Oriflame Review [Is Multi-Level Marketing A Good Avenue For Selling Skincare?]

Skincare is a massive niche, not to mention a billion-dollar industry. Any company whose primary platform is beauty, is going to be wildly popular with the public. Since skincare is centered around beauty and anti-aging, it’s a knockout market that caters to millions of women worldwide, many of whom are endlessly searching for the fountain of youth. But can selling beauty make you rich? Find out in my Oriflame review.

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Quick Facts:

Company name: Oriflame

Company website: www.oriflame.com

Owners: Robert Jochnick, Jonas Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten

What they sell: Skincare, cosmetics, personal care, and wellness products

Company inception:1967

Revenue: $1.5 billion dollars in sales annually

BBB rating: A+

Oriflame Overview

Oriflame is a Swedish multi-level cosmetics company founded in 1967 by two brothers, Jonas and Robert Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. The company offers a variety of skincare and wellness products that are sold through direct marketing. Products cater to both men and women, with the target market being females ranging from adolescence to middle age. The global company’s headquarters is based in Switzerland.

Although, Oriflame has an international presence, namely in South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, its primary market is centered in Europe. It does not yet have a presence in the United States. The steady growth of the company is reflected in its sales force of over 3 million people, and its annual revenue approximating $1.5 billion dollars. These impressive figures underscore, not only the company’s continuous growth, but also the quality and popularity of the products they offer.

Based on information that was released last year, Oriflame has intentions of expanding its portfolio base to include products centered around fitness, sports, and weight management. Existing skincare and wellness products are also projected to expand in the coming years. New products are created at Oriflame‘s Skin Research Institute, then further developed and tested at their research and development center that is manned by a team of over 100 scientists.

How It Works

Multi-level marketing is based on a person-to-person sales methodology, in conjunction with a compensation structure that enables commissions to be earned from signing up referrals. A generous 20% commission is offered on direct sales orders, with a 13.5% commission on recruitment sales. Total commissions are based on overall product sales, with heftier commissions directly correlating to higher sales.

Like all MLMs, the more products you sell, and the more referrals you bring in, the more money you make, and the higher your status and rank within the company. The earning potential is twofold: direct sales and recruitment. The popularity of Oriflame‘s products facilitates direct selling, as the products speak for themselves, but a consultant’s individual personality and skill set are significant factors into how many recruitments they’ll be able to incur on a consistent basis.

How To Join

The first step is to sign up as a consultant if you’re interested in joining the company. As stated above, your income will be dependent on not only the number of sales and referrals you make, but also the consistency of sales and referrals that your downline generates. Your monthly income will take a substantial hit if any of your referrals quit due to frustration from an inability to generate sales and/or referrals.

Becoming a member is free so it’s entirely low-risk to get started. However, you will need to buy a Starter kit and some product catalogs before you start selling. The Starter kit is only $20.00 and the catalogs are extremely inexpensive, running about 30 cents per catalog. Customers will receive products directly or they will be mailed to you as the sales consultant for distribution.

Oriflame Review - Skincare Products

Benefits Of Becoming A Beauty Consultant

When you become an Oriflame beauty consultant, you’ll receive a step-by-step training and on-boarding program, along with your own online store. The next step is to begin sharing your personalized store link with potential customers. You’ll have access to Oriflame‘s social media content creator and planner, including videos and images for sharing.

Both online and offline training are offered to beauty consultants to increase their knowledge and confidence in selling. In addition, business tools are offered for tracking results. Bonuses and gifts are an inherent aspect of multi-level marketing.

More sales and referrals equate to higher commissions and higher rankings, which in turn lead to more and more bonuses. As you progress up the ladder, you can also begin earning commissions based on indirect consultants that work beneath you, which exponentially increases your earning power.


1. Question: Is Oriflame a legitimate company?

Answer: Yes, Oriflame is an established company that has garnered respect for their products.

2. Question: What is the cost to join Oriflame?

Answer: It’s free to become a member, but like the majority of MLMs, you will need to purchase an introductory or Start-up kit. Unlike most MLMs, however, the cost for the kit is only 20 Euros, so is very affordable.

3. Question: Does Oriflame sell primarily skincare?

Answer: No, Oriflame also markets and sells products centered around wellness, a variety of personal care products, including cosmetics, hair, bath, and body care, fragrances, and products tailored for men. The company will also be expanding products related to weight management, and sports and fitness, including products such as meal replacements and protein shakes.

4. Question: Who are some of Oriflame‘s competitors?

Answer: NuSkin and Mary Kay

5. Question: What countries sell Oriflame products?

Answer: Over 60 countries worldwide sell Oriflame products, including South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. There are currently no representatives in the United States, although people in the states can order products from the U.K. Additionally, products can also be found on Amazon.

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6. Question: Does a certain sales quota have to be met to retain membership?

Answer: Yes, you must make at least some sales within your first year of joining or you will have to repeat the sign up process.


✅  Consultants receive discounts on products: Product discounts – ranging from 20% to 35% – is one of the main reasons people initially join the company. The considerable VIP discounts is also a strong selling point for many people looking to join because you can take advantage of these discounts without becoming a consultant.

✅  Products are all-natural and vegan: With the increasing emphasis on health and lowering toxic burden, naturally-based products are big sellers, and especially in light of the fact that many beauty-care products are low-quality.

✅  Products are reasonably priced: This is obviously another significant advantage, and doubly so since members receive discounts on top of already competitively priced products.

✅  Orders generate a 20% commission: The company offers a generous 20% commission on products sold.

✅  The Company has over 1,000 products: Oriflame has an extraordinary product base with over 1,000 products.

✅  No steep sign up fees: It’s free to sign up and completely low-risk. The recommended Starter kit is only $20.00, whereas many MLM introductory kits are expensive.

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? Products are tested on animals: This could be a drawback for those seeking cruelty-free skincare. Furthermore, although the products are vegan and naturally-based, they are not organic.

Products are not available in the US: As mentioned in the FAQs, Oriflame does not have a presence in the United States.

Like all MLMs, commissions are based on sales: In order to make a good income, you need to be highly motivated and driven. No sales = no income.

There are strict guidelines regarding social media promotion: While it is possible to market on social media, the guidelines are very strict.

You must have a knack for selling in order to generate a consistent income: MLMs are not the business model for you if you hate sales and have an introverted personality. And by the way, this holds true for those you recruit, as well, because your income will be dependent on their sales. Many people who join MLMs are initially fired up to start selling and recruiting, without fully understanding the inherent nature of the business.

Oriflame Review Final Verdict

Oriflame is a well-established cosmetics and skincare company that offers over 1,000 high-quality, naturally-based products, that have generated billions of dollars in sales over the last 50 years. In my opinion, barring you are an extremely motivated extrovert who excels at selling, and are not flustered by the inconsistency in monthly income, there are better ways to make money, while learning valuable, marketable skills in the process.

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What is your opinion of Oriflame? Is it worth joining? Let me know in the comments:)


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Overall Quality







  • Free sign up
  • High-quality products


  • Must be highly motivated
  • Commissions based on sales and referrals
  • Products not available in the USA

6 thoughts on “Oriflame Review [Is Multi-Level Marketing A Good Avenue For Selling Skincare?]”

  1. Oriflame has some really beautiful and amazing products for women.  My question is, does Oriflame not have beauty products for men? As a multi-level marketing scheme, I don’t mind that, because they sell high-quality products so they are completely legitimate and not a scam business. Most multi-level marketing schemes are scams because they don’t have anything of value to sell. This one does so I like it. Awesome article! 

    • Hello, and thanks for your comment and for reading my review. Yes, Oriflame has products for men, as well. Multi-level companies with great products are not scams. I do, however believe that there are easier ways to make money without having to rely on sales or a downline. 

  2. Hello Dear, online research is basically the best way to confirm if a system is a scam or legit. I am so delighted to know that Oriflame is a legit MLM platform.

    Anyway, I really want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and unbiased review of Oriflame… I have really been wanting to learn more about this company and how the system works. Seems like it could be a good choice for some people. 

    • Oriflame is definitely a legitimate company. They’ve certainly been around awhile and have some great products that are reasonably priced. Learn more about them if you’re interested in multi-level marketing. Thanks so much for reading my review. 

  3. This is a good company, I’ve been with MLM industry for more than a decade and I’ve been hearing about this company before, very respected with good products. Actually, we have distributors who signed up with our company who admitted they were from Oriflame, they got involved with the company as OFWs working in Europe. 

    My comment with MLM companies are almost the same in all companies…

    I wish they would be “more honest” in their disclosure of how much their maintenance costs are monthly for members. I mean, members are required to sell a certain volume to maintain their earning position in the sales team, and oftentimes, when the member fails to sell in retail, the member themselves shoulder the cost with his own pocket leading to products piling up in members’ garages.

    The one that you offer at the end of the post, it looks like affiliate marketing, looks like a better alternative than MLMs.

    • Yes, you’re right, Oriflame is a well-respected company with good products. I’m sure many people make good money if they have the personality for selling, and the motivation to go along with it. Like you said though, it’s the sales quota and other issues that make MLMs problematic for some people. 

      Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, would be a much better solution for those looking for another source of income, and who want to run their own businesses. Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to leave a comment:)


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