PaidNova Review [Get Rich Fast! Really?]

With the accessibility of the internet, there’s no shortage of people looking to make a buck online. There’s also no shortage of scams. Scammers can be quite adept at reeling in unsuspecting consumers by their promises of making big money fast. At first glance, it can be difficult to sniff out which programs are legit and which ones are merely spouting false claims. Where does PaidNova fall on the legitimacy continuum? Let’s find out.

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Quick Facts


Price to join: Free

How is money made: Through referrals and task-completion

Owner: Unidentified

How Do Scams Work?

Other synonyms for the word “scam,” include “confidence trick” or “disambiguation.” A catchier word, and one we can all identify with, is “ripoff.” Essentially, they all mean the same thing, and have the same intent, which is to deceive a person into handing over their money in exchange for something that only appears valuable. But not before said person has placed their trust, or confidence, in the scammer. A confidence trick exploits vulnerable people by playing on their naïveté and need. Does PaidNova engage in ploys to rip people off? And if so, what ploys do they use? Here are three red flags I’ve pinpointed right out of the gate, but first a quick summary of how the system works.

The first step you’ll need to complete is to create a PaidNova account, in order to start earning money using social media. Members make money, by referring others to PaidNova, using an influencer link. Every person you refer, that joins via your individual link, translates into money for you. You’ll get paid instantly using PayPal, Bitcoin, checks, or CashApp. The more traffic you can generate, the more money in your pocket, and the more PaidNova makes from ad revenue and sponsorship products. Apparently, that’s how they’re able to pay their members. It seems to be a win/win situation for both the member and PaidNova, but is it?

PaidNova how it works graphicWhat I’m wondering is, where are the ads and the sponsored products? Am I missing something, because I’m not seeing them? I would think if ads and sponsored products are the backbone of PaidNova’s revenue, they would be front and center.

PaidNova Review - how it works screenshot

PaidNova Red Flags

1. Promises of Big Money Fast

Promises of big money, in a short amount of time, is the number one ploy of companies that aren’t entirely what they seem. It’s a good tactic to suck people in, especially those who may be in a precarious position financially and need to generate cash quickly. It’s amazing how your BS meter can be on the fritz when your need is great. However, it’s not possible to make significant amounts of money quickly, particularly on a consistent basis. Any successful business owner will readily attest to this fact. The crux of the matter is that it takes copious amounts of hard work, motivation, dedication, and time to get a business off the ground and thriving.

Any company or platform that tries to short circuit this process is simply pulling your leg. It may be true that you can make money with PaidNova, but you’re not going to make $300.00 a day. You’ll find this statement on their homepage: “The Only Legit Influencer Network that can make you Rich (with a capital R.) That right there should get your ire up because there is never going to be ONLY one network, in the vast nooks and crannies of the internet, that has the market on profitability.

PaidNova make $300 a day graphic


2. Is The $25.00 Sign Up Bonus Legit And Email Marketing


$25 signup bonus button

I highly doubt that everyone who signs up receives a $25.00 bonus. Most systems, similar to this, offer sign up bonuses in the $5 range, making me suspicious of a number that is five times that amount.

PaidNova sign up form

Once you’re logged in, you’re taken to the members’ area, or “the place that is going to make you a lot of money?” You are also welcomed to LiteBucks where you’ll be paid two bucks for each person who clicks on your referral link. You’ll receive an additional 10 bucks if they join PaidNova. Wait, what is LiteBucks?

PaidNova dashboard

You’re encouraged to share your referral link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The screenshot below is what I saw when I clicked on the purple “Share Link” button to the right of the Facebook icon.  I can add a comment before sharing to my news feed or story.

social sharing screenshot

There are a variety of tasks you can get paid for, including referring friends, getting clicks, completing surveys, creating YouTube videos, and downloading apps. Each task has a different price point in terms of earnings.

PaidNova tasks graphic

When I click on the button to the right of “Complete survey,” I’m taken to this screen.

task wall area

I completed the three-question survey and up popped this box where I was asked to confirm my email. When I click “Continue” I will NOW be on someone’s email marketing list. No thanks! So the more surveys I complete, the more email lists I’ll be on.

You can also get paid for sharing promotional posts to social media using your link. Here’s a sampling of the banners you can share:

PaidNova promotional posts

Take special note of the blue heading at the top of the screenshot that highlights the fact that someone just got paid $770.00 8 seconds ago. That doesn’t make sense. The most you can get paid for completing a task is $50.00, and that’s for creating a YouTube video, which is basically your own personal testimonial of PaidNova, which would be a one-time deal.

Too bad it’s the task that pays the most. Makes me wonder if there’s an ulterior motive, meaning they’re just trying to get a bunch of testimonials for their YouTube channel. Recording and editing videos is no small job. This is obviously a full-time gig if you want to rake in the dough.

PaidNova YouTube submission screenshotAgain, note the blue success banner at the top. This time some lucky member got paid $560.00. My question is, how long did it take them to earn that and did they really get paid?

3. Fake Proof Of Payment And Inception Date

I do have to say that the layout of PaidNova’s website is better than most of the platforms I’ve reviewed. That doesn’t mean I recommend joining. Systems like this all seem to make use of fake testimonials and proof of payment information, and I know why they do. It’s because social proof is powerful. All marketers know this. For instance, take a look at the screenshot below. Is it really possible that people are making that kind of money through referrals and completing tasks?

PaidNova Proof of Payment

There’s more. Are these proof of payments staged?

PaidNova proof of payment screenshot

Additionally, a quick Google search confirms that PaidNova was registered in October of 2019, not in 2015 as stated on their website. And the fact that they’ve paid over $44 million to over 300K members seems far-fetched.

Final Opinion

I’m not discounting the fact that it’s possible to make money with PaidNova, but it’s not going to be a good use of your time, and you’re not going to get rich. It’s not the right business model. Plus, you won’t be learning any marketable skills or have anything to show for your hard work, such as a website full of amazing content, with loyal followers who love reading your articles. If you want to make money on the internet, look for a platform that doesn’t make false promises.

PaidNova Review - WA Banner


My #1 recommended program is Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that teaches affiliate marketing in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Affiliate marketing is a viable model for making money online, although you won’t get rich overnight, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work. BUT, you’ll learn so much in the process, and have an arsenal of marketable skills to show for it, and eventually an impressive income.

READ MY REVIEW or click on the banner to learn more. OR create your FREE account here. It’s completely risk-free to join, no credit card required.

What do you think? Is PaidNova a scam? Let me know in the comments:)



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12 thoughts on “PaidNova Review [Get Rich Fast! Really?]”

  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review on PaidNova and the explanations that were given.

    I have heard about PaidNova several times so I decided to look for it on the internet. I have read many articles, but this is the best review I have read. I will definitely look into Wealthy Affiliate for making money.

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

    • I appreciate you reading my review. Please do check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best platform out there if you want to build a thriving business online. 

  2. The rate of scams on the internet has increased over the years and I must tell I know many people who have fallen prey to these scams, but for PaidNova, I know them like the palm of my hand. They are the hottest scams now. I would advise everyone stay away from them.

    • Yes, that’s true with more and more people online. Sadly, many do fall prey to scams. It’s important to know what red flags to look for to protect yourself. Thank you for reading my review. 

  3. The one thing I don’t like about PaidNova is that you have to provide your email address for certain tasks or surveys, you’ll probably end up getting spammed by other companies. I made that mistake once, and it took me awhile to sign out of each email “subscription”. 

    The owner of PaidNova is unidentified, shouldn’t that be a red flag or is it sometimes ok not to reveal the identity of a platform’s owner? The earnings of some PaidNova’s members look outlandish, I agree. To make that much money just for completing some tasks and surveys doesn’t seem possible. I have done surveys before and the payments are small. I suppose it’s possible to make some money on PaidNova, but not as much as they advertise. 

    • Hi Christine,

      Every time you complete a survey, you’ll be subscribed to an email list. Think of all the spam that’s going to generate from being on so many lists? 

      No one seems to know who the owner of PaidNova is, which is most definitely a red flag, that along with the earning members are supposedly making. I’m sure it’s possible to make some money, but not nearly what they’re proposing. Not even close. Thanks for your comment:)

  4. There’s so many scams nowadays; its hard to not fall for one. However, it takes knowledge and discernment to not take the bait. This one you got going on here looks interesting. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate venture. More scams now than ever. Thanks for this write up. It’s important we know the red flags and concerns to look for such as fake testimonials and payment proofs. 

    • Hi Linda,

      You’re right, there are a ton of scams on the internet, and many of them follow the same patterns, which makes them easier to identify. Affiliate marketing is a good option for people who want to make money online. No one will get rich overnight but it’s an awesome business model that works. Thank your for reading my review:)

  5. Although this is my first time hearing of PaidNova, there is a lot of scams out there. They promise what is not achievable like you described  – confidence trick. I had to run and see your recommendation.
    I found it is Wealthy Affiliate, good platform, good products, good training, and a wonderful community all wrapped up in one. Thanks for your review!

    • Yes, that’s essentially what these types of companies do – promise what isn’t achievable. I like how you described it. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, makes no such claims, and over delivers on what they offer. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)

  6. Thank you for your review on PaidNova. I usually have my guard up when I see these 3 point systems. They are, am unidentified owner, false claims (get rich quick and all done for you system), and paid testimonials usually from Fiverr. You might be right that there are ways that we can make money with this system but is it worth our time and money? I am going to pass. I would rather sharpen my skills with writing and SEO rather than spending my money on a questionable program.

    • These types of systems aren’t transparent, which includes not divulging who the owner is. The claims of making a lot of money in a short about of time is a common ploy, as are the testimonials, which are likely from Fiverr. They really ought to get a little more creative, but I’m glad they don’t because then they’re easier to spot. 

      I agree with you, I would much rather write and optimize my content for seo, than spend time doing silly tasks like surveys where I end up on someone’s email list. No thanks. But thank you for reading my review:)


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