Big Income System Review – Too Good To Be True?

If you haven’t been scammed yet, count yourself lucky. Scams are rampant on the internet. That’s why reviews are important. They can alert people to potential scams. Read my Big Income System review to decide for yourself if this program is too good to be true, or if it is in fact, a revolutionary way to make money.

coach christian of big income system

Owner: Coach Christian


Product: E-Learning Digital Products

Cost: $3,000 Minimum To Get Started

The reason I wanted to review this system is because its claims are so far fetched.  Programs that purport you can make big bucks in a short amount of time, with little to no work, are too good to be true. At the beginning of the introductory video, a member named Carly, stated that she had joined the program on a Friday, and by the next Monday, had pocketed $3500. Well, okay then, that got me scratching my head. If it were that easy, why aren’t we all rich? Christian himself makes $14,000 a day, with new members earning up to $1500 day.

Another little tidbit that got my BS meter up was the statement: “I plugged into the system and did what they told me to do, and I made $7,000 the first month. And the best part, she didn’t have to sell anything to anyone, because you know “most people don’t like selling to others.” If you don’t have to sell anything, then you also don’t have to worry about dealing with peoples’ objections and inquiries. Alas, you can make money, but won’t be inconvenienced in the process.

How It Works

Here’s the three-step process of how the system works:

1. Lead Generation: All prospects will be generated for you by the professional marketing and lead generation systems.

2. Prospects: Prospects call into your very own information hotline and are directed to your very own web page, with your very own username. Don’t worry though, this is all set up for you by the Success Coaches.

3. You Get Paid: Yep, for all your hard work, you get paid. Each prospect that signs up, will be individually assisted with registration, using your unique username.

big income system steps

The system has a “secret lifestyle” formula that generates income on auto pilot while you sleep. Words and phrases like “Secret Lifestyle,” “You don’t have to do a thing,” “Cannot fail system,” and “Make money while you sleep” are red flags waving in the wind.

Oh, and you only have to work one hour a day to make real money. Thousands of dollars a week will be delivered to your front door from this turn-key, cannot-fail system, which has been figured out for you. Plug into the company’s 15 years of successful experience, then just relax and let your 5-figure a month income magically flow to you.

The program targets emotions by making loaded statements such as: “What would an extra $1500 a day mean to your family or even $10,000 a day. Think how that would change your life?” The system is “proven” to be hands-free, generating money 24/7, truly the definition of passive income, with the possibility of making more income in a month than most people make in an entire year. Are you suspicious yet?

Supposedly The Reason Most People Fail Is They Hate Selling

The reason the Big Income System does the selling for you is that “people hate selling.” Therefore, they’ve eliminated this fundamental reason why many people fail. All prospects are called and handled for you and as are all sales. No need for you to be involved in the process. They’ve taken the “failure component” out of the system, guaranteeing your success. But wait, hasn’t success always come from hard work? Apparently with this program, success is bought.

The program’s proven marketing system is designed to drive targeted prospects to your high-converting sales presentation. The prospects will then repeat the process you went through to join, earning you big money in the process. This is what a zero-learning curve, 100% passive income marketing strategy looks like.  Everything is fully automated and already done for you. You don’t have to spend hardly any time, yet will be wildly successful by spending just hours a week working.

There are no training videos, educational webinars, or boring lessons. Why do other programs make it so complicated? People shouldn’t have to do things they don’t want to do. You can make the kind of money you’ve only previously dreamed of by simply giving people want they want. The sales professionals have everything covered. You don’t need to sell, explain, or convince. It’s a push-button system that puts thousands of dollars directly into your pocket on a weekly basis. So if I join the program, am I paying these professionals to make me money? I don’t get it. I get that people like easy, but…Big income system E-Learning

E-learning Phenomenon

E-learning, or online educational courses, is Big Income System’s product niche.
All products are 100% digital, and include business development training, marketing training, wealthy education training, and personal development training.

Digital learning is a phenomenon because every second $3,373.46 is spent on E-learning. That’s $226,407.21 a minute, and $14,584.474.88 an hour that is generated from this member-to-member program where members get paid directly for each sale, eliminating the middle man.

Big Income System 4 Product Levels

big income system 4 levelsLevel 1: 1500K each sale

Level 2: 3500K a sale

Level 3: 7000K a sale

Level 4: 10,500K a sale

There are four different product levels. You choose which one to join based on what you can afford and the amount of money you hope to earn.

Most people looking to make money online don’t have an extra 21K (Ultra Royal Level) to throw at a program. In any case, when your Success Coach makes a sale for you, you get half the profit, ranging anywhere from $1500 to $15,750 per sale.

big income system levelsAll proceeds are made directly to you without lifting a finger. Your coach does all the work of contacting and following up with prospects. They even close the sale for you, and you get half the profit. The higher the level, the more you earn on a sale. As you can see, a level-one sale would generate you $1,500 with a level-four sale earning $10,500.

In Summary / What You Get


  • A turnkey marketing solution
  • Custom marketing funnel
  • A team of dedicated professionals that do all the heavy lifting (Apparently, you have to be a 7-figure owner to earn the title of “coach”). Coaches are hand picked to provide services to members.
  • A big ticket payout leading to income stability
  • Done for you ad packs
  • Personal support
  • High profit margins on all products
  • No need to stock or deliver products
  • All products are 100% digital
  • No ongoing monthly product fees
  • High value products with huge payouts made directly to you
  • High demand products you can enjoy and benefit from yourself or share them with family and friends
  • A high-converting custom-made web page to inform your prospects (This is done for you)
  • Access to a true, hands-off business in a box

big income system quick summary of benefits
All this will cost you thousands of dollars, but everything is done for you. It’s the complete package you’ve been hoping for. Turnkey advertising at it’s finest, and the closest you’ll get to guaranteed success.

Lead generation is done for you, with the automated system directing leads to the website. Funding is available for qualified individuals with a credit score of 650 or above.

Pretty different than what you’re used to, right? 90% of people want a done-for-you system. No thanks, I think I’ll stick to what I’m doing. I don’t know about you, but I like knowing how things are operating behind the scenes.

Key Points

It doesn’t take too much digging to see that Big Income System is a scam that appeals to peoples’s emotions with lines like: “Are you fed up with going to a job you hate and not earning the money you deserve?” “Earn money to surpass your family’s need,” “Quit a job you hate,” and “Travel when you want to.

“Begin today and start getting paid the very same day. Everything is set up by your Success Coach. It’s a system that does all the work that you don’t want to. People want it easy, how much easier can we make it?” Blah blah. Enough with the hype.

The company has figured out through trial and error how to market digital products, that have made millions of dollars, by following this one simple method. This is the “Secrets of the Wealthy.” A done-for-you marketing and success coaching system that can completely change your life. Now you can have all the money you could ever possibly want or need. Hand over your money, plug in and prosper. It really is a no-brainer. Really?!

And if you contact a Success Coach within the next 48 hours, you can upgrade from your existing level, excluding level 1. With an upgrade, you’ll receive 75% on each sale, instead of 50%, a 25% increase. The minimum payment is $1500. It’s quite enticing IF you have thousands of dollars to throw at this program.

Why Not Invest In A Legitimate Program?

wealthy affiliate bannerInstead of wasting your time on scams that promise big returns for doing nothing, why not invest in a legitimate program? For a yearly price that is less than the cost of Big Income System’s admin fees, you can learn affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive certification program and weekly live webinars

You can also build up to 50 websites on WordPress, hosted on a state-of-the-art hosting platform, while being a member of a supportive community that will help you implement the skills you’ve learned.

[Rad More: Is Wealthy Affiliate The Real Deal?]

All this for just $299.00 a year if you take advantage of the Black Friday Sale every November. That’s just $25.00 a month, which considering that price includes hosting, is a steal. Oh, and no fake promises of getting something for nothing. You will have to put in a lot of hard work and effort, and it will take time, but the method work. Read my review or click on the banner to the left to get started investing in your financial future today.


Big Income System

$3,000 +








  • Everything is done for you
  • Selling not required
  • Company has been in business 15+ years


  • Expensive
  • Claims are way too bold
  • I'm guessing the testimonials are staged

6 thoughts on “Big Income System Review – Too Good To Be True?”

  1. Thanks for your discoveries written in this Big Income System review. Seriously, the claims are just way too bold for it to be a real system. If money can be made easily online like that, virtually everyone would be doing it.

    Besides, I hate get rich quick schemes and also done-for-you programs. I prefer to go through the success lane with hard work and dedication rather than being scammed while searching for a get rich quick scheme. Too many high tickets and dubious claims. Thanks!

    • Yes, the claims are way too bold for it to be on the level. You don’t have to dig very deep to determine that. We’d all be rich if it were that simple. I don’t care for done-for-you programs either. I like to be involved in every step of the sales funnel and making-money process. If a system looks to good to be true, it likely is!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Thank you Holly,

    A friend was about to get scammed by this platform, because as you have said, they played on her emotions. Big Income System really did go far by upping the amount it takes to get into the system and making fake claims. I doubt if anyone can really make anything from this platform. 

    They also use done for you systems which is not usually advisable. I think you’re right when you say people don’t want to sell, and that is why they usually pay for money to be made for them. Not a good idea. Anyway, you’ve just helped me to help a friend spend her money on something better. Thank you.

    • Whew, I’m glad your friend didn’t sign up for the program. They do play on people’s emotions, which to their defense, many programs do. That ploy is okay ONLY if the program is legit.

      Any time I hear words and phrases like “Secrets” and “Done For You,” I know the program is suspicious. No one is going to make money for you while you sit on the couch eating bon bons.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. RUN in the Opposite Direction of CHRISTIAN KINNEY, i.e “Coach Christian” & other aliases; a TOTAL SCAM! The Top Level is OVER $20,000 … and I fell for it! He was courteous and professional and the Concept is valid ~ however ~ HE TOOK OVER $25,000 and ~ DID NOT DELIVER the “E-Learning Products’ or the necessary Marketing Campaigns he was paid in advance to provide!!! AND after he received the Money … he DID NOT RESPOND after many, many attempts to reach him not just via his Email address(s) but also his SKYPE address(s) … HE CHANGES HIS EMAILS & CONTACT INFO!

    Others have been Scammed as well! SAME STORY! He CHANGES His Name, Email & Website constantly …. INVESTIGATED & found out he supposedly LIVES in TEXAS & FLORIDA … and who know where else. THE HOUSE IN THE VIDEO is NOT owned by him according to reliable online sources. BEWARE! YOU”VE BEEN WARNED! Over $25,000 SCAMMED by Christian Kinney, i.e. “Coach Christian”!

    SAVE your MONEY & put it elsewhere … RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THIS SCAMMER who needs to get caught & prosecuted!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about that terrible scam. Thank you for the heads up. It’s a shame that he, and others, have no problem scamming people out of money. We all need to be on guard for potential scams. Unfortunately, they are common:)


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