What Should I Blog About? [5 Tips For Finding The Best Blog Topics]

Help. What should I blog about? I’ve been there many times, I’m sure you have too, staring absentmindedly at your computer with absolutely no clue what to write. It’s actually pretty terrifying. You know as an affiliate marketer, you should be blogging at least weekly, so how do you manage that unnerving state of mind? I’ve got some ideas that will help. Here are 5 tips for finding the best blog topics.

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The Importance Of Content

To begin with, I want to outline the reasons why creating content is so crucial to the growth of your blog, your business, your brand, and your authority:

1. Blogging is a brilliant way to connect, and build relationships and trust.

2. Writing useful content, that solves a problem for those in your niche, is a great way to position yourself as an expert. This builds authority for your brand.

3. Sharing your content on social media is essentially free advertising for your business. There isn’t a more affordable and effective way to grow your following than posting, pinning, and tweeting your content consistently.

4. Writing and sharing your content regularly is one of the best ways to get your site ranked, and drive people back to your website. Optimizing your posts with targeted keywords is a fantastic SEO strategy.

5. Monetize your site by adding affiliate links to each piece of content you write. When people click on those links, you get paid a commission.

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What Should I Blog About/ Ideas

1. Write From The Heart

You’ll never go wrong if you write from your heart. You have an entire lifetime of stories, experiences, and lessons you can share. Here are some ideas to spur your imagination:

  • questions and answers signBlog about a recent personal experience that affected you deeply. Share the lessons you learned, and how they’ve impacted your life
  • Write about things you wish you’d done differently and why
  • Blog about the things you’ve done right, and the ways in which those decisions have favorably affected your life
  • Share both your struggles and triumphs, always keeping it real
  • Write about your opinions on current events
  • Review products and services that have enriched your life
  • Do a Q & A post where you answer questions your readers have asked
  • Document, share, and blog about your latest vacation
  • Create video tutorials showing your viewers how you do something
  • Invite a guest blogger to share his/her experiences on a subject matter close to your heart

2. Browse The Book Section Of Your Local Book Store

Borrow ideas from what’s already been written. Browse the book section of your local book store for eye-catching, intriguing headlines and titles you can expand on, and repurpose. Flip through magazines relevant to your niche to see if something stands out. Ideas are everywhere, it’s just a matter of finding them. One of the best ways I come up with blog topics is by jotting down ideas as they come to me.  I could be eating or exercising when an idea pops into my mind, but I always take the time to write it down.

Because I do this consistently, I’m always able to find a great blog post topic.  All I have to do is refer to my list. However you do it, come up with some sort of “idea file” for future topics. Another awesome way to come up with article ideas is to repurpose old content. If you wrote a post that was popular two years ago, it is probably still relevant. This is called evergreen content, and it’s worth resharing. Repurpose your posts by adding additional content, reformatting the layout, and adding a video. Reinvigorate, reinvent, and resuscitate your old content. It has a lot of life left in it!

3. Find Out What Others Are Blogging About In Your Industry

People love talking about what’s trending. Subscribe to email lists of those within your same industry so you can keep up to date on what they’re blogging about. This isn’t about stealing their ideas and content, but rather familiarizing yourself with hot industry topics and current trends. It’s also a good way to stay relevant. Social media is an indispensable avenue for finding inspirational topics for your content.
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It’s also an effective way to stay informed. Find out what people are discussing and write about these topics. Capitalize on the power of social media for a wealth of potential content ideas. Another great way to generate article ideas is to ask those within your niche, along with your followers on social media, what their current struggles are. Once you know their challenges, you can create content addressing solutions to those problems.

4. Search Ideas To Blog About On Quora

I love Quora. I’m on it every day for at least a few minutes. I enjoy the question and answer format, and the knowledge I have gained has broadened my horizons. Did you know Quora can help you build your business, and banish writer’s block? Simply type in a subject of interest in the search bar, and you’ll be met with a variety of questions and answers. Leverage these questions and answers to come up with a host of promising topics for your content.

Quora will also keep you current on trending topics, helping you determine what topics are interesting people. This platform is virtually a powerhouse of experience and knowledge  you can tap into. Transform what you learn on Quora into interesting articles and blog posts. By its very nature, Quora invites discussion, promotes connection, and is great for building relationships. When you provide links in your content, you’re also using Quora as a valuable marketing strategy because those links direct readers back to your website.

5. Do Keyword Research With Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, that will not only help you find low-competition keywords for SEO, but is also a terrific tool for brainstorming article ideas.

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Take a look at the screenshot below:

jaaxy research tool dashboard

See how I typed in the phrase “why content is important?” That keyword phrase happens to be a great one, but if it weren’t, I could choose one of the alternative phrases Jaaxy came up with.On the right side of the screenshot, you’ll see additional phrase ideas Jaaxy  suggested. 

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If those ideas don’t interest me,  I”ll enter another keyword for further exploration. It might take a few minutes, but whenever I use Jaaxy, I never fail to find great ideas for my posts. And because I’m using keywords in my content, Google will have an easier time finding my content and website. 

If you’d like to learn more about content creation, keyword research, and affiliate marketing, read my review or click on the banner below to learn how I built my online business. Others are making money by leveraging the power of the internet and you can as well. Wealthy Affiliate has an incredible certification course for marketers of all skills levels. Check out one of the trainings here.

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Key Points

Writing engaging and informative content is the best way to educate and engage your audience, drive people to your site, build trust with those in your niche, monetize your website, and get ranked in Google. Blogging and authoring amazing articles is the number one marketing strategy of any successful blog.

Finding innovative and unique blog post ideas takes effort. Discover what others in your industry are blogging about, be active on Quora, brainstorm article ideas by using Jaaxy, and remember to always write from your heart. People can easily sense authenticity and sincerity. You’ll never go wrong if you’re genuine.

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Are you a blogger? How do you handle writer’s block? What techniques help you get your creative juices flowing again? Let me know in the comments:)


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6 thoughts on “What Should I Blog About? [5 Tips For Finding The Best Blog Topics]”

  1. I had this issue in the beginning when thinking of what to write about. I was so caught up in the concept of writing a blog and not focusing on what I was really interested in. I took a moment to analyze some of my search history of the last few weeks and it emerged that I spent quite a lot of time researching travel ideas.

    That was the start of my travel blog and now I find that I add articles to my list every day that need to be written. When you write about things you are passionate about, it comes easy. Do not overthink things and write about things that you would like to read about. Always remember it’s a learning process, and it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start.

    Thanks for these tips, it is great advice to start blogging.


    • Thanks for your comment. How fun to have a travel blog. 

      Passion is such an important piece when writing. It’s so much easier to create content when the subject is interesting. Can you imagine cranking out articles that bored you?!

      Such good advice to not overthink things, and to write about what you would enjoy reading. You can nitpick an article to death, and drive yourself crazy, so it does help to remember your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. 

  2. This is a great article! I particularly like the writing from the heart part.  I have been doing this and its a good connection point with your audience especially when they resonate with your experience. I haven’t tried Quora but have pumped into it a couple of times when searching the internet, I guess I will head there shortly. I have been using Jaaxy which is a great tool for keyword research.

    • Thank you. You can never go wrong if you write from your heart because it fosters connection and relationship, which is vital for the growth of any blog. Give Quora a try. It’s one of my favorite sites to visit. The format is different than other social media platforms, making Quora unique, and a fantastic place to learn. 

      Good for you for using Jaaxy, my favorite keyword research tool. I use it every time a write a post or article. 

  3. Nice recommendations you give here. Writing a lot of content is essential to our blogs, but having to write so much, can cause us to get stuck, with absolutely no clue what to write next. It has happened to me a couple of times and although I found ways to get by it, I get how difficult it can be for many people to find some inspiration. I am sure your article will help many people.

    • Thanks for your comment. Writing is a critical factor in creating a successful blog. That’s why it’s imperative to find ways to work through writer’s block!


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