Explode My PayDay Review [Red Flags EXPOSED!]

Is Explode My Payday just another internet scam playing on the emotions of people who are looking to find a legitimate program to help them make money online? The internet is a vast repository of seemingly unlimited opportunities, but it can be difficult at first glance to decipher which of these opportunities are on the level, and which ones are scams. I’ve reviewed enough scams that I’m getting fairly adept at sniffing out nonsense when I see it. Join me as I break down fact from fiction in this review.

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Explode My PayDay Quick Facts

Program: Explode My Payday

Founder: Meaghan Harper

System: Affiliate marketing/traffic-generating program

Cost to join: $47.00 ($37.00 with $10.00 discount, plus upsells)

What Is Explode My Payday?

Explode My Payday is an online traffic-generating platform that supposedly helps its members make significant amounts of money in a short period of time.

It was founded by Meaghan Harper, an entrepreneur and online marketer who has used the internet to amass a fortune. As stated in her video, she now wants to help others by sharing her blueprint for success, and paying it forward because this “makes her feel better.”

The system will work for you if you decide to join this “life enhancing journey to financial independence.” All you need is a laptop and internet connection. You won’t need to worry about selling, and you’ll get everything you need to get started. I find it interesting that many of these programs mimic each other in terms of their language.

Essentially, they’re saying that once you join, you’ll need to take very little initiative because it’s a done-for-you system. I don’t find that life-enhancing at all. And why wouldn’t they say this? The “make more money, work less” formula can be rather enticing, and seems to be a marketing ploy that works.

However, in the real world of cause and effect, is it really possible to make inordinate amounts of money without putting in the grunt work?Very unlikely, unless you happen to win the lottery or inherit a tremendous amount of money. This model appeals to people though, especially those down on their luck, who need to make money fast. “Fast” is a highly-charged word that’s commonly used to play on people’s emotions.

How Explode My Payday Works

Here’s how the system works: you’ll be the proud owner of your own website, which will miraculously generate leads 24 hours a day. The program is extremely easy to implement, and takes just 30 minutes to set up. Income will be generated through multiple streams. One such stream is earning money via commissions the system makes for you. I’m not altogether clear on how this all comes together to ensure profit.

Only a few minutes a day of your time will be required, with no prior experience needed. It’s sounding pretty awesome so far, don’t you think? And the clincher: “There’s basically no effort required on your end.”

On top of all this awesomeness, you’ll be notified by email about new opportunities. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the online marketing tutor (not sure what that is).

The statement in the video, “You are destined to become a millionaire” really tickled my BS meter. So let me get this straight; Explode My Payday is a done-for-me system, I don’t have to do much, nor do I have to spend more than a few minutes per day running my business, but I’m going to be a millionaire?!

Seems like a no-brainer to sign up, but wait, let’s further unpack what’s really going on…

Red Flags

Like most of these scams, you don’t have to be that intuitive to figure out that the testimonials are fake, right along with the fake claims of being able to make up to $1,000 a day.

Let’s take a look at the red flags to get a clearer picture:

  • Fake sales pitch
  • Only a few minutes a day are required
  • Commissions are made for you
  • Spend less time, but earn more
  • System is easy to implement
  • No effort required
  • No technical skills are necessary
  • You are destined to become a millionaire
  • Fake testimonials

More Red Flags

Then there’s the odd language that was used in the video, yet another red flag. I mean c’mon, who uses language like “You can be living proof that this system just plain works.”

Or “You’ll get $365,000 in Explode My Payday upgrades within the next year.” Because after all, people who join are helping her (the owner) out with her goals so when she makes money, they do as well. If scams like this worked, more of us would be raking in the dough?!

Then there’s the usual “The price is going up to 5K in two months,” meaning she’s essentially giving the program away. She’s only looking for 45 people right now, and only one in YOUR city. “Today” is the last day of her three-day recruitment. See the picture of urgency these types of programs promote? How many “Todays” have there been? Are you getting the picture?

Personalized Website

Basically all you have to do to get started making your millions is to complete the application on the system’s homepage, receive your own personalized website built specifically for you, and enjoy your windfall from the commissions that are sent to you.

Although, affiliate marketing is a great model, the way it’s being used in this system isn’t viable. It’s not possible to outsmart the search engines and get traffic without implementing SEO tactics and keyword research, both of which take time and effort, even when they’re done correctly and consistently.

Let’s do some simple math just for the fun of it. Say 100 gullible people, who need money fast, bank on this system and sign up. If 100 people sign up a week, at $47 a pop, that’s $4,700 a week, which translates to $18,800 a month and $225,600 a year. This is the power of the internet. $47 doesn’t seem too steep to the individual consumer, yet look at how it incrementally accrues money for the scammers.


Supposed Pros

  • The cost to join is low
  • The potential to make $1,000 a day
  • Spend only 20 minutes a day working
  • Make money from multiple streams of income
  • Everything is done for you
  • Easy to learn
  • Instant product access
  • ?  60-day money back guarantee (take advantage of this if you decide to purchase). This is the only pro in my opinion!


  • ?  There’s no such thing as something for nothing
  • ?  False claims
  • ?  Fake testimonials
  • ?  Who is owner
  • ?  No free trial offered or owner contact information made available

While it is possible to make thousands of dollars a day, people who are making that kind of money have put in the time, sweat, and effort to achieve their goals. It’s called the law of the harvest, and is the consequence of hard work, failure, and lots of trial and error.

If I haven’t made my point, you can sign up here, HURRY there are ONLY three spots remaining

Building A Business The Right Way

The one statement from the program I do agree with is this: “It’s not just about the money, but about the life and freedom you get with it.” I believe this statement to be true, and ultimately why many people desire wealth.  Another truth is that making money will never be an overnight endeavor.

Building a business, or anything for that matter, takes time, dedication, commitment, and (wait for it) WORK.
Financial freedom is the result of hard work. It’s a plain and simple truth that just is.  One of the byproducts of dedicated effort is that copious amounts of learning are acquired in the process, whether that be financial or otherwise.

Check out my #1 recommended training for building wealth online. The platform caters to affiliate marketers of all skill levels. The fact that the platform has over two million members, and has been thriving since 2004, attests to its legitimacy. The training program offers a formula for success that works if YOU work it.  READ MY REVIEW or click on the banner below to learn more. Or create your FREE account HERE.

Explode My Payday - Online Business Banner

Key Points

If a program seems too good to be true, 99% of the time it is. Do you find yourself continually asking “What’s the catch?” when you hear promises of overnight success with little to no effort?  True to form these programs always come with a catch, typically in the form of upsells to get you to invest increasingly more and more money.

Check it out here

What you need to understand is that these success claims were bogus to begin with. Most likely the system will disappear, only to reappear as a new scam within a few months.  If you’re interested in leveraging the power of the internet to make money, consider another course of action…

Have I convinced you to steer clear of Explode My Payday? Let me know in the comments:)


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Explode My Payday


Overall Quality







  • 60-day, money-back guarantee


  • False claims of big money overnight
  • Staged testimonials and questionable owner
  • No training

6 thoughts on “Explode My PayDay Review [Red Flags EXPOSED!]”

  1. Hello Holly, thank you for taking your time to share your review of Explode My Payday based on your research and experience with the program. Thanks for exposing this program that is made to rip us off of our hard-earned money. I personally greatly dislike systems that promise overnight success. Moreover, this program has everything fake. Fake testimonials, fake owner, fake claims etc.

    Keep exposing them! Kind regards!

    • Thank you for reading my article. It’s an unfortunate fact that scams, such as “Explode My Payday” are rampant on the internet. Curiously, they seem to have many common threads, including fake claims and fake testimonials. It’s easier to avoid them once you know the red flags:)

  2. Thank you for this very complete and comprehensive Explode My PayDay Review. I have read and heard about this before. However, I was fortunate that I did not join this program because at that time I got a boarding call for my flight at the airport. And because of your review, I became very aware of this website.

    To be honest, I really hate websites that offer scams. Apart from that, I really do not believe in claims to be a millionaire overnight (although I have also been a victim of scam, even several times). And I was traumatized.
    I believe that getting rich is not easy nor is it impossible, but must be accompanied by effort, hard work and persistence, plus perseverance.

    Indeed, some of my friends also advised me to try affiliate marketing, because they have succeeded in that field. May Wealthy Affiliate, the program you recommended is worth checking out.  

    • Hi Kylie,

      Thanks for reading my review and taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad you didn’t join Explode My Payday. You would have been disappointed and out $47.00. I’m sorry you’ve been scammed in the past. It is traumatizing and not a good feeling. I’ve been scammed before too, and hope to never repeat the experience. 

      The internet is abuzz with opportunities to make money but any program that says you can make a windfall without any effort is up in the night. Making money is the result of hard work, dedication, and not giving up in the face of what may appear as failure. 

      Wealthy Affiliate truly is an amazing program if you’re looking to create and monetize a business on the internet. It’s by far the best platform out there in terms of price, training, and community support. Please check it out:)

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your review of “Explode My Payday. The offer sounds too good to be true.  

    You are correct that you have to put in the work and that it requires, SEO, keyword search, blogging, etc.

    I’m wondering if the initial price is set to just get people in then they start offering upsells to other things.

    I appreciate your research and thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Jesse,

      You’re welcome. These scams all follow the same pattern, making claims that seem too good to be true. In the end, they are too good to be true because as we all know, it’s impossible to make money without putting in the necessary hard work. 

      Writing, keyword research, and SEO are all strategies that are imperative to make an online business successful. The starting price is low in order to hook people, and then once the investment is made, upsells are offered, which people then feel obligated to take part in because they’ve made the initial investment. 

      Thanks so much for reading my review:)


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