What Is Commission Breakthrough? [Hype or Hoax?]

The belief that we can get rich quick seems to be in our DNA. Those who are struggling financially are especially vulnerable to these types of claims that offer a blueprint for overnight success. What is Commission Breakthrough? Is there really a way to make money with this program?

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What Is Commission Breakthrough And Who Is Anthony Rousek?

Commission Breakthrough is an affiliate marketing program that offers systematic training, promising quick commissions. And all this by spending only 30 minutes a day. The program was created in 2017 by Anthony Rousek, a product creator and successful digital marketer in the online space.

Anthony Rousek was privately coached by Ben Martin, a super affiliate, who makes hundreds of dollars a day from a tropical island. In the training, Mr. Rousek shares Mr. Martin’s financial secrets of running a successful affiliate marketing business. A major advantage of this method is that’s it much more affordable than one-on-one coaching.

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What You Get In The Commission Breakthrough Training

The program comprises three hours of training videos from Anthony Rousek’s interview with Ben Martin. 10 interview-style training videos provide strategic information on how to make $719.45 a day, leading to a yearly six-figure income.

Although, the program is legitimate, and it is possible to eventually make money, the training is not comprehensive enough, especially for new online marketers. It may be sufficient if you have prior training and knowledge, but making that much money by spending only 30 minutes a day, will not be a reality for the vast majority of marketers.

The cost of the video training is $14.95, but does include upsells, which I’ll talk more about below.

What You’ll Learn

Concepts you’ll learn in the videos include:

  • Sneaky ways to promote affiliate products without actually buying them
  • A scientifically proven way to triple your income on autopilot
  • Super ninja tactics that will enable you to legally take advantage of your competitions’ hard work
  • The most important business page you should be sending the majority of your traffic to
  • The most powerful thing you should be doing to earn six figures a year
  • How to make four figures from every affiliate campaign
  • Automating your business to make money while you sleep
  • The big mistake the majority of affiliates make
  • What to do to pump up your profits

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Upsell #1

If you opt to purchase Commission Breakthrough, you’ll be offered two upsells in addition to the cost of the training itself. The first upsell, the Copy and Paste Profit Kit (CPP) costs $27.00. This kit allows you to copy and paste five of Ben Martin’s most profitable programs, including Commission Breakthrough.

Obtaining approval for high-quality affiliate offers to promote is often difficult for new marketers.  The kit also allows instant access to 25 copy and paste quality campaign templates. These campaigns of Ben Martin can be used for email marketing, on social media, or within blog content.

Custom bonuses created by Anthony Rousek, which have been proven to make money, are also included in the kit. If you purchase this upsell, you’ll also receive a 30-day breakthrough consult via email with Mr. Rousek where he’ll share Ben Martin’s trade secrets.

Upsell #2

Upsell #2, called the Commission Success Pack (CSP) has a price tag of $47.00, and offers tools to promote your business, including a case study that will teach you how to make money quickly with CPA (cost per acquisition) marketing.

You’ll even learn how it’s possible to make $499.00 in one CPA offer. 25 engaging subject lines are included as well, that can be customized or used as is. You’ll also receive 10 customizable affiliate marketing templates, along with an email marking guide on the best methods to get subscribers to click and buy.


✅  The how-to training videos are informative

✅  The price is reasonable

✅  You’ll learn how to use paid advertising

✅  A 30-day money back guarantee is offered if not fully satisfied


✔️ You’ll need to purchase two upsells

✔️ Training is not comprehensive enough for beginners

✔️ You’ll also need to pay for a good autoresponder and web hosting service

Affiliate Marketing Training With All The Bells And Whistles

Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to invest in yourself and your future. It is legitimately possible, and well within your reach, to make a great living online. It cannot be done overnight, however.  In my experience, Wealthy Affiliate tops all other affiliate marketing programs, teaching you the skills you’ll need to build a prosperous affiliate marketing business.

You can easily get started by creating a free account, without being asked for your credit card information. The hands-on training and supportive community are truly amazing. There isn’t a better support system out there to help you build your business. And best of all, state-of-the-art hosting is included, which is a huge bonus!

You can listen to a training video HERE.

Or READ MY REVIEW to learn more. Your future really does start here. Click the link below to begin learning and earning your way to freedom.

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Making Money Online Takes Time

I’m leery of any training program that offers hundreds of dollars in profit, and a six-figure income within a year. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor. The truth is, it takes a lot of hard work, diligence, and time before your business will generate consistent sales. If it were easy, everyone would be an overnight financial success.

Affiliate marketing is a great investment in your future, and the effort is certainly worth it, but you won’t reach your financial goals without a lot of  dedication and patience. While Commission Breakthrough does provide useful information, the premise of making hundreds of dollars a day is not reasonable and preys on the naive.

Bottom Line

Sorry folks, it’s just not possible to “copy and profit your way to a six-figure per year income.”  It take months, and sometime years, for people who are working consistently and diligently on their online businesses to see profit. A lot of effort goes on behind the scenes before the money rolls in.

If you’re serious about making money online, please create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. I promise you won’t regret your decision, and this is coming from someone who is highly skeptical!  Create your FREE account here.

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Commission Breakthrough









  • Informative Training
  • Affordable
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Upsells
  • Training Isn't Comprehensive
  • Promises Overnight Earnings

6 thoughts on “What Is Commission Breakthrough? [Hype or Hoax?]”

  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Commission Breakthrough, which is something I’ve heard about a lot recently. There’s so many low-quality programs out there these days, you really have to go through a lot of them to find something legit.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I absolutely dislike upsells and it’s how these people make most of their money after reeling you in with their low entry fee. Doesn’t seem like the training is worth it. Thanks for this article.

    • Thank you. I agree with you about the amount of low-quality programs out there. It can get confusing to find something that is on the up and up. I think all of us dislike upsells, there’s a certain vibe they give off that doesn’t feel good. 

      The low entry fee does reel people in, and the training is informative, but the claims of making money quickly are false. Thanks for reading my review!

  2. Thanks for this great review.

    Although there are a lot of “opportunities” out there, I have mixed feelings about this one.  On the one hand, it does offer legit information and it does have a relatively low fee to get in the door.  On the other hand, it makes unrealistic claims of making a lot of money with little investment in time and effort and has a bunch of upsells to get more money out of you.

    I’m a little skeptical of programs that make such claims.  If someone had the get rich quick formula, why would they spend their time offering it to others vs traveling the world?

    I’ll take a closer look before I make a final decision.

    Thanks again,


    • Well said Scott. There are a lot of opportunities out there and it can be hard to determine which ones are legit and which ones are scams. Commission Breakthrough does offer useful information, and the price is reasonable, yet the claims are not. Time and effort will always be part of the equation, and yes upsells can be off-putting.

      I’m a skeptic too and don’t believe there’s a way to short circuit the money-making process. It sure would be nice if there was a fast track to success, but unfortunately there isn’t. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  3. Hi Holly! Commission Breakthrough has a good score here on your review with 8.5 as an overall. But I just don’t feel comfortable with sites that offer overnight success. And the fact that we must purchase these up-sales discourages me a bit too! 

    I have also heard about Wealthy Affiliate but I think it’s not for beginners because the reviews I’ve read say the platform is overwhelming. Between Commission Breakthrough and Wealthy Affiliate, which one would you recommend to a complete newbie?

    • Hi Henry,

      The score is actually 6.2, and I’m with you as well, I don’t believe in programs offering overnight success. It’s just not going to happen. I agree that the upsells can be annoying.

      I would hands down recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Commission Breakthrough. There’s really no comparison and WA offers comprehensive training, web hosting, domain names, and of course the amazing community, which is so helpful when beginning a new business. 

      I love that you can build two websites for free on their siterubix platform and take advantage of their awesome hosting. And then there’s Site Content, their writing platform, which makes creating content so much easier. And I can’t forget Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword research tool. The platform definitely can’t be beat. 

      They for reading and commenting!


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