow and monetize a business. This is a good thing, but it can be confusing as to which tools are the most affordable, and which ones will best meet your needs. Below is a list of my favorites resources. Here are some of the best internet marketing tools you can use to scale your business in 2021 and beyond.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, with no cost to you, if you make a purchase through one of my links. 

The Best Internet Marketing Tools I Can’t Live Without

1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Writing content is a key aspect of affiliate marketing, with keyword research being a vital component of content creation. In fact, content that is keyword-rich is the magic formula to getting your posts, articles, and reviews found in the search engines.

Keyword research is absolutely foundational to search engine optimization. Content that ranks high in Google is critical to the success of any online business. Jaaxy is my keyword tool of choice. The interface is intuitive, the keywords it provides are accurate, no bulky software is required, and the metrics are easy to understand.

The Best Internet Marketing Tools - Jaaxy BannerAdd to these features, accessibility anywhere you have an internet connection and mobile device or computer. Jaaxy also offers domain and niche research availability.

I use Jaaxy for every single piece of content I write because I know it will be optimized for SEO, and if I’m going to go to the effort to write a review or post, I am most certainly going to assure that it’s SEO-friendly.

2. Site Content Editor

Content marketing is a critical feature of online marketing. Marketers write A LOT. A reliable editor is worth its weight in gold due to the fact that you’ll rely on it daily to create and publish content. My writing editor and publishing platform of choice is Site Content, the editor that I’m using to write this post.

Not only can I create my content within the editor, I can also publish my articles directly to my WordPress editor on my website. From there I can do any editing or fine tuning that needs to be done.

The reason I enjoy using Site Content is that the editor tells me my stats and goals, I can save templates for future use, I can utilize the buckets and grids feature, this allows me to organize my posts according to which website I’m publishing to, and it tells me my word count, which is very helpful.

The Best Internet Marketing Tools - Site Content EditorThe reason I enjoy using Site Content is that the editor tells me my stats and goals, I can save templates for future use, I can utilize the buckets and grids feature, this allows me to organize my posts according to which website I’m publishing to, and it tells me my word count, which is very helpful.

I can also add images and videos right within the editor. Images are automatically optimized when added through Site Content, and won’t negatively impact my website speed. There’s nothing worse than a slow website. If you’re looking for a great editor that’s easy to use, you’ll definitely want to check out Site Content.

3. AWeber Email Responder

An email autoresponder is a crucial component of any marketing sales funnel. You won’t need one in the beginning stages of your business, but as your business grows, you’ll want to set up email campaigns that will help you grow your list.

An autoresponder works by enabling you to capture emails using a subscription form on your website. This allows you to stay in contact with those on your list, which is a highly effective way of building trust, while fostering engagement and connection with your audience.

There’s really not a better way to stay in touch with your followers than collecting their names and emails for your list. This way they can enjoy your weekly newsletter, and stay apprised of any information you’d like to send their way.

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I like AWeber because it’s easy to get the hang of how to use it, unlike other autoresponders that can be quite clunky. Their email builder is drag-and-drop, which makes it easy to design great looking emails.
You can automate and send an unlimited number of email campaigns, while accessing a vast library of mobile-responsive templates that you can customize to match your brand.
AWeber offers split testing tools, the ability to track email performance and sales, and the ability to automatically create a weekly email newsletter from a recent article you’ve written.
It integrates with a variety of apps, including social media, landing pages, and lead generation apps. AWeber offers a 30-day free trial so you can try it out before you purchase a premium plan.

4. WordPress For Website Design

A website is your own piece of real estate on the web, and the home base and hub for your business. Your website will foster relationship-building and interaction. It will also be your main marketing tool so you’ll want it to be engaging and look professional.

WordPress is my favorite website builder.  I’ve used it for years to build every website I’ve ever owned. Why WordPress? Well, to begin with, it’s free and you can’t beat that. WordPress is a versatile platform with a huge library of themes and plugins to help you customize your site. It also supports a wide variety of websites, including eCommerce, blogs, or photography sites that need to be visually appealing.

All kinds of media are supported in WordPress, including images, video, and audio, that you can upload right within the editor. It’s also SEO-friendly, which is a significant factor for driving traffic to your site, and it’s simple to get started: choose a domain name and hosting platform, decide on a theme, then start customizing your site. Although, WordPress is free, you will need to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. See my number one recommendation below.

5. ShareASale Affiliate Network

In order to be an internet or affiliate marketer, you must have access to affiliate programs or networks. ShareASale is an affiliate network that is extremely intuitive to use. I have joined numerous affiliate programs, but I find that working with affiliate networks is the ultimate in convenience because numerous merchants are housed in one network.

This makes the merchants, along with the links and banners, easy to find. Finding merchants that are relevant to your niche is a fundamental element of affiliate marketing. When a reader clicks on one of your links and purchases, you earn a commission.

ShareASale has a lot of cool features, including the custom link generator, which allows you to browse the internet and find products that you want to directly link to, and the ability to make banners with the Product Showcase and Make-A-Page features.  And of course, ShareASale has a Chrome extension that’s a great time-saver. Read my review and tutorial or sign up for ShareASale here.

6. Tailwind For Social Media Automation

What would a list of favorite resources be without a social media automation tool? Tailwind is my automation tool of choice for automating my pins and posts. Social media is a vitally important marketing avenue for any online business because of the potential to reach millions of people.

I mainly use Tailwind for Pinterest, which is not just a social network, but a massive search engine in itself. Any tool I can use that will save time is a winner in my book. Tailwind is a scheduling tool for both Pinterest and Instagram that does the heavy lifting for you.

It’s a must if you are using social media as a serious marketing tool. More pins and posts mean more traffic, which translates to more revenue for you. The more active you are on social media, the more extensive your reach. Marketing on social media takes consistency, not just a single pin here and there.

This is where an automation tool like Tailwind comes in. Choose relevant pins to post, set up a posting schedule, and let Tailwind do the rest. It’s really pretty simple.  I recommend trying out the free trial.

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7. AirTasker

Some days it seems there are unlimited tasks an online business owner must complete every day. In the beginning when you’re first starting out, you won’t need a virtual assistant (VA). However, as your business grows, a virtual assistant can be lifesaver.

VAs are independent freelance contractors that can greatly reduce your workload by accomplishing various tasks for you. For instance, you could hire one to manage your social media, maintain your website, transcribe podcasts and webinars, or manage your email responder. Some VAs can even write content for your blog or design logos or other marketing materials.

AirTasker makes the process of hiring an assistant fairly straightforward: Decide what task you need done, whether you want it done online or in person, then decide on a budget for the task in question. Any task that requires less than two minutes to complete can be posted for free.

The next step is to choose the right person for the job. You’ll want to browse the different profiles and reviews in order to select the person most suited for what you want accomplished. Once the task is completed, payment will be released from AirTasker to the tasker. That’s all there is to it. Check out AirTasker here.

8. InVideo For Video Creation

Ever wondered why YouTube is so popular? It’s because video is a great medium, for not only entertainment, but for learning. The fact is, most of us our visual learners, which means if you want to make a stir, you need to get serious about leveraging videos to use on your website and social media.

Better yet, create your own YouTube channel. It’s not as hard as you think, if it were, there wouldn’t be as many channels as there are. Now, I realize that some channels are more successful than others, but that’s more a function of consistency and work ethic than difficulty in creating a channel.

Have you ever considered turning your blog posts, best-of lists, and reviews into videos? You may reach a broader audience if you do. Read my tutorial here.  InVideo works a lot like Canva, a simplified graphic-design tool, but instead of creating graphics, you create videos.

There are an assortment of videos you can create: promos, testimonials, product videos, commercials, Instagram stories, Facebook ads, blogs-to-video, text-to-video, and YouTube intros and outros. You can create videos from scratch or use the pre-made templates. InVideo is ahead of the pack, with its user-friendly navigation, drag-and-drop editor, professional templates and audio integration.

The video-creation process is enjoyable thanks to the flexibility of the interface, the ability to customize text, colors, fonts, and overlays, the fast rendering, and HD resolution. You can also upload your videos directly to Facebook. The software is affordable, and will soon have a text-to-voice feature. Check out the complimentary trial here.

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9. Thinkific Online Course Creator

Online courses are becoming increasingly more and more popular. It’s seems like every day I see an internet marketer or social media influencer offering a new course.

By the way, online courses are a great gift to offer your followers for signing up for your newsletter. The course doesn’t have to be extensive, just something simple that will benefit your followers.

If you’ve never created a course before you might be intimidated, but you don’t need to be, Thinkific makes the entire process very user-friendly. There are a number of reasons why I like Thinkific, including the convenient drag-and-drop editor, the wide range of available templates and features, the fact that you don’t need any coding experience, and the ability to customize the course curriculum to match your brand.

Use the Site Builder to create your own course website, create sales and landing pages, or integrate your site with a website you already own. Online courses are a great way to scale your business and build your brand. Get started for free today. Click on the link below to read my tutorial on how to create your first course.

10. Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Platform

I saved the best for last. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that taught me how to build my online business. The platform is all-inclusive, not only offering stellar training that’s easy to digest and implement, you can also buy your domains right from Wealthy Affiliate’s dashboard.

Once you have your domain, you can start building your website (s) using the WordPress website builder, along with the extensive library of themes and plugins. Oh, and did I mention that WA’s state-of-the-art hosting is included in a membership? It truly is one-stop shopping. Click here to get a feel for the training.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2004, and now has over two million members. A platform with that many members must be doing something right.  The dynamic community within WA has been invaluable to me personally, and has greatly augmented my online experience.

You can’t put a price tag on having the support of other members who are also building their own businesses. Jaaxy Lite is free with a WA membership, as is the Site Content editor and WordPress builder.  Site Support, the technical support team, is available 24/7 to troubleshoot website issues and concerns.

If you’ve ever tried to troubleshoot website issues on your own, you know how terribly aggravating it can be so this is an amazing service that is offered to all members. Give the website builder a try:

Benefits of a WA membership include:

  • Training certification courses: Entrepreneur and Bootcamp
  • Fast website hosting
  • Domain and niche support
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool
  • Site Content editor
  • Website transfer
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Community support
  • Live chat
  • Website backup and security
  • Live weekly trainings
  • Access to thousands of affiliate networks
  • Create multiple websites, all in one convenient location
  • Free to join (Starter Account)

Can you imagine all these benefits you’ll get with a premium membership for under 30 bucks a month?! It’s a steal, considering that price includes hosting for multiple websites with a premium membership, and two websites (using the extension) with a starter account.

Read my REVIEW or click on the banner below to learn more. You can also create a free account, no credit card required.

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Key Points

As an internet marketer, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the many online tools that will help you build and monetize your business, whether that be training courses on affiliate marketing, keyword research tools, writing editors, social media automation tools, or tools to create videos and online courses.

The tools I’ve outlined above are ones I can personally attest to. Many have free trials so what are you waiting for… Are you an internet marketer? What are your favorite tools? Let me know in the comments:)


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  1. Hello Holly, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because I found some tools I forgot to implement in my marketing strategies such as Tailwind and InVideo. Thank you for sharing this, I will definitely read more of your articles! Cheers! All the best, Daniel

    • Hi Daniel,

      Tailwind and InVideo are both great tools to grow your internet marketing business. Thanks so much for reading my article and for commenting:)

  2. I am very glad to have found your great information on marketing tools.  As a brand partner for organics and canine massage therapist and lifestyle detox coach, I am always searching for better ways to communicate what I do, why its a benefit and how to grow my target audience or tribe.  I will be checking into Tailwind, Airtasker, ShareASale and love the knowledge you shared here!

    • Wow, you’re involved in a lot of interesting endeavors. Canine massage sounds like a great line of work as does being a lifestyle detox coach, and partnering with organics. Please do check out AirTasker, ShareASale, and Tailwind. They’re awesome tools to have in your corner to extend your reach and grow your tribe. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)

  3. I’m glad I came across this comprehensive list of the most reliable online marketing tools for this year. As you rightly stated, it can be overwhelming to pick the right combination of tools.

    You said you saved the best for last, now that has me wondering. I have heard a lot about this platform. I just need to know if the training is beginner friendly?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, it can be overwhelming, considering the number of tools that are available online. Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best platform out there if you want to learn internet marketing. A membership is affordable and the fact that hosting is included for up to 50 websites in unheard of.  The training caters to people of all skill levels. In fact, many people who join are complete newbies. Thanks so much for reading:)

  4. Great information! I have been looking for ways to make money online and there are a lot of pointers that you made here that can be very beneficial.  Wealthy Affiliate looks very good and I am going to check it out! It looks like it provides a vast amount of support and information that can help me get started.  Thanks again for the information!

    • Hi Jennie,

      Thanks for checking out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s such a great platform, and one that has changed my life. I appreciate you reading my post.:)


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