How To Create An Ebook From A Blog Post Using A WordPress Plugin

As an email marketer I’m always looking for incentives to offer my newsletter subscribers. A free eBook is always a great option, but writing one sounds oh soooo overwhelming. Look no further than Beacon. This WordPress plugin will transform your existing website content into an awesome digital download you can then turn around and offer your subscribers. Learn how to repurpose and create an ebook from a blog post.

 How To Create An Ebook - Stack Of Books And Kindle

If you’re a blogger or website owner, you have tons of blog posts residing on your website. What if I told you all that valuable content could be repurposed to save you time, effort, and resources in your marketing strategies? Well, it can by using a simple plugin by Beacon.

How To Create An Ebook With The Beacon Plugin

You worked hard writing all those blog posts. It’s not easy coming up with ideas, and then crafting a coherent article. Supercharge all that hard work by creating a complimentary digital download.

– Begin by creating a free account at

– Go to the backend of your WordPress site and install the plugin.

– Next connect the plugin to your Beacon account by clicking the “Connect” button.

You’re now ready to create your first publication.

connect beacon account graphic

Select Your Best Posts

You’ll want to select your highest-performing posts. You can access this information by visiting your Google Analytics. Determine which posts generated the most traffic. Which ones have the most shares? Which posts are the longest? Select the posts for your eBook based on this information. Choose the ones you are most proud of. Remember you can combine your old blog posts with new content.

Backend of beacon wordpress plugin

Next create your lead magnet. Click “eBook.”

picking the eBook tab in Beacon

You’ll then be prompted to choose a theme. Beacon has a wizard interface that walks you through the remaining steps of your eBook creation.

Customize Your Design

That’s pretty much all there is to it. You can, then, make further customizations, such as, adding a logo to your cover page. You can also add a title and summary. If you’d like to add additional pages do that now. You’ll also have the ability to change the layout of each page, and add photos from the free-stock library.

Customize it further by tweaking the colors and fonts that reflect your brand’s identity. You don’t have to have technical skills or be a designer to create a gorgeous eBook. Get creative! Your eBook is starting to take form. Now preview your book and make any necessary adjustments before publishing.

There’s just one last step. Hit publish! You’ll have the option to download your eBook either as a PDF or a web version that is optimized for mobile devices.

lead magnets download

Now go deliver your fabulous eBook to your subscribers!

An Ebook Is The Perfect Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free gift you offer your readers in exchange for their email address, and is one of the most effective strategies to build your list. Most people are reluctant to give out their personal information. An incentive, or something they receive in return, makes this decision easier. It’s a win-win situation for you and your subscribers. Opt-in rates increase significantly with downloadable incentives.

Lead magnets come in many shapes and sizes. Examples include:

  • Free guides
  • Checklists
  • Videos
  • Coupon codes
  • A complimentary report
  • Free eBooks
  • Courses 

Ebooks are great lead magnets. They’re instantly accessible and demonstrate your expertise. Basically, they make you look like you know what you’re talking about.

Beacon’s Free Version

The free version of Beacon comes with dozens of professional lead magnet templates you can customize according to the project you’re working on. The drag-and-drop editor lets you add and remove elements easily, and you can set up your own font and color preferences that reflect your brand. If you’re not sure what content to include in your eBook, you can visit the Resource Guide.

You’ll have the option to download both traditional or smart PDFs to your computer for easy reference if you want to use them on your website or in an email. Smart PDFs are super handy for using on mobile devices. You can also upload PDFs directly to your Dropbox account. Beacon integrates with all the major social platforms so don’t forget to share your lead magnets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Multiple eBook formats are available, including checklists, fact sheets and worksheets. Which one you choose will depend on your particular blog post. A table of contents will be automatically be generated for each eBook you create. This lets your readers quickly navigate to specific sections of your book.

All lead magnets are password protected for privacy until you choose to share them. You can determine how each is performing by visiting your Beacon analytics, which will give you insights into which pages of your content are the most popular.

Beacon’s Premium Version

I use the free version of Beacon, which you can use indefinitely. It includes unlimited lead magnets, smart PDFS and analytics. You can upgrade to a premium package for even more features. The Professional plan is $49.00 per month and offers everything the free plan does, but includes a full template library and the ability to create your own templates.

Beacon offers an annual discount of 15% when you purchase a yearly plan, which basically lets you use Beacon for two months at no cost. Because there is no minimum contract term, you can cancel your account at any time, and continue to use Beacon until the end of that billing cycle. The plugin can be installed on as many websites as you want, but only one account is needed to manage multiple sites.

Getting Started Online

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Key Points

In the busy world of internet marketing, simple and effective strategies for promoting your business are always welcome. Beacon is an email marketing tool that helps you build your list by turning your visitors into leads. Produce a beautiful, professional eBook in minutes without hiring a creative team. Give Beacon a try and see your conversions soar!

Have you heard of the Beacon plugin? Let me know in the comments:)


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2 thoughts on “How To Create An Ebook From A Blog Post Using A WordPress Plugin”

  1. The other day, a lady asked me “Why don’t you just turn your blog posts into a book?” and I honestly thought that didn’t make sense because posts and books were different in my eyes.

    However, once I read your article more carefully, it makes a lot of sense and seems super easy and convenient. What a great idea for a lead magnet. I might just use this plugin just now.

    • Thanks for your comment Linda. Writing is quite a bit of work so why not repurpose your posts and articles into an ebook? Ebooks are amazing as lead magnets and Beacon makes it easy to download PDFs to not only share on your website and for email marketing, but also to share on social media where it can get more exposure. I think it’s brilliant!


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