WPForms – An Incredible Typeform Alternative For WordPress

Do you like adding forms to your website? If you’re a blogger and website owner like me, you likely have a basic contact form on your website, but did you know you can add unique conversational forms that allow interaction with your readers? Typeform is a popular form-building program that allows you to customize forms for a myriad of applications. WPForms is an incredible Typeform alternative for WordPress that is intuitive for using a variety of forms to collect data from and engage with your website visitors.

WP forms is the type form alternative for WordPress

What Are Conversational Forms?

Conversational forms are interactive forms with a personal touch because they invite interaction and create a more positive user experience. Engagement improves conversion rates and increase the chances that someone will take the time to complete an entire form. Many people neglect to fill out a form in its entirety, which is a potential loss when it comes to conversions and sales.

WPForms has a great selection of templates that are pre-designed, making it easy and time-effective to create smart looking forms for your website, while customizing individual questions. Website visitors can answer form questions by using their keyboard, which makes it kind of like having a conversation on Messenger.

Here are some examples of the conversational forms you can create:

In addition to these forms, you can also create visually pleasing landing pages. In fact, it’s possible to design a high-converting landing page without any coding experience.

View a conversational form demo here

Creating Forms With Typeform

Typeform is an online software that allows you to create dynamic surveys and forms dictated by user need. Why is form-building software so useful? Because exchanging information via surveys and forms should be simple, interactive, and work across all devices.

To personalize the user experience of your website visitors, Typeform integrates with various apps, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Google Sheets. Create professional-looking forms to automate your business, collect and analyze data, power your brand, and connect with your audience.


WPForms Conversational Addon

Transform any form on your website into an eye-catching, personalized form in minutes with the WPForms conversational forms addon. Easily add, delete, and rearrange elements using the drag-and-drop editor without having to write a question first.

The drag-and-drop builder is highly convenient, enabling form-building in real time. No coding skills are required, and all forms are mobile friendly, which is significant because a large percentage of internet users are accessing information via their smartphones. Keep in mind, although WPForms is a form builder, it’s also an effective marketing tool due to the nature of the forms you can create.


WPForms banner


WPForms allow for a more personal approach because the single-question-at-a-time format simulates a one-on-one conversation, and the full-page layout cuts down on distractions.

WPForms has some pretty exceptional features, such as email address validation, Captcha and Recaptcha spam protection, conditional logic support, and custom error messages. The form layouts are flexible and that you can use a simple shortcode to embed forms on a pages, posts, or widgets.

Check out WPForms Conversational Addon here.

Let’s Compare Typeform and WPForms

1. Because Typeform is a software as a service (SaaS) company, all form information is stored on their servers, whereas, data derived from the WPForms conversational addon is stored exclusively on the website it’s installed on.

2. Typeform’s premium packages are affordable for large businesses, but costs may be prohibitive for small business owners. A free plan is offered, but unfortunately the features are quite limited. For a one-time annual fee of $199.00 for WPForm’s Pro plan, you can create unlimited conversational forms, whereas a full-featured Typeform premium plan will run you $59.00 a month, adding up to over $700.00 a year.

The WPForm’s Plus plan is half the cost of the Pro plan, costing just $99.50 a year, and the Basic plan is less than half of that, at $40.00 a year, but does come with limitations.

WPForms premium packages

3. Typeform has a steeper learner curve than does WPForms, especially for beginners. Creating forms with WP is fairly straightforward even for a novice. Typeform, however, doesn’t have pre-designed templates for basic contact forms.

4. Both companies have good support teams for troubleshooting form creation and embedding.

Read my complete post: “WPForms – 5 Reasons This Plugin Is My Go-To Form Builder.”

Let’s Create a Form Using The WPForms Addon

In this tutorial we’re going to create a donation form. If you don’t already have the free WPForms WordPress plugin installed on your website, do that now in order to follow along.

Once you’ve done that,  go to your dashboard, and under WPForms, click “Addons” See below:

WP forms addons

When you see this screen. “Click Conversational Forms Addon:”

conversational forms addon

Click on “Upgrade Now” to see the screen below where you can take advantage of a 50% off coupon code.

WPForms coupon code

Choose the plan that best suits your needs. There is a 14-day, no risk, money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your upgrade. On your dashboard, go to “WPForms,” then “Settings” to enter and verify your license key.

Once that’s taken care of, install the addon. When the status turns to “Active,” you can begin customizing your form. Start by choosing what type of form you’d like to create. I’ll be creating a donation form.

You’ll see a place to enter a title at the top of the form. Be sure to fill that in. I’m naming my form “Donations.”

general donation form option

Choose a color scheme and add your logo to your form if you’d like. It’s always a good idea to save your work, and you can preview how your form is shaping up any time during the customization process.

The default fields for the donation template include: name, email, donation amount, and a message field:

donation forms fields

If you want to add additional fields go to the “Fields” section in the editor:

fields option in WPForms editor

Under “Advanced Options,” click on the “Conditionals” drop-down arrow and check the box next to “Enable conditional logic” to configure the various settings.

Conditional logic lets you collect the most pertinent data, by showing or hiding specific fields, based on user actions, including payment options or an invitation to subscribe to a newsletter.

advanced options WPForms

It’s time to enable payment integrations using either PayPal or Stripe. The process is similar for both. Since I use PayPal, I’ll be demonstrating that option. In the editor, click on “Payments.” It’s the last box under “Marketing.” You’ll now see the “PayPal Standard” and “Stripe” icons:


PayPal and stipe options


Click the “Enable PayPal Standard” option, and select “donation” under the “Payment Type” field. Then enter your PayPal email address.

Under the “Cancel URL” field, enter a URL where your users will be taken if they don’t complete the checkout process. For instance, you can direct them to one of your recent blog posts or a survey page where they’ll have the option to offer feedback.

Customize your notifications to ensure that everyone who makes a donation receives an email confirming their payment:


wpforms default notifications


Make sure the “Notifications” drop down is set to “On.” Fill in the “Email Subject” field, and add a customized message that all contributors will receive.

Now it’s time to add your form to your website. Choose where you want to place it. It could be on a blog post, on your homepage, or on a sidebar or footer widget. I’d like my form to appear on my sidebar so I’ll go to the sidebar customization options on my website, and select the “WPForms” widget.

In the drop down menu, I’ll select “donation form” and fill in the title. You can also choose what options you want displayed on the widget:


adding wpforms widget in wordpress


Embedding a form in a page or post is really easy. Go to the page or post in which you want to embed your form. Click “Add form” and from the drop down menu choose “donation form.” In the “Insert Form” window, you can choose to “Show form name” or “Show form description.” Click “Add Form.” You’ll see this shortcode appear:


form shortcode

Your form will be visible once your page is published. That’s all there is to creating and embedding a donation form on your WordPress website. Imagine all the different forms you can use to collect information and engage with your readers?!

Key Points

WPForms is an online form builder made exclusively for WordPress. It has brilliant addon features, enabling you to create conversational forms, including surveys, event planning, job application, client feedback, and user registration forms to name a few.

And don’t forget, you can turn your existing forms into conversational forms with a few simple clicks. WPForms is not only easy to use and affordable, it’s also an amazing way to grow your business and your brand.

Create your account here.

Do you use WPForms? What is your favorite feature? Please leave a question or comment below.