5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Why do some affiliate marketers achieve success online, while others quit before their business takes off? What are the strategies successful entrepreneurs engage in that lead to financial victory and achievement? Let’s delve into this subject for some fascinating insights. Learn how to steer clear of these 5 affiliate marketing mistakes.

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Common Marketing Mistakes

Familiarize yourself with these common marketing mistakes so you don’t make them like others have before you:

1. Not Learning The Basics Of Internet Marketing

Like any endeavor, you must learn the skills necessary to become a successful internet marketer. Here are a few you’ll need to learn and implement:

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  • Niche selection
  • Choosing a domain for your website
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Keyword research
  • How to become an affiliate and post affiliate links
  • Best SEO strategies and techniques
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing

Learning skills within each of these areas will greatly increase your changes of succeeding online. On the other hand, failing to implement these strategies will hinder what you’re hoping to achieve.

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2. Treating A Business Like A Hobby

Viewing your blog as a business, rather than merely a hobby, is imperative if you want to make money with your online business. This is especially true if you want to eventually make your affiliate marketing business your primary source of income. Making money online takes a whole lot of consistent effort on a daily basis. Working for a couple hours every Saturday isn’t going to cut it. Make time every single day, even if you can only swing an hour or two, to work on your business.

Successful marketers, set both short and long-term goals, sticking to them as best they can. In my business, I have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals I’m working on, with tasks related to each time frame. Breaking down goals into manageable chunks makes it much less overwhelming. Make a plan, then work that plan, is the best advice I can give. We all need road maps to follow. If you have one, your chances of reaching your destination are much more likely.

3. Not Taking SEO Seriously

SEO infographicDeciding on a niche, designing a website, creating content, and becoming an affiliate are all non-negotiables in the world of affiliate marketing. Even with all these factors in place, you’ll still need to be found in the search engines, if you want people to find your site, which it the ultimate goal.

Traffic leads to sales, and sales lead to profits. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. Basically, it’s just configuring your website and blog so they’ll be found in Google. Your blog posts are what will drive people to your site. This is why content creation is so crucial, along with the fact, that your affiliate links are contained within your posts.

When someone clicks an affiliate link, while reading your information, you get a commission.This is how affiliate marketing works. Content > affiliate links > profit for you. You can see why getting your content found is so important. This is the magic of SEO!

4. Failing To Focus On The Big Picture

Content creation is an integral component of affiliate marketing. Writing at least a couple blog posts every single week is vital if you want to reach your online goals. Can you keep writing even when you aren’t seeing any money? The law of the harvest takes time. Eventually you will reap what you sow, but you can’t accelerate the process. I wished it worked that way, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. Time, effort, consistency and patience are the secret sauce.

AWeber 30-day free trialAffiliate marketing can up to nine months to start seeing activity on your site, and up to a year to begin seeing revenue. Most likely, it will take even longer than that to make enough money to quit your day job, relying solely on your blog for income.

In the grand scheme of things, this is just a drop in the bucket, when you view it in the context of your entire life. Realize what you’re up against when you first begin your business, and you won’t be disappointed. Realistic expectations are important when creating an online business. Anticipate the relief and excitement you’ll feel when your business starts to soar!

5. Quitting Too Soon

Affiliate marketing takes time and dedication. Earning a full-time income online will take much longer than a few weeks. This fact can’t be circumvented as it takes time for Google, and the other search engines, to find, index, and rank your website and articles. This is why creating consistent content is paramount. Engagement and interaction are also essential ranking metrics. If Google sees that people are engaging and interacting with your content, your chances of getting ranked skyrocket.

It will take time for your readers to know, like, and trust you. Providing free, informative content is what will foster trust. Overtime, you’ll generate a following of consistent readers, who will hopefully become paying customers. What a shame to throw in the towel prematurely when success was likely just around the corner. Don’t let that be you. Keep on dedicating time to your blog even when you’re not seeing any fruit from your efforts. The pay out will eventually come, but not without a lot of hard work and consistency. Do a lot of self talk on the days you can’t see the horizon and are unmotivated.

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wealthy affiliate bannerKey Points

Affiliate marketing is a great avenue to make money online if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, combined with a healthy does of reasonable expectations. Learn the necessary skills, treat your business like a business instead of a hobby, optimize your articles for SEO, focus on the big picture, and for goodness sake, don’t quit too soon.

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4 thoughts on “5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. I have been in the Affiliate Marketing business for almost three months now, and am loving it. I’ve always wanted to learn the basics so I can start earning money online. 

    This article has all the main issues listed, which is really useful for me.

    I’m going to use all the tips given in this article so I can move forward with my website. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this article1

  2. If you want to see real success online you can’t just treat your business like a hobby or you will not spend enough time and energy working on what needs to get done to see the results that you want.  You really need to take the time and learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing. Focus on the big picture, pay attention to SEO and do not quit.  If you quit, then you will not be successful. 

    • You’re absolutely right. Success depends on taking your affiliate marketing business seriously. Quitting never leads to success! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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