Fun Facts About Fonts


Want to learn some fun facts about fonts? What exactly is a font? Often used interchangeably with the word “typeface,” a font denotes a specific style, weight, and size of text characters. Typeface, on the other hand, is the design of the characters. A collection of fonts, similar in style, is referred to as a typeface or type family. The main classification of typefaces include: …

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WiseStamp Email Signatures [You’re Gonna Want One]

the word email in block

WiseStamp Email Signatures [You’re Gonna Want One] Have you ever created an email signature? It’s a lot of fun and saves you time whenever you send an email. WiseStamp makes it quick and easy to design professional-looking email signatures you’ll be proud of. Read my written tutorial below, and watch my video tutorial on WiseStamp email signatures; you’re gonna want one for sure. Let’s get …

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