The TOP WordPress Themes for Health Coaches in 2021

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Health coaching is on the rise as Americans have become increasingly more health conscious. Coaches have so much to offer in terms of positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and lifestyle techniques that can be used to support the body.

Having a website is imperative to highlight these techniques and services. My content management system of choice, when it comes to website design, is WordPress. Check out these top WordPress themes that will make your business shine. 

Top WordPress Themes For Health Coaches Summary

Image Theme Name Link Price
Top WordPress Themes - Elegant ThemesElegant ThemesLearn more here $89.00
Top WordPress Themes - Coach ThemeGeneratePress ThemeLearn more here $59.00
Top WordPress Themes  - StudioPress Coaching ThemeStudioPress ThemesLearn more hereGenesis Framework: $59.00
Child Theme $99:95 to 129.00
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Top WordPress Themes Reviews

Below is a synopsis of each of the three themes highlighted in the table above. The themes are responsive, affordable, and you can customize each to reflect your business’ values and brand EVEN if you’re new to website design. No need to be an expert coder or graphic designer. Play around with whatever theme you choose until you’re happy with the results. Oh, and have fun in the process. Your website is your own little slice of real estate on the internet.

#1 Elegant Themes

Top WordPress Themes - Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a household name when it comes to WordPress, and is home to the famous Divi drag-and-drop page builder. Divi is the framework for each of the themes. Features include mobile responsiveness, browser compatibility, multiple-page templates, SEO-friendly, custom shortcodes, perpetual updates, along with a wide range of customization options.

A whopping 88 themes are offered, including the Divi theme. Themes are divided into 10 categories. Which one you select will be determined by the design you envision for your particular website. I would suggest taking advantage of the ability to demo the themes before installing.

The company offers three plugins, including the Divi page builder plugin.There are 46 Divi builder modules that allow you to create gorgeous layouts. Each module is like a building block that can be configured to come up with a design that suits your business.

The Monarch plugin is for social media sharing, and is amazing for accruing more shares and followers. You can display over 20 social media networks, and the plugin is also strategic for sharing videos. The Bloom plugin supports email marketing, enabling you to add subscription forms or automatic pop-ups to any location of your choice on your site.

88 Professional ThemesHighly Customizable
Mobile-ResponsiveReal-time Editing
3 Premium Plugins Drag-and-Drop Page Builder
SEO-Friendly Optimized for WooCommerce

Read my complete review of Elegant Themes here

GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is a lightweight, SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive theme that requires no coding skills, and comes with tons of customization options. There is a free version available and a premium option. At just $59.00 for an annual subscription, it’s an easy decision to make.

This price includes all premium features, complete access to the site library, one year of updates and premium support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. One of the distinguishing features of GeneratePress is that you can use it on 500 websites, which I find astounding. This is the theme I use for all my sites. The theme is super fast so it won’t affect your website speed, either on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

This was a big deal to me because other themes I’ve used in the past did negatively impact the speed at which my websites loaded. Site speed is a SEO metric so choosing a fast theme is important as it can affect rankings. My favorite aspect of GeneratePress is the small learning curve, along with the extensive customization controls.

The interface is intuitive, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll love all the options that are available. Depending on your niche, you can use the theme on several different sites, and they’ll all look different. The theme enables real-time editing, making the editing process much more seamless than with other themes.

LightweightNo Coding Experience Necessary
Mobile-ResponsiveBlock-Based Theme Building
SEO-Friendly100s of Customization Controls
Can Use On 500 Websites Money-Back Guarantee

StudioPress Themes

Top WordPress Themes - StudioPress Coaching Theme

Themes by StudioPress are specifically designed for WordPress. Each child theme is built on the Genesis framework, which is a coding library or parent theme, which enables the child theme to be placed upon it. Think of it this way: Genesis is the foundation that underlies the child theme, and is what is responsible for the design and layout of your site.

A child theme, along with the framework, make it possible to choose, install, and customize any StudioPress theme to create a one-of-a-kind website you’ll be proud to call your own. The theme is mobile-responsive and is optimized for all browsers, screen sizes, and devices. Because all themes incorporate lightweight code, SEO is automatically built into them.

StudioPress offers a one-click theme setup to load demo content, Gutenberg blocks and plugins onto the home page. It’s pre-styled for WooCommerce, making it simple to set up an online store. Thousands of developers and designers have built their websites using Genesis and StudioPress.

You can use Genesis on as many sites as you want with a premium license. Together with a child theme, you can use them both on a maximum of 400 websites. StudioPress offers 10 different themes, along with a variety of third party themes.

Another great benefits of StudioPress is you can get Genesis, plus ALL of the themes StudioPress offers for FREE when you use WP Engine’s or Flywheel’s hosting. New customers, and existing customers, gain access to free themes and support. This is a great deal!

Built On The Genesis FrameworkNo coding experience necessary
Each theme is a child themeSEO-Friendly
Mobile-ResponsiveAccessibility Ready
Real-Time Editing Uses the Gutenberg Block Editor

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Top WordPress Themes  - Online Business Banner

Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress theme for your website.

Customization Options: A wide range of options should be available in terms of changing colors, layouts, and fonts. Most free themes allow for basic customization. You can make some rudimentary changes, but they won’t be as extensive as a premium theme. For instance, changing headline colors or the ability to upload your own fonts.

User Interface: How easy is the interface to navigate? Is it so complicated that you dread making any changes? Each theme is going to have its own learning curve, but that curve should not be overly steep or complex. The perfect combination combines simplicity and the right amount of customization options.

I mean really? Do you need those flashy animations that will most likely slow down your site?! The goal is to have your website visitors be able to navigate your site with ease, rather than leave in frustration.

SEO-Friendly: The last thing you want is to spend hours customizing your site only to realize that the theme you chose is bulky, and slows down your site’s loading speed. As stated previously, this could affect your SEO and rankings. Not to mention, it’s annoying.

Responsiveness and Browser Compatibility: With so many people accessing the internet via their smartphones, mobile-responsiveness is no longer an option. Make sure the theme you select has layouts that adjust for different devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

Fortunately, the majority of WordPress themes are mobile-friendly by default, but I still occasionally see layouts that do not adjust for tablets and smartphones, making the content very difficult to read on a phone.

Theme Support: Developer support is a key feature of the top WordPress themes for health coaches or other business professionals. You’re bound to run into issues at some point and having the needed help is invaluable. Free themes typically don’t offer support, this feature is primarily available for paid users only.

Plugin Support: Plugins make WordPress powerful. These little pieces of software are a vital part of the WordPress developer’s toolkit. It would be a shame if the theme you chose did not support the most popular plugins as they offer flexibility, convenience, and expand the functionality of your site.

Plugins are essential building blocks that can improve SEO and site speed, give you the ability to add contact and email opt-in forms, rating stars, table of contents, avatars, while helping you create and monetize an online store or eCommerce site.

Final Verdict

While I like all of the themes I’ve reviewed, my favorite theme and the one I use for all my sites, is hands down, GeneratePress. I love how lightweight it is, it doesn’t slow down my site, it’s mobile-responsive and works on all browsers. It’s also SEO-friendly and the interface is not clunky or complicated. I love that I can upload my own fonts and change the colors of my headlines.

I’m not sure why someone would need 500 websites, but you can use the theme on that many sites if you so desire. Paying just $59.00 for a theme that you can use for all your sites is unheard of. The customization options are extensive so you can make each of your sites look different, depending on your niche.

Are you looking for a WordPress theme? Based on my review, which one would you choose? Let me know in the comments:)

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