Linktree: A Workaround For Adding Multiple Links On Instagram

Social media marketing is a powerful way to market your business. Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. With almost one billion monthly active users in the United States alone, it would be a shame not to tap into this visually appealing and ever-growing market. Instagram only allows one clickable link on a user profile, but now there’s a great workaround for adding multiple links on Instagram. Enter Linktree!

Multiple Links On Instagram - Social Media Icons In Gift Box

Why Market On Social Media?

A better question would be: “Why wouldn’t you use social media for marketing?” It’s free traffic! Of course, you can use paid ads, but that’s just the icing on the cake. What other venue would let you reach millions of people? I can’t think of another method that comes even remotely close.

With social media you can increase brand awareness, engage and interact with your audience, market your products and services, and increase traffic to your website. As an added bonus, social media marketing is remarkable for search engine optimization. If you’re new to social media, get started today and watch your business grow…

A Brilliant Concept

The concept behind Linktree is the ability to house all of your links in one convenient location. Having the ability to post links on your Instagram profile is a huge benefit. Links enable people to find you, and up until now, Instagram has only allowed one link per account, which is truly a bummer because many people are using Instagram to promote their businesses, and links are crucial elements for any business looking to grow their brand and following. Times are a changing though. This is why you absolutely need to set up a Linktree account ASAP. Then you can go haywire will all your links.

affiliate links ✔️

Adding Multiple Links On Instagram

For this tutorial, I’ll be using my skin care account I started a few months ago on Instagram. Take a look:

organicskincare57 instagram account

There used to be just one link, and that was to my website. As you can see, I’ve replaced my website link with the link from Linktree.

Here’s were the magic happens. When someone clicks on that one and only link, they’re now taken to a landing page, where they can see all my links. I could have added more if I’d wanted to.

organicskincare57 Linktree landing pageThe top link takes visitors to my website, the second one to my blog, and the third link is to my store. The remaining two links go to my Pinterest and Facebook business pages. Isn’t that so cool? Now you can also add affiliate links for your favorite products: links to Etsy and eBay, links to all your social media accounts, and of course, links that take users to your website and blog. Or if you recently filmed a new video that you’re dying to show your followers, simply post a link to your YouTube channel.

These days, one link isn’t going to cut it. And how would you choose which one was the most important? Most people would choose their website or YouTube channel. Now the pain of choosing is no longer an issue, as you can post all your relevant links. What a powerful marketing strategy for your online business.

Follow These Steps To Get Started

Begin by signing up for a free Linktree account.

Then sign up with Instagram if you haven’t already.

Now it’s time to start adding your links.

Here’s what Linktree’s editor looks like. This is where you’ll be editing and posting all of your links. Click the green button at the top to add a new button or link. You can drag and drop each link by putting your cursor on the black bar to the left. It’s the one with the three little dots.  This is a great feature and you’ll need it because the links you add first will be at the bottom so be sure and drag and drop the links in the order you want.

Linktree editor

Add a new button and then fill in the information it asks for:

Linktree editor My Links

Enter a title for each link, along with the URL. Note the icons to the right under the yellow slider? You’ll have the capability to highlight your links, schedule them to appear and disappear at certain times, and see how many clicks they’re getting. Keep in mind, some of the features are for PRO users only. You can also delete links by clicking on the trash can icon.

It’s easy to customize the look. See how I can choose different colors? What was once green is now purple:

Linktree editor settings

You’ll have the ability to select even more options if you upgrade to the Pro version.

See the link in the top right-hand corner? That’s the mothership link you’ll want to add to your IG account.

my bio linktree link
It’s now time to go to your Instagram account and add your Linktree link.

Go to “Edit Profile,” and under “Website,” add your Linktree link. The place to enter your link is right beneath your username, and above your bio. See below:

Linktree link under website

That’s it. See how easy that was? Now you have all your links in one convenient place for your followers to click.

Plans And Prices

The free plan fits my needs, it offers the basics, which I find sufficient. There’s no limit to the number of links you can use, and you’ll be able to see the total number of clicks for each link. You can also customize in terms of colors. If you want to upgrade to receive additional benefits, here’s what it will cost:

For only $6.00 a month you can enjoy these additional features:

  • You’ll get a breakdown of the daily traffic each of your links is receiving.
  • You can customize the colors, fonts, and button styles, while taking advantage of additional themes.
  • You’ll have the ability to capture your visitors’ email addresses by integrating it with your newsletter sign up form. The Linktree branding will be removed with a PRO subscription, and you’ll also be able to add background and profile images, along with thumbnails to each of your links.

Key Points

Marketing on social media is an integral part of my affiliate marketing business. READ MY REVIEW or click on the banner below to learn how to get started building a business on the internet. You can also get started by creating a FREE account (really) here. 

Multiple Links On Instagram - Online Business Banner

Take your advertising and marketing techniques up a notch by adding multiple links to your IG profile. This will optimize your reach, build your brand, and boost the flow of traffic to your website. Linktree is free to use and only takes a few minutes to set up.  It’s darn near amazing to have all my links in one spot. Grab your own Linktree here. 

Do you use Linktree? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments:)


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4 thoughts on “Linktree: A Workaround For Adding Multiple Links On Instagram”

  1. I’ve seen someone else use this. I was wondering about it. It’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this info and the step-by-step guide on how to set it up. I’m not ready to use this tool yet, I’ve only just started up my own website. But I might use it down the road. It seems like the free option is a pretty good deal. Free is always wonderful!

    • Linktree is all the rage right now, and it is pretty cool! The free option suits all my needs. Give it a try when you’re ready!

  2. Social media has such an amazing effect on marketing. I am learning about linktree for  the first time. Thanks.

    Indeed social media is an effective way to increase visibility . Do you recommend that one subscribe to multiple social media channels or should concentrate on few ? 

    I have underrated the effect of Instagram, but I think I will pay more attention to it going forward. Thanks for the education. My view on social media marketing is enhanced.

    • You’re so right. Social media marketing is a must in the digital world, and where else can you take advantage of free advertising?

      Though I’m active on many platforms, my favorites are Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Choose a couple platforms, and concentrate on those, at least in the beginning of building your business.

      Thanks for reading!


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